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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 $249.90 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great price, $45 cheaper than the Boxing Day $295 deal. RRP $499.

Available in both black and white. Previous deals. Some decent discussion here and here.

  • Enjoy unrivalled high end stereo sound created by Sennheiser unique 7mm dynamic earbud audio drivers
  • Switch off your surroundings and focus on the deep bass the natural mids and the clear treble thanks to active noise cancellation providing you with high fidelity sound even in noisy environments
  • Experience uninterrupted play time with the new 7 hour battery life that can be extended up to 28 hours with the charging case for your wireless headphones
  • In the mood for a movie marathon; With its ergonomic and lightweight design you can experience unbeatable sound in unbelievable comfort when lounging in front of the TV or while strolling through the city
  • Control your exceptional sound with customisable touchpad technology built into both earbuds handsfree via voice control or with your smart devices

Amazon deal of the day, expires at midnight or when sold out. Free delivery for all, no prime required.

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  • Better sound than the $99 version 1??

  • bought these on the boxing day sales and absolutely love them
    based on sound alone it is probably unmatched if you're comparing all the true wireless buds
    the sound signature on these places greater emphasis on bass
    with that being said, the ANC on these buds are not so amazing. the buds are able to silence certain frequencies of noises. i cant put an exact figure to it but from my usage the most notable thing is i am unable to hear people who are talking nearby
    but if you intend to use these in an environment such as the gym orpublic transport or whilst running. you will most likely be able to hear the sounds of weights dropping or the train running on the tracks for example
    for people who are quite passionate about audio you may find that the silicone tips included in the package do not express the quality of the audio that comes from these buds to well. the comply foam tips, although quite expensive, do enhance the audio experience quite markedly, although i have read of other people using different tips to achieve similar results
    personally for me i use these buds when im lying on my bed watching youtube or listening to music where its not really comfortable to throw on a pair of headphones, or when im doing housework or eating
    all in all an amazing pair of tw ear buds, only reason i wouldnt get them is if you're looking for buds purely for the gym for example, where you really want good ANC or any other purpose that lines up with needing good ANC

    • I've never had any of these wireless buds before but I'm kinda skeptical… Is there any sort of lag between YouTube and these? Like I want the sound to be in sync with the person speaking

      • alot of the wireless buds normally have relatively good sync between the bluetooth devices, at worst you might experience a 100-200ms delay but i cant tell you which models will have these issues. youll have to surf some more forums to find out
        these buds specifically from my initial experience would have roughly a 200ms delay and it bothered me greatly
        some people do not mind but it detracted from the viewer experience for me more often than not
        a fix i found to get around it was to change the bluetooth audio codec to AAC through the android developer options and now im really happy with the timing
        i'm not sure if iphones have a similar feature

    • only reason i wouldnt get them is if you're looking for buds purely for the gym for example, where you really want good ANC or any other purpose that lines up with needing good ANC

      What would you suggest for this?

      Bose QuietComfort Earbuds? Sony WF-1000XM3? Jabra?

      • For the gym I wouldn't recommend the xm3. I've got them and they are heavy and weird shaped. At least for my ears they tend to pop out far more often than the true wireless ones

        • what would you recommend?

          • @ASOT: Depends on your needs. Do you want really good ANC at the gym?

            Never was a concern for me so I used a cheap pair of Haylou gt1 that I got for $20-$30 which had a great fit, very light, and sound quality was…. Fine. And I didn't care about sweat.

            If you want good ANC the Sony's are your best bet. They really are much better than the Sennheisers. Maybe they'll fit better in your ears.

            Sennheisers fit much better for me and have never fallen out of my ears. But sound quality and ANC are noticeably better on the Sony's in my opinion. But I'm still happy with them as I don't care about ANC unless traveling and the sound is still excellent.

            Do your research

  • Been waiting for these to come down, grabbed a pair. Thanks!

  • how do these compare to jabra elites? looking to replace my running earphones

    • You can grab a set of the Elite Active 75t's on Amazon for the same price - owning both, I always reach for my 75t's. I find the fit, sound and features better.

    • My mate has the Jabras and loves them. I ran 7km in the momentum v1 and didn't readjust once unlike the CX sport. Sounds like you'd be right with either, might be worth checking momentum's sweat resistance however. Probably not too bad in the ear area though.

  • When you say bass, are we talking about boring inconsequential levels of bad, or proper Vsonic GR07BE levels of bass?

    I'm yet to find a set of IEMs that compare to the GR07BEs, annoyingly

    • im prefer bass emphasis on my audio as well and tbh initially it was lacklustre for me. like you could tell the buds were trying to emphasise the bass in the music but it wasnt all that much
      but i read on some forums that people found changing the silicone tips into foam tips gave a much better listening experience and its pretty significant change in my opinion.
      the bass hits way harder, it felt like the default silicone tips almost leaked sound or something i just didn't feel as immersed in the music compared to when using foam tips
      of course with a bit of eq it was the cherry on top
      in saying this i havent personally used a pair of GR07 BE but even after all these add ins id be doubtful it holds up, the sound coming out of IEMs are usually much better because of the impedence the phones are able to drive into the earphones

      have you checked out the 1more triple drivers? these have always caught my eye out of all the iems ive looked at

      • do u recommend any foam buds?

