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[PC, PS4, XB1, Switch] Free - 69 Bloodpoints and Skins for Dead by Daylight - In-Game Store


Some nice freebies for the game. Codes are still being made so I'll add them to this post once they're announced.

Nice - 69 Bloodpoints
ZARINOX - Lunar Skin for Zarina Kassir
BULLSHIRT - Lunar New Year - Adam Francis Jacket
LUNARNEWGEAR - Lunar New Year cosmetic for The Spirit / Year of the Ox Katana
LUCKYCHARM - Lunar New Year charm

Also don't forget to login every day during the event for 50,000 bloodpoints!

EDIT: Can't add any more coupons, use DJC2021 for 100,000 bloodpoints.

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    How does one claim for xbox ?

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      Should be the same as PC as far as I know. Not sure how it is for console but for PC, it's just in the store page and then redeem code button.




          Sorry fat fingered the associated button by accident … not associated


    the code for Lunar Ox (Universal Charm) isn't out yet?

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    new code "LUCKYCHARM" for the lunar new year charm https://twitter.com/DeadByBHVR/status/1362839447964950530