My Shower Is Leaking, Please Help

We have a shower made of plastic. The back of the shower is leaking at the side and bottom, and the water goes into the wall, which is made from some type of plasterboard
I need to know how to reseal the shower sides and back. If you can help, could you also tell me the tradename of the product, that I should be using.


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    call a plumber?

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    Call a plumber ?

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    Call a plumber.jpg

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    Call bunnings Shower.JPG department at 7AM in the morning for help.

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    Call an electrician

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    and the water goes into the wall

    Get a professional in

    Don't forget to show them Shower.JPG and Shower 1.JPG. Careful of the partial nudity in them tho

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      Can you help with the photos please, I have never put a photo up before.

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    Try blutack

    • .png or .bmp?

      • .mpg

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    Sounds like you need a tiler or waterproofer/plumber

    Best bet though for diagnosis would be a plumber.jpg

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    call a plumber? Show them Shower.jpg over the phone

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    If someone can tell me how to put the photo's up, I will be very grateful

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    Step one. Work out why it is leaking. Has the deal fail, or the walls moved?

    If it’s just the seal, silicone for wet areas along all joints that are leaking

    If it’s the walls moved, you are in for a lot more effort.

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      Thanks, its the seal that has failed. Can you give me a name of the silicone please

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        Sikaflex.JPG or Sikaflex.ASAP

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        If you dont know about silicon you probably shouldnt be trying your home handyman skills to fix the shower. Water leaking into a wall is serious if left to long and\or not fixed properly. Call a plumber and get it fixed correctly instead of stuffing it up and then having to spend 3x as much to get it fixed and your dodgy repairs rectified

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        If you get a professional out - it will cost you about $100-140 including call out fee to remove silicon & reseal it (72hours cure ideally).
        However please just call a professional & don't do this yourself, this isn't a handyman/bandaid job & pray for the best outcome type situation.

        Either way - good luck

      • Call Seal! And add an Icon!

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    Are you renting?

    • If yes call the managing agent

    Are you the property owner?

    • If yes call a plumber
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    Get it fixed properly before you end up with 10x the price to fix all the water damage.

    There are "shower repair men" around that will fixit properly first time and tell you if there is other damage already.

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    Thanks everyone, the nearest plumber is 45klms away and he has quoted me $90 as a callout fee, and $90 an hour. There is no one else around, that's why I was looking to seal it myself, but I'm convinced, so I'll call him tonight.

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      $90 an hour? Jeezus, I would be all over that. My local guy is $140/h with a min 1hr charge, even if he is only here for 10 mins…

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      Consider that if you leave this or fail to repair it properly, you risk damaging the subfloor and/or frame of the house which will cost you thousands to fix.

      $90 + $90/hr is an amazing rate for a plumber.

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        Specially since he’s 45kms away. Insanely good.

    • This is great value, most in the city are nearing double that.

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      If you don't take that offer then just delete this post because you'd be wasting everyone's time here

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    You can look up how-to's for just about anything on the internet including "how to seal a plastic shower base".

    If there has been no structual damage done then it should be a simple job.
    Remove/scrape off the existing sealant and make sure the surface is clean and dry for the new sealant.
    Apply the sealant. Clean off any excess with what they recommend on the sealant container.

    Be prepared to do it every 2 years or so. The seal will not only leak again one day it will also grow mould.

    Try to avoid plumbers, they charge far too much for their services. They think they are barristers… :-(

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    Turn tap off

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    If the silicone has already failed, that means water has already got in behind. I'd suggest fixing the bigger issue at hand rather than just resealing it.

    And considering you don't even know what type of product to use, I'd suggest getting in someone who knows what they're doing.

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    I just finished re-doing out ensuite because of a 'small' leak in the shower. Noticed a small leak in the corner agaisnt the wall, leaking behind the frame and in the room, thought a quick bit of silicon would be enough.
    While applying the silicon, I noticed the base board on the otherside of the wall was moist, removed it, rotten wood everywhere. Ended up ripping the entire room out, needed new wall frames for both shower sides, and noticed the subfloor had shifted and water had been pooling up within the slab around the plumbing. Removed and repoured the slab, run new plumbing, new walls, new tiles, new shower and 6 months later all finished.

    Did most of the work myself except what was required to have a plumber do (and I didn't want to (profanity) up), but yeah a simple leak turned into a $10k reno that I did not want to be doing at the time.

    Short answer - Unless you are a plumber, call a plumber, especially for the sake of $180.

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    Use neighbours shower instead. It's cheaper.

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      It's raining today so just go outside.

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    I think that's supposed to happen with showers. If it was your toaster then you'd be having problems.

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    My initial thought is that maybe the water is coming from the connection of the shower head stem to the copper pipe. In which case it would only leak when a shower tap is turned on and even then it wouldn't be under a great deal of pressure. If so, untwist the fitting, clean both threads, wrap heaps of thread sealing tape around the pipe thread and twist the fitting back on.

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    call a plumber

    • why?

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        To keep your Telco in business.

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          He has a plastic leak! He needs a plastic surgeon!

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    Why does everyone think (s)he should call the plumber.
    I think showerscreen imstaller would rather be the guy to turn to in this situation.
    This is their job and their fees are lower than plumber's.