        • comply foam tips

          • @Riceballs: Where'd you get the Comply foam tips @Riceballs? The Australian store doesn't seem to have them. And since when is the exchange rate USD$1 to AUD$2.25???! There's some serious markup going on there… :-/

            • @TrevorX: hey trevor the australian store does have them, take a look at the comply truegrip pro. i noticed some other online sellers also sell this model. some other forums have noted that the sennheiser specific comply tips work for them as well but i cannot testify. you can grab them off amazon if you're interested

              • @Riceballs: Thanks @Riceballs, appreciate your help. My confusion comes from A) there's no listing for the Momentum True Wireless on the Aus site anywhere, and B) the product numbers for the TrueGrip Pro on the Australian site are different to the USA site (38-20102-11 vs 38-22013-11, respectively). The last thing I want to do is buy something that won't fit… :-/ Why doesn't the Australian site list the MTW2? Or have the same model number if it's the same product? All very confusing…

                • @TrevorX: I do see what you're talking about, so comply made foam tips specifically for the momentum true wireless 2 but it seems you can only get it in USA right now.

                  second of all the product number difference i wouldnt have a clue but it should be the same product

                  remember with earphone tips we all have the same problem in that we dont really know if the fits going to be good. you can buy the pack that contains all 3 sizes but otherwise i do agree its a difficult situation as a buyer

        • The recommendations are almost always Comply foam tips. I recommend them too.

          Thanks for the write up Riceballs.

      • I know the comply tips may enhance the fittings on IEMs for some but I find for me personally in most cases it changes the sound by making it a little more muddy. Try this as an experiment if you've listened to your IEMs for a while now by switching it over to your original silicone tips and you'll end up with a more precise, detailed and clearer sound.

  • Thank u OP! Missed out on the deal before and was waiting for one.

  • Be forewarned, i bought these when they first dropped and the beamforming mic tech was atrocious. Unusable for calls and zoom. I was constantly asked to speak louder or “come closer” by people on the phone call.

    A firmware update still didnt improve it. Angling them at increments of degrees clockwise or anticlockwise in my ear didnt improve either.

    Really disappointing because their pxc’s were incredible for voice calls.

    Ended up switching back to the sonys. But your mileage may vary.

    • Good feedback thanks.
      I'm looking at these or the jabra 75/85ts, and they need to do a professional job of video conferences 90% of every day (such is our lives).

      • Jabra's are one of the best at voice communication. they are known for their professional communication equipment.

  • This or Jabra 75t? I have an android

  • I have iPhone. These, Jabra or Sony xm3000 or whatever they are called.

    I have the AirPod pros and while the anc is great the fit is terrible for me. I literally can’t even eat with them

  • Just a warning for people wanting to buy these, they are mildly uncomfortable for many people, the mic quality is very bad, you can't use the left earbud by itself, you can only switch between ANC and transparency while on a call through the app, the case is bulky and doesn't have wireless charging, and switching between paired devices takes a long time (you couldn't even switch between paired devices before a recent update).

    • "you can only switch between ANC and transparency while on a call through the app"

      It should automatically turn off anc while on a call?

      • If you have sidestone enabled yes, but you can't change back to ANC except through the same toggle in the app.

        • Do you mean while on a call or after the call?

          I can't really see the need for anc while on a call if that's what you mean.

          • @cheesecactus: While on a call.
            You don't want sidestone enabled in noisy environments because you won't be able to hear the person on the line.

            • @ozbargain-pashim: I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

              Are you saying you want ANC on while making phone calls?

              Agreed, having sidetone on in a noisy environment is probably distracting. Are you saying that's what you want to be able to turn on and off while in a call?

              • @cheesecactus: "Are you saying you want ANC on while making phone calls?"

                No, I want the ability to switch between ANC and transparency while on a call.

                "Are you saying that's what you want to be able to turn on and off while in a call?"


                (Btw sidestone and transparency are effectively the same, in case that's what's confusing you.)

  • How do these compare with the Sony XM3 buds?

    • I already have a pair of the sony xm3 buds and i just ordered these for a second pair of TWS earbuds, so i've been reading a number of comparisons of the two. Seems very 50/50. A decent number of websites pick the sennheisers as the better, but definitely more pick the sonys. I suspect that is due to reviewers comparing them on RRP (which the sennheisers are significantly more expensive).

      As far as downsides to the XM3s go, for me it's fit. Theyre big, heavy and weirdly shaped and i need to nudge them back in my ear every 15mins or so.

      I suspect these will be better in that regard.

    • Update after using the sennheisers for a day or two.

      The active noise cancellation is signifcantly better on the sonys. That being said, the one area where the sennheisers nc actually works better is walking outside when its windy. However sonys much better for anything else.

      Sound quality, also noticably better on the sonys. It's possible the senns need some burn-in. But the mids are not good at all in comparison. Again, possible this will change with some time. Not counting them out yet because of that.

      Fit and comfort - much better on the sennheisers.

      Controls - better on the sennheisers. more customisable and easier to press buttons. Easier to turn nc on and off. Easier to turn transparent sound on and off. I prefer the transparent mode on the sennheisers as you can have it pause your music too.

      Other notes - the sennheisers can have ANC off by default! Finally. I cant do this on the sonys. I always have to press buttons to turn it off every time.

      In summary. Sony (Much better ANC, probably better sound TBC). Sennheiser (Better controls and app, better fit).

  • Delivered already to Perth. Not bad Amazon