Delivered Wrong Item, Supplier Called a Week Later Asking about It

Got a washing machine delivered a week ago, yesterday the supplier rings up asking what model number it was. I tell them and they say oh we have delivered you the incorrect machine, someone from the shop that delivered it will be in touch shortly. havent heard from anyone yet.

just wondering what the go is here, been using the machine all week, happy with it. do i have to accept a replacement? seems like a strange situation, just wondering if anyone has delt with this before and what happened.

CONCLUSION 50 bucks extra was required and a new invoice has been obtained.


  • Surely everyone wants to know what you ordered, and then what you got

    • ordered a samsung and got a slightly different samsung

      • What model did you order and what model did you get?

        For example: WW85T984DSH

        • WW85T504DAE and i got ww85t554daw/sa

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            @squash: WW85T504DAE RRP $799, Appliances Online special price is $685
            WW85t554DAW RRP $899, Appliances Online special price is $867

            RRP $100
            Appliances Online $185

            So you got a better washing machine. I would not respond to their phone calls and if they do make contact then the only time you are available is on the weekend and you do not have any of the packaging etc etc and make it hard to swap it, but not impossible.

            Make sure they are aware that they have to swap it out as it is:
            — Connect to plumbing and ensure no leaks
            — Adjust legs to ensure it is level
            — Remove all packaging and take the packaging away
            — Check it works as yours works (you do NOT want a DOA).

            Another option is to pay the $100 RRP difference if you like the new washing machine or say the RRP is $100 and as they have stuffed you around pay say $80 and get a new invoice for the washing machine.

            • @AndyC1: damn 685 on appliances online i missed that one.

            • @AndyC1: 2 model look very different, AddWash model has a little window to add clothes that one could not miss. I don't know how OP could have missed the difference. Offering to pay a bit more to keep the wrong model would be the right thing to do. More so if OP noticed the model difference but said nothing

              • @trex:

                Offering to pay a bit more to keep the wrong model would be the right thing to do.

                OP was delivered a better model unsolicited. It is not OP's responsibility to rectify the mistake and certainly I wouldn't be paying the difference. The supplier should either write off the loss or organise to remove, replace and install the unit at OP's convenience.

                • @ascorbic: True and I’m not saying OP should rectify it but as mentioned, differences in the 2 models is very noticeable. Using it despite knowing that you received the wrong model is not right (not talking about consumer rights).

                  It’s like paying for something in cash and getting more change than you should. If you noticed it, the right thing to do is to return the money.

                • @ascorbic: Wouldn't that just be theft if it was a mistake?

                  • @diddy50: Refusing to pay extra for their mistake is not theft. They can organise to replace it with the correct unit but asking for the difference is unreasonable.

              • @trex: How do you know OP even looked at the machine. They could have paid someone install it and by that time its too late anyway.

                I agree with above. Full installation on a weekend is more than the $100 difference, and then the supplier has a used machine with no packaging to sell.

                Stand your ground op. The cheapest option for the supplier is to forget about it.

                • @stumo: And how do you know OP didn't look at the machine? A reasonable person receiving an expensive item would inspect it upon receiving it.

                  I don't know how OP could have missed the difference. Offering to pay a bit more to keep the wrong model would be the right thing to do. More so IF OP noticed the model difference but said nothing.

                  Fair enough, IF OP didn't notice the difference and used the machine, it is an innocent mistake. If I was in his shoes and did this, if I liked the better model, I would offer to pay a little to keep it but probably not the full price difference since the mistake wasn't mine. So it's win-win for both parties.

                  What you are advising to stand your ground in hopes that the supplier will choose the cheapest option to forget about it is not right. There is no ground to stand when one did not receive the right item and the supplier is trying to remedy it.

                  Not really sure but such situation may fall under unjust enrichment.

                  • @trex: Unjust enrichment? I can just imagine them running off to brief a lawyer at $500 an hour and a barrister at $6k a day to get that money back.

