Zero Maker Fee Promotion: Trade Cryptocurrency Fee Free with BUSD @ Binance


For those looking to get into crypto for the first time or active traders, having zero trade fee is always beneficial.

Deposit your AUD via osko.
Trade your AUD to BUSD (pegged 1:1 to USD)
Trade BUSD with any coin pairs - there is no brokerage fee until June 2021.

This offer had been extended a few times.

Other than BUSD pair, the trade fee is really low, 0.1% (which can be further lowered if you own BNB and meet their minimum trades over 30 day period).

Sign up with referral link to get 'cashback' on your trade fee. All the best.

Referral Links

Referral: random (583)

Referees get 0-20% of commission from trading fees. Referrers get 10-40% of commission from trading fees.

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  • Remember this is only for market 'makers', ie limit orders placed into the book. If placing a market order the fee will still apply.

    • So are you better off doing as OP says AUD->BUSD->BTC or just trade directly AUD->BTC

      • AUD BTC if you only do one off trading.

        If you do multiple buy & sell a day, BUSD will save you on trade fee.

  • I have heard people complaining about not being able to withdraw funds from Binance - can anyone who actually uses it comment please ?

    • After withdrawing for quite a bit, they will ask you to send a video verification to them.

      If you withdraw small amount, I wouldn't think this will be triggered. At the end of the day, it's additional safety verification for them.

      You'd appreciate this if somebody was trying to withdraw your coins without your permission.

    • I verified my identity and withdrew in the same evening. Instant bank transfer.

  • Binance is the best for Crypto currency

  • The ref links give between 0 to 20%, happy hunting!

    • It's just a pity that you have no way of knowing if you're going to get 0%, 10% or 20% off when you click a link. Since all members can create a 10% off link we should have a minimum 10% off policy (you need to hold 500 BNB to create a 20% off link).

      • It shows the % up when you click a ref link

        • I see what you mean, when you click on the link it says "Your commission kickback rate: 10%". I guess we could just highlight that new users should check that.

  • Please note that this is long running. Binance have been extending this "deal" for the last few months.

  • I created an account and tried to deposit and this is the message I got

    "Your account is under risk verification review and It's expected to be completed in 2021-02-27"

    Have to wait till the 27th!!!

    • Created an account last week and deposited $14k.
      Put an order in for $14k of bitcoin (would now be worth $16k) more than a week ago.
      Transaction has been “processing“ ever since.
      Put in a ticket to investigate. After a few days, I get an email saying because they haven’t got around to investigating, they have closed my ticket. WTF?
      Got on chat a few days ago (after an hour wait). They told me that they would sort it immediately and email and/or call me. I expressed my lack of confidence this would occur & was assured it was a priority.
      Guess what?
      I will chase my money, withdraw and dump this mob ASAP.

      • How did you put an order????

        Do it via 'Markets' - this is live.

        • Just starting out and wasn't sure of the best way to purchase, so I tried some smaller transactions which went through fine.
          I have been using the iphone app - went to "Markets" -> "FIAT" -> "BTC/AUD", pressed "BUY" button and selected $14k that I had in FIAT AUD to buy at MARKET PRICE.

          How long should that transaction take to go through? Can I cancel?
          My BTC wallet is empty, but FIAT AUD wallet says I have $14k, but when I select it, it says the total $14k is "processing". Been this way for more than a week. Can't access the money to purchase or withdraw. Same BTC now worth $16k.

          • @drturner: Maybe you put a limit order with price that hasn't been hit? e.g. you put AUD60k as the price and price has been above it?

            You can go to orders and check your open orders.