    • Shower 1.JPG

    • From the sounds of it it's a failure of the waterproofing, which many plumbers are qualified waterproofers along with some tilers able to comprehensively do the job.

    • depends exactly where the leak is from. I think the point though is CALL A PROFESSIONAL. This is not an area you want to do a self-fix if you don't know what you are doing, a small leak into a wall if not fixed can quickly escalate to some very expensive repairs if not dealt with properly.

  • You are not very clear with your words…. what is actually leaking… the shower nozzle? The tap? Or what?
    Is water seeping into the walls? If this is the case, simply buy a tube of silicon glue and seal up the cracks.

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      • Nani? Bakayarou!

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    Don't think anyone on OzB can offer proper advice without at least a MS Paint drawing or a JPG

    • I'm surprised MS Paint hasn't liked this comment yet.

  • New shower base at least, nothing is going to seal up a shower base that is going to stay together with people standing on it.

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    Just renovate the whole bathroom. You can probably do it cheaply for about $20k

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    Apparently this is what the professionals use:

    Gripset Betta 1L Waterproofing Membrane Bitumen Rubber

    $19.95 available from Bunnings Warehouse

  • Plot twist, OP is no longer taking showers but just wants to know how to fix it in case landlord inspection.

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    Use the bath?

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    air tasker or hipages… $90 for a call out is a rip off

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      90 km returned possible an hour of someone's time with a ute of the tool is a rip-off?

      What would you say about $150 call out fee just around the corner?

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    Pictures or it didn't happen.

  • Call a plumber. He will charge you a months worth of salary and still not fix the issue but atleast you tried.

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    Call a lawyer who knows how to use sealant, cheaper and probably do a better job.

    • Lionel Hutz is someone you can trust

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    I've tried "Selleys Ezi Press 100g Wet Area Silicone" from Bunnings and it worked like a charm. It's $13.

    This might be a temp fix, but maybe check with a professional to see if there are any problems behind the plasterboard, such as mould from the water leaking into it.

    Good luck!

  • As others have said a photo would help a lot.

    How do I upload a picture or document?
    Go to My Account - Files and click the Upload New File button.

    Is it leaking as in water is getting behind the plastic stall from water coming out of the shower head? Or are the pipes behind the wall leaking? If it’s the former it’s really about waterproofing and sealing. If it’s the latter you’d need to take out the stall cut back the plaster and repair the leaking pipes, replaster, re waterproof, put the stall back and re seal etc (we’ve had to do this except with tiles and yep it’s a PITA but DIY is possible if you’re fairly handy)

    If there is a local plumbing supply shop (like Reece plumbing) you can often get some advice when you get your supplies. My husband will often take photos and when he goes in to buy what he needs he runs his plan past the staff and they will give advice on products and how to use them.


    Great plumber. Has many other talents too

  • I think if you post a pic of short video of the leak, you will get more helpful advice from members :)

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    Ask in Ozbargain

  • airtasker or hipages will hook you up with someone that can fix it.

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      They will extort tradies for their highest cut. At the end you also have to pay for their cut on top of the repair.

  • For the walls, if it's plasterboard, it should have some water proofing (it's a paste that you can get from Bunnings). But usually people tile over the water proofing or have a splash back of some kind. This will prevent water going into the walls. Hard to say where the leak is but you can try replacing the shower head unit if uncertain. Most times it's all about screwing a new one in but use plumbers tape (which is a tape that seals the water tightly.

  • Check if the seal around the edges has flaked/peeled away. If yes, might be easy fix of just replacing this with any silicone designed for wet areas (Bunnings has several to choose from, recommend going a white colour). It's good to replace this silicone anyway.

    You'll also need a caulking gun, which is used to smoothly push out the silicone. Bunnings will also provide free plastic nozzles for these, grab a few (don't forget these nozzles).

    Take your time and do it neat, Bunnings has some how-to vids:

    Backup plan, try an app called Airtasker, a lot of tradies are on there and can maybe save you the callout fee.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for your help

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    call a plumber fool

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    Press F1 for help.

  • im waiting on a Ozbargain forum post 'my front lawn grass is tall, help please'..
    OR my house is on fire, help please.
    nah in all seriousness, google brick layer.

  • If the roof is on fire it's an electrical fault.

    • We don't need no water, let the motherleaker burn
      Burn motherleaker, burn

  • stop having showers and have a bath.. Check if all your grout and silicone are still in place, not falling out or holes. hopefully it might just be that or could be cracked tile. otherwise need to check for leaky pipes within the wall. endoscope camera comes in handy for those moments. Best not to use shower until its fixed or else it can cause more damage to house.

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    Call a plumber + 25

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      That doesn’t seem to be enough digits to connect me with a plumber.

  • Is your shower still leaking?

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    Send an email to your plumber.

  • Call a plumber - OzBargin is not going to be able to fix your shower….

  • OP did you get a plumber? I hope so, you need to know if anything has been damaged behind the wall, if you seal it up you might be making things much more expensive for yourself.

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    If there's water leaking into the walls I would be more worried about the timber rotting and also the mold growing

    • Exactly this. We had the same issue. A few thousand dollars later and half the bathroom ripped up the problem is now fixed.

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