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PC - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ($60.29 US) on STEAM


Good price if you don't mind downloading the game and rather a digital copy!

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    • does it give steam keys or is it a physical copy?

      • Skyrim is a Steamworks game. That means no matter where you purchase it, physical copy or digital copy, it will activate (and must activate) on Steam.

        • i believe you, but why does shopto.net charge delivery? :)

        • but why does shopto.net charge delivery?

          At a guess, because they are delivering the physical disc to you?

          They offer both a physical copy and a downloadable copy.

          Both of which, need to be activated on Steam.

  • $60 for a digital game? streuth…

  • The most annoying thing? Steam UK has Skyrim for ~$37.

    EDIT Adrian beat me by 53 seconds. Bastard.

  • -1

    flail flail phail phale

  • Not cheap!

  • +3

    Steam sells Skyrim to US for $40 and to us Aussies for $60. Sigh.

  • Definitely not a bargain.

    Also, OP is trying to compare digital vs. physical to justify the price difference. Heck, why don't well start posting games off Steam that are cheaper than your brick-and-mortar stores like EB Games and JB HiFi?

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    Too expensive for digital copy

  • +1

    I don't think this is a good deal (as has been pointed out the price is bad in comparison with international steam prices), but complaints about "digital games" and "digital copies" are somewhat funny… all your PC games are digital. And even though I'm a fan of nicely boxed games, I don't think modern PC games that consist of nothing more than a DVD and a key and are tied to online login are bettern than a "digital copy".

    • there is piece of mind in physical copies

    • +1

      Back in the olden days we used to have analog computers.

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