                    • @Daabido: Not saying that they will. Just saying that such a scenario may fall under that. Them not pursuing it doesn't make it right.

            • @AndyC1: Legendary response!!

  • is it better or worse model than the one you ordered?

  • If the supplier wants their (now used) item back and provide you with what you paid for, then you must comply with their request.

    Of course, it'll be on them to uninstall the old one and reinstall the new one.

    I also wouldn't accept a time break between the two, ie they remove old machine on Monday and deliver/install new machine on Tuesday . Insist they happen at the same time.

    Also you don't have to deliver anything to them but you do need to make your house accessible to them during normal operating hours….

    • Also if your time is valuable charge them an attendance fee for the uninstall/ reinstall process.

    • if i wanted to keep it, would i have to pay the full retail price? cos now this unit is used idk about paying full price

      • You would have to reach an agreement, but yes, the likelihood is that you would pay full price, which is the correct thing.

        What's the price you paid and what's the price of what was delivered?

      • Start low. Offer $50 and leave it with them. They gain some, you get a higher specced machine… win win.
        It is now a used machine and they will have to sell it as such with a large loss.
        It will also cost them to deliver and return the machine.
        You may never hear from them again also?
        The difference is not a lot so they may max rrp the next couple of customers and make up the difference easy. Not all shoppers are price savvy.

        • I was going to say this too. It will cost them more than $50 to deliver you the right machine and remove this one. They should jump at this offer.

        • Nah, you start at zero. Why should OP pay anything for this mistake?

          It the seller wants to swap the unit out then it's at the sellers cost to deliver new unit, uninstall & reinstall - they ain't going to do this.

  • Next thread - I ordered a new Samsung machine and got one thats been used….

    • Although they will mark it as ‘scratch and dent’ or ‘floor stock as is’, or drop it off for Grays on lines next auction.

      • Then why does the company bother? It would be cheaper and easier to call it a day and let the customer keep the slightly better model.

        • This. I would imagine it will cost more in human labour + driving costs will be more than whatever ~$150 the company is trying to save.
          WTF is wrong with them.

          Unless OP got delivered a "special" model filled with "good stuff", in which case they will pay $2000+ in recovering it because the profit will offset the cost anyway.

          Have you checked inside your washing machine, OP?

        • I was saying they would likely sell it for discount if they were to recover it, not sell it as brand new never used, as there is no packing material, wrapping, etc. never said if it was worth their time, labour cost, against their religion or whatever. They may have sent a model +$1000 more than the one OP ordered, if it cost them $200 to recover then they can offer a small discount and still not lose too much, in comparison.

  • "I'll take 'very vague posts' for $500 thanks Alex…"

  • So the one you have now is more $ than the one you bought? Its a different colour? different size? top loader not front?

    • same color same size same everything just more expensive. i can see how the guy got the order wrong or whatever.

      • More expensive doesn’t necessarily better.

        Does the delivered model features suit your needs better and what’s the price difference between the two models?

        • from what i can see the only difference is the little door on the front but i havent used the other one to know what else is different in terms of washing modes etc

  • Big name company as the seller?

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    For the ~$100 difference I wouldn't have bothered with annoying a customer, wasting time paying staff, movers to swap, etc.

    You would have noticed difference between what your ordered, and received right off the bat given the physical difference of the door…..

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      i did think ha i dont remember their being a door on the door for the one i ordered, but i had looked at several models and just assumed i had made a mistake ordering or was mis-remembering.

    • Yeah for the cost difference it would easily cost them the same in delivery and handling just to correct the issue. So many companies don't take this into account.

