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Lunar New Year Special: $20 for $40 Credit at Selected Food Venues @ Liven


Another new round for care packages with Liven for Chinese New Year. The app said, there'll be some added between 12th to 28th Feb 2021, to celebrate the Lunar New Year special.

The "$20 for $40 Credit" been added for VIC:

  • Big Bang Yogurt
  • Sharetea

[21/2/21] New ones added:
* Secret Kitchen
* Secret Kitchen Noodle

Not sure what's new for NSW/QLD if others can comment.

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Referrer and referee get $10 credit.

This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2021

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    If you have unused credit left from previous Deal, you can't buy again at same merchant.

    Got $100 Asian meals credit for $50 last Deal, but have some credit left. Luckily used family member's unused account, so bought again.

    Previous "$1 for $1 Care Package" Deals
    $100 Krispy Kreme for $50
    $20 for $40 Credit at Selected Food Venues

    • Last Deal's offers seen to be repeated this time, with new ones often added daily.

      Get in quick before they're sold out.
      The '$1 for $1 Care Packages' ($40 for $20, $100 for $50, etc) do sell out. Other offers aren't as generous.

      Check locations on offer are suitable.

      Liven guarantee the credit (if the store closes).

      Credit can be used over multiple visits to stores.

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    Happy Chinese new year.

  • Sharetea $20 for $40 QLD

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    Another good one for Qld is Lemak - $100 credits for $50

    • A great offer!
      $10.90 Nasi Lemak. Even better half price!
      Got this $100 for $50 last Deal & again on 12/2

      Menu with prices

      Lemak Only available in East Brisbane & Garden City (Mt Gravatt).

      • Used $10 of voucher today during LNY celebrations at Garden City. Lion dance went past our tables - mischievously trying to steal our food. Lots of fun & photos.

        Bought $10 Mee Goreng special with a large piece of fried chicken - Good value @$5

        Washed down with cold Heineken 0 cans from a promotion in centre.

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    Also $100 Krispy Kreme for $50
    I wouldn't, but it's half price!
    Use the credit over multiple visits to stores on the offer list.

  • Do we know which venues will be added in subsequent rounds this year?

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      Yes - there's a picture in the email.

      • I never received any email - which venues were listed in it?

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    Quickest way to piss of Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, and a few other Asian countries is to call Lunar New Year "Chinese New Year"

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      Luckily this is LNY Promotion!

    • lol always thought whoever throws the most money at it gets naming rights?

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        Won’t hurt the Chinese if it’s called “lunar new year” either

    • If you're talking about what the Chinese celebrate then it's fine to call it Chinese New Year.
      If you're talking about what the Vietnamese celebrate then it's fine to call it Vietnamese New Year.
      If you're talking about what the Koreans celebrate then it's fine to call it Korean New Year.

      These are all based on the traditional Chinese calendar, and thus fall on the same date. The Chinese calendar is a lunar (technically lunisolar) calendar, so you could refer to any of these new years, or one/more of them collectively, as "lunar new year". However there are other cultures with different lunar new years because they use a different lunar calendar. So which lunar calendar / new year are you talking about? The one based on the Chinese calendar? Do you then qualify your "lunar new year" with a "Chinese" to indicate that you mean the lunar new year according to the Chinese calendar, which brings us back to square 1.1, or leave it out and alienate those cultures with a different lunar new year?

      And by the way the Thai New Year is not even based on a lunar calendar. They celebrate their new year in April, so I wouldn't have thought they'd care what the Chinese/Vietnamese/Korean/etc call their respective new years.