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[Prime] Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 (White) $249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Deal is back again - this time for Prime members only (can start a free trial to get the discounted price)

Looks like it's only the white version available at this price.

Also other Sennheiser gear available at discount for Prime members too: link

Previous deal & discussion

  • Enjoy unrivalled high end stereo sound created by Sennheiser unique 7mm dynamic earbud audio drivers
  • Switch off your surroundings and focus on the deep bass the natural mids and the clear treble thanks to active noise cancellation providing you with high fidelity sound even in noisy environments
  • Experience uninterrupted play time with the new 7 hour battery life that can be extended up to 28 hours with the charging case for your wireless headphones
    *In the mood for a movie marathon; With its ergonomic and lightweight design you can experience unbeatable sound in unbelievable comfort when lounging in front of the TV or while strolling through the city
  • Control your exceptional sound with customisable touchpad technology built into both earbuds handsfree via voice control or with your smart devices
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    Looking forward to buy headphones to use with my iPhone 12, mainly for workouts and running. Based on reviews some options would be Airpods Pro, Bose Sport Earbuds, Jabra Active Elite 75 or this Sennheiser. They all are available for $250 at some point.
    Any recommendations from OzBargain community?

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      Depends what's important to you. If audio quality is most important to you, get these. If call quality is more important, Airpods Pro or Jabras.

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        Thanks. Comfort and fit (not falling out while running or working out) are the main things I am looking for.

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          In that case you might want to consider the Bose

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          These have been my workout headphones for years. Never fallen out.

          I use comply tips, fwiw.

    • Airpod Pro Max

    • Even though I was looking at these, I ended up getting the Jabra Active Elite 75 over the Sennheisers.

      After trawling through countless reviews of both, it seemed like the Jabras had better call/mic quality and seemingly more people providing feedback that they fit in ear more comfortably over extended periods. My use case was largely for calls rather than music, so went with the Jabras instead.

      • So how has been the call quality? Some reviewers have conveniently just touched on the issue without much elaboration but that’s my biggest concern. My use case is very much focus on phone calls - that too on two devices through the day - iPhone 11 Pro Max and Teams on Surface (windows). Cannot afford to have my team wondering what did I just say!

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          My Jabras are on the way, havent' received them yet but when I do, I'll give some feedback too

          • @spikiii: Thanks. One particular detail I am interested in is that these handle calls well while you are in a silent room but the minute you step out in the wind or in a busy room, the guys on the other side of the call can barely hear you.

            • @bargainiser: Received my Jabras this week and have used them for meetings for several days now.

              My feedback is that they are pretty crisp in terms of call quality & hearing other people. Largely in a quiet environment so it's been pretty good. My voice of the earbud mic came across pretty clear according to the others on the call. Call quality in a noisy environment / walking to office has also been good. It's not airpods pro level good at suppressing the noise but other on the call could still hear me clearly and the background noises did come through a bit but not enough to block out my voice.

              Music - well I'm no audiophile. I'm actually fairly simple in terms of what I expect from music. As long as it's punchy and not drone-y with the bass and not excessively hissey with trebles - I'm ok with it and these Jabras seem to tick that box. The bass is punchy but not obnoxious and doesn't just drown out everything else.

              The fit of the earbuds are actually quite comfortable. Snug (given the design) but not to the point they're uncomfy.at all.

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    For seamless experience, get Airpod Pro, esp if you have multiple iOS devices.

    • Yes, I understand this when using my Airpods for phone calls. They work great when switching calls berw MAC and iPhone. I just hope the Pros fit perfectly when running.

  • Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 or Sony WF-1000XM3?

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      Sennheiser, easy

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      If you value sound more than ANC capabilities, Sennheiser. If you value ANC more, sony

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    I have the TW2 and Galaxy Buds+. Both have good audio for music, the Sennheiser's very slightly better (but I've never bothered doing a good comparison, true audio fidelity is not the point of these to me). Call quality with the Samsung's is better, but mic pickup on the TW2 is much improved after a recent firmware update - it's really made a massive difference.

    The real difference to me is in usability - I found the GB+ hyper-sensitive and would frequently accidently skip forward to the next track. That would happen about 40% of the time when taking a bud out of my ears. Drove me up the wall. And a little bit of rain can cause them to go haywire - I expect they do something similar if you sweat too much on them.

    The TW2 however are really quite difficult to accidentally tap due to the shape - they're easy to grip, but also easy to touch the side of to orient yourself when tapping the flat surface. They also have an ambient audio passthrough mode by double-tapping the right bud, which stops playback and amplifies surrounding sounds, so you can have clear conversations without having to take them out. They're so much easier to use and so much more reliable I already vastly prefer them over the GB+.

    I have a plantronics headset for when I'm sitting at my desk talking to clients, and that blows every wireless bud product out of the water, from what I've experienced. So I still use that every day for calls, but the TW2 is ok to take the odd call on when I'm listing to tunes in the shopping centre, ignoring the heaving masses of humanity surrounding me… But I haven't used the Jabra 75/85t's, so those may be comparable call quality wise - I've certainly read a lot of good things about them.

  • These or Bose QuietComfort Earbuds?

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