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Petree Automated Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box $399 Delivered @ Petree Australia


Was looking to buy an automated cat litter box and most of them are around $500.

Whilst on google I came across this Australian company and ordered one at $399 paying by Paypal.
It arrived by courier within 2 days.
It was fully assembled and so far works a treat.

It took my cat about 1 day of being curious and that same evening used it for the first time.

The only thing was I need to use a clay clumping type cat litter for it to operate properly as it sifts the litter and disposes of the clumped up litter.
The motor is super quiet and it has sensors to emergency stop/start if the cat is still inside the unit or exits.

So far I notice I empty the waste about 1 time a week, there is no odour at all.

It plugs into the powerpoint and the adaptor steps down to 12volt and is Australian Standard certified from what I can see.

So far, so good.

Comes with a 12 month warranty.

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  • Sounds like a badly written sales pitch to me

    • My first reaction, too.

    • nah timmy, just a cat lover who is time poor and a genuine ozbargainer looking for bargains

    • I'm not at all associated with the seller but bought one of this a few months ago for our 3 cat household. Works as advertised (although, it does need emptying a couple times a week which is not unexpected - you can also purchase a larger bin which I'm considering).

      • How does the larger bin work, does it like stick further out the back of something?
        How do you find it goes with three cats? Just having the one litter is fine for all three? Does it get smelly?

        • From the images (https://www.sparklet.com.au/products/petree-cat-litter-box-e...) I presume it sticks out the back as there's a cover over the bit that protrudes.

          One litter seems to work fine for all 3 cats but it does mean more frequent emptying of the bin. I think one of them tends to do most of his poopin' outside so it's probably more like 2 cats using it regularly. I do sometimes get an unpleasant whiff if I happen to enter the room just after nature has called but I haven't noticed any lingering smells (after about 3-5 minutes).

          Definitely happy with the purchase. :)

          • @RavenMad: Thanks Raven. We lost money on a failed Kickstarter litter so really want to know everything about it before I spend more money. Larger bin seems worth it, we have two cats and the less dealing with poop the better.
            Do you have the WiFi version and do you think it's worth the extra $$$? I do like that it tells you when the bin is full…

            • @staceyasinme: Um, I don't think there is a wifi version of the Petree litter box (which is what this listing is for). You might be confusing it with the PerKit Pura X discussed below which is a different product?

  • Aside: I find it amusing that a sh*tter for a 4kg cat can be significantly more expensive than one to handle a 120kg+ human.

    • +1 vote

      Try setting the 2nd one up in the corner of yr lounge and you’ll see the difference.

      • The difference is that this $399 box will collect and store the sh*t in the corner of your lounge instead of taking it away from the property. 🤣

    • yeah but the bunnings one is not self cleaning, lol

  • We are having scoopfree which was sub $200, also great only thing is you have to purchase the disposable litter tray which has to be disposed of by 2-3 weeks (for one cat). Litter tray costs about $25 when purchased 6 at a time. I’d say it’s much convenient.

    • Edit: sorry I misread.

      But even at $25 per tray that's pretty expensive!
      In less than 6 months, it will end up costing more than the one detailed above in the OP.

      • Yes maybe but you have to consider the cost of litter too. Anyway I haven’t seen or smelled cat poo since I got it :) :)
        PS: they have a reusable tray which you can use with Kmart cheap crystal litter. But then again just like OPs one it needs to be cleaned (litter and poop dumped in bin and tray washed I guess) every 2 or so weeks (as Kmart litter may not have the same absorbent qualities the original litter has). Depends on what you are willing to do I guess :)

  • OP - can you please share a photo of the power supply, including the certifications label? The product listing suggests it comes with a US-style wall wart and a local "adapter"

  • Does this device mask the smell of poo?

    I can’t imagine having our cat’s poo sitting in its tray for more than 10 min as it reeks our entire house.

    • The clumping clay covers the poo, so it doesn't really smell until the bin gets full. I keep mine in the balcony and whenever there's a waft, the bin is undoubtedly full. I have to change my bin every 2.5 days for my 1 small cat.

    • has built in deodorizers, cant smell the waste

      • Will this litter box accomodate a medium-large sized cat and guarantee to hide the poo smell?

        Our cat is about 5+kg and its poo is the same size as a human adult but absolutely putrid.

        If anyone with a similar sized cat can advise of his/her experience with this litter box, it’ll be much appreciated. We don’t want to purchase and have to return it later.

  • I recently got the Petree a month ago after my Litter Robot stopped working. It is definitely very quiet compared to Litter Robot, but I'm having to empty it every 2.5 days for my 2kg cat. Most of the ads say 1 week, but the bin is quite small and fills up quickly, resulting in the Petree getting stuck or continually cycling with the clumped poo getting dumped back in with the clean litter. So emptying the bin every 2.5 days seems to have fixed this problem. The Petree doesn't hold as much litter as the Litter Robot, so i have to fill the clay every day. I do prefer it to Litter Robot as it looks sleek and quiet and seems reliable so far. The Litter Robot was very buggy, maybe I got a dud.

  • Cat Genie for me at that price. It's Big, and not quiet, but it's plumbed in, so no emptying anything for the last 2 months. (I think I technically gained space not storing the massive paper litter bags)

  • I got the PerKit Pura X, halfway price between this and little robot. It's great imo.

  • I would recommend the Petkit Pura-X instead. Bit more expensive, but larger and better in every way.

  • Price is now $399 + $10 Delivery + GST = $448.90

    Deal is expired.