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[PS4] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure EoH UK $39, Ace Combat 7 UK $27, [Switch] Dead or Alive X 3 S ASI $89 + $4.50 Delivery @ GD Games


As per title,

PS4 Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown UK @27$AU
SW Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet ASI @89$AU

other good d titles,
PS4 Subnautica [email protected]$AU
PS4 Zero Escape: The Nonary Games US @32$AU
SW NAMCOT COLLECTION [email protected] 54$AU
SW Dragon Quest Trilogy Collection ( 1+2+3 ) @ 64$AU

Postage from Brisbane for 4.5$AU; or you can pick up from Runcorn QLD 4113

Subnautica US PS4, you need region 1 PSN account for DLC redemption or purchases
The others work exactly the same as local Australia Version

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      price for ace combat 7 updated to 27$AU Now :)

      please also note that they sent it from UK
      we sent it from QLD

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      $15.11 digitally on the PS Store at the moment

      • Our apologies we cannot match digital version 😢

        If you happy with digital, that is indeed the price to go with.

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    This is not a deal, more like advertisement.

    Most things are one in stock.

    Looks like you're a reseller and not a supplier of multiple stocks.

    This belongs in the forum.

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      Rest assure, we have plenty in stock, the low number you seen is part of the website algoritm marketing.

      or you can check our ebay website

      we sold thousands of games everymonth ;)

      • Hi gdgames How much in-stock do you have for DOA Scarlet for Switch? I’ll order from you, this game goes for a lot and it’s hard to get. Would appreciate if your store is legit. Thanks

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          Why did I get downvoted? This game on Amazon is expensive. I could get it from play asia but without GST. I’m not a sockpuppet the heck?

        • Hi moto,

          We limited stock (around 10) for this title.

          You can check our feedback at the website for your peace of mind. You can find us on eBay too, we have sell there for years with great feed back.

          If you still concern, you always can use PayPal for payment method for buyer protection :)

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    Good price for JoJo. Hard to get.
    Was $15 on PS store last month though.

    • Thanks for heads up, just purchased on PSN.
      The sale price at $15 is until 25th Feb 2021.

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