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    You want an invoice with the right model number on it for warranty

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    if they request you pay full price, make sure you are not speaking to the person who made this mistake as they are trying to cover themselves
    if it was a salesperson who f'd up, make sure you speak to their boss, if it was the delivery team then ask questions like "are you sure my invoice with my personal information didnt get sent to another customer" etc & also ask for an investigation & conclusion to be sent in writing if they hound you, can also ask to see stock levels on the given date as they may not of had one in stock & sent the one above in hope to up-sell

    chances are it was an honest mistake, in these situations its best to email them first that way you have their response on file for your self
    generally, if you are the one to approach them they are cool about it, but if you wait and hope nobody notices sometimes they catch feelings especially if its someone chasing up their own f'up

    • Can't you just ignore the phonecalls and claim you don't answer numbers you don't know?

      Or claim you gave the wrong number on purpose so you wouldn't get spammed with advertising messages?

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    You could mark it with your name for insurance purposes…personalize it with my little pony and justin bieber stickers.

  • Are they swapping out with one that went to the person who should have had yours?

  • i reckon they’ve spoken about it in the store and realised it’s better value for me money for them to just let this one go rather than send someone out to replace a washing machine they probably won’t be able to now sell again

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    Happened to us bought a 6 kg washer and in the box was a 8kg, packaged correctly for 6kg, called the store to tell them and was told not possible, I took a picture of the machine to them and they said don’t worry about it manufacturers mistake. When the machine failed under warranty then the trouble started. Store denied any knowledge and we were accused of fraud and stealing, eventually got machine fixed under warranty. Store lucky it did not get a faulty machine dumped in their store. The store grudgingly admitted I had called them to alert them of the mistake. Never spent a cent at store ever again.

    • finally! someone actually addresses my question about having similar experience! thank you! yes warranty is my one concern, the initial call she did mention something would have to be sorted out regarding warrenty, but didnt mention anything second call and then yeah havent heard from anyone since.

      • Definitely chase this up, the warranty is probably worth more than the price difference between the two products. Hopefully the retailer will simply provide an updated invoice matching the product you received, which is probably the most cost effective solution for them and you.

  • They probably have just left it. A company asked for a broken video card that they sent me doa, so they could replace it, but they never followed up

  • Its not worth for them to chase or replace for 100$.
    They might have called you to correct the invoice and may be cancel the previous one.

  • Most stores wouldn't give a shit. It costs on average $80-120 hard cost to deliver these things.

  • They have probably realised that its not worth chasing the $100 to take a used model back and redeliver a new one. I would be proactive, speak to the manager. Insist on an invoice that has the correct model.

  • So you were actually looking for someone that has been in the exact same situation as you? Talk about long shot. Wouldn't you have been better off mentioning the warranty in your description so we could all speculate

  • Tell them you are happy with the one they gave you.
    Or if they want the wrong one they delivered back thats fine as long as they provide a full refund (item not as described) including delivery.
    (You are both entitled to these requests)
    You can buy it elsewhere cheaper and tell them the old classic 'you just lost yourself a customer'.

    Seriously wasting a customers time on a product $799 vs $899 is just bad business.
    Both units have 2 year warranty, the good guys also keep a record of transaction with all your details.

  • totally surprised they are even trying wow

  • If it was me, I'd probably comply with the request provided they organised it so it didn't inconvenience me.

    I do wonder though, had you been delivered a machine which was cheaper, would they have bothered…

  • Happened to me years back. The shop manager called me and asked if I want to return it or keep it. I gladly chose the later as it's a higher model. The manager then sent me a revised invoice, no extra charge.
    So if you insist on keeping the machine make sure you have new invoice with correct model.

  • warranty would be the main concern, cause right now you are not covered for anything.
    I would see how they want to remedy the issue, and go from there.
    Its not in their interest to come out take the wrong 1 away and reinstall the correct 1, However they will do it. so don't bluff
    best case new receipt (cancel order and new purchase) and nothing of of your pocket
    worst case you get what you paid for

  • Happened when I worked at JB we sold a 75" Samsung and instead of delivering the 6 series they sent out the 8 series (top of the range) a couple grand difference they called the customer six months later (stocktake) and he didn't answer and I said it's no surprise he's had it for six months so the store took the hit in the end

  • I would pay $50 and forget it as I still bought it cheap.