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[VIC, SA, NSW] Free VIP Membership for 1 Year (Save $35) @ PromoTix


Promotix VIP Members save up to 100% on tickets to movie previews, concerts, festivals, comedy shows, expos and more all year round!

VIP Membership (valid for 1 year) normally costs $35, but we have made available a limited number of these premium Memberships for FREE!!

1/. Head to the Promotix page and view all the fantastic shows and events you can redeem tickets to (you'll save hundreds of dollars a year on your entertainment :)

2/. Navigate to the Membership Page and select VIP Membership

3/. At the checkout use the code FREEVIP12 and to secure yours for free! ( discount code is case sensitive so you must use all capital letters FREEVIP12 )

4/. Once you're registered you can start planning what shows you'd like to see!

If you love to get out and about now is the perfect time to take advantage of this offer as we have just released brand new tickets for our members to redeem tickets to dozens of shows!

Current events incl: Adelaide Fringe Festival + Melbourne International Comedy Festival + The Other Art Fair in Sydney

So how does Promotix work?

  • Our Members our "Word of Mouth" team to help build the buzz around events.
  • Tickets are complimentary - and all you pay is the admin fee
  • Why are the tickets free? So you can help support the arts by spreading the good word about the shows you see PLUS it's a great way to explore and experience new shows that you may not have otherwise invested in seeing!

  • For example: Redeem 2 Complimentary Tickets to a Comedy Festival show (valued at $45) all you pay is a $5.95 admin fee (that's a saving of over 80%)

Unleash heaps fun and enjoy :)

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  • +2

    Works a treat. Cheers.

  • +20

    You can also upgrade your existing membership by signing in and applying the code. Thanks!

    • Just the question I wanted answered, thanks :-)

      Edit: only just noticed the limited states. I am in WA and the code worked.

      • Looks like any state will work, but I think Promotix only does events in Vic, SA and NSW.

        • They were doing them in QLD also.
          Went to many events pre COVID

  • +1

    nothing that interests me right now but for a year im sure something will come up.

  • Brilliant

  • -1

    I swear i thought that was a N not a M at 1st glance….

    • +1

      You thought it said PronoTix?

      • He switched R next to N too

        • +10

          Ah, PonroTix

          • -2

            @aoiro: No, PnoroTix.

  • +1

    Thanks, I upgraded. 😁 Usually get some good tickets for the Comedy Festival.

  • +2

    Website is extremely slow…

    • It would be getting more traffic than usual. Although 650 in 30 mins shouldn’t be that much of a demand.

    • So that's what it is. I'm on Chrome mobile and I thought the button doesn't work since there is no spinner. Guess I'll just wait

      • Sorry about the speed. We are working on it now.

    • +1

      Thanks for your patience.
      We are back up and running at normal speed now :)

  • +3

    Gosh this site is running slow. The hamster that runs the site must be working overtime turning that hamster wheel :-)
    For both the "Sign in" and "Continue" buttons, when I clicked them nothing happened, so I clicked several times again, and still nothing happened, and then I wondered if my browser was making it not work (e.g. ad blocking interfering) so I started looking at my add-ons, but then it worked about 1 minute later. So just give it a minute or two to respond to any button clicks.

    • +1

      Sorry about the slow speed. We have our tech team working on it now.

  • I got to put the code in click continue and it hung now it says I’ve used the code up maximum uses.
    Oh well

    • Our apologies regarding the speed. Please email us at [email protected] and we will assist you

      • Thanks will do!

  • worked for me, thanks OP!

  • auto-scaling initiate

  • Site does not let me log in at all. Filled out PW and Username but the Signin button does nothing.

    • Thanks for your patience.
      We are back up and running now :)

  • +2

    Hi everyone
    Our maintenance team is on to the speed issue right now and the site will be back to normal in approx 1 hour.
    Apologies for the glitch, and hang in there :)

    • Have you stopped operating in WA?
      Seen a few shows in the past through promotix in WA

      • Also curious about this

        • +2

          Rep replied to a PM saying they will do some WA shows in the future

  • +1

    thanks OP !!
    You have registered for
    a VIP (blue) Membership

  • Hi, I was charged $35.00 even though I entered the promo code. I've emailed support.

    • Did u click on PayPal?

      • +2

        Yeah it wouldn't acknowledge the code without clicking on PayPal for some reason. I figured PayPal would direct me back to the website before charging.

        I got refunded quickly so their customer service is obviously on top of things.

    • +1

      Refund received. That was quick, thank you.

  • Site is down!! ozhammered?! :D

    • Thanks for your patience.
      We are back up and running at normal speed now :)

      • +1

        I just tried and still down mate :(

        • +1

          Try a different browser. I'm using Aloha…Good luck 👍

          • @Black26: This worked mate , thanks heaps :)

  • +2


  • +3

    Maintenance in Progress
    We will be back up shortly

    • too many Ozbargainers - site crashed :D

  • When paypal button clicked nothing happens :(

    • +1

      Maintenance in progress on site as there was a glitch with speed.
      Should all be up and running normally shortly.
      Thanks for your patience.

      • getting hammered by OB's

        • DDOS attack

    • Thanks for your patience.
      We are back up and running at normal speed now :)

  • +1

    Great thank you.
    Just worked for me now.

  • +2

    Thanks for your patience everyone.
    Speed issue has been resolved and we're back up and running :)

    • All done 👍.

      • +3

        The site is definitely back up and running so it may be a cache issue on your system.
        If you are in the site you will need to log out, refresh your browser, log back in again.
        Alternately try either a different device or browser.
        If the problem persists please email us at [email protected] with your contact number and we will assist you over the phone.
        Kind regards

  • +1

    Thank you! Such a great deal =)

  • +1

    Thank you very much for the great offer and keeping us updated.

  • +1

    This is great.. Sometimes art does need word of mouth.. done!!

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Have seen many shows in past years via your site.

  • +1

    Thank you OP! Have used in the past and got to see some great comedy shows

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Grabbed myself a 12 month membership.

  • +1

    will this give me free tickets to harry potter? if so Im in

    • +1

      Very doubtful it will ever but happy to be proven wrong !

    • +1

      Last year (or two years ago?!), there were tickets to a musical in Melbourne.

  • +1

    Thanks op upgraded from standard member

  • +20

    Just a little note, if you're using these free tickets, please make sure you do one of more of these things to support the artist (whether free or paid):

    • Buy the artist's merch
    • Post about the show on social media
    • Tell a friend who you think would enjoy the show
    • Like the artist's Facebook page / follow them on Instagram
    • Post a review on their event page (if it's a festival like Melbourne Int'l Comedy Fest or Adelaide Fringe that has an audience review section)

    Artists have had a really rough go of it in the past year so please give generously (if not in money, then in word-spreading) ;)

    • +7

      Love this!
      Promotix is all about building new audiences and spreading the good word about shows as you know; but adding the reminders about supporting the artist by purchasing merch and following them on socials is certainly something we should include on our site and in correspondence 👏

  • Thanks Op.

  • +1

    Damn. I signed up for VIP a week ago as Fringe was getting close. Any chance for a refund?

  • What happened on WA?

  • Thanks, signed up last time too but have never claimed anything from them

  • Thanks OP - hope there’s some events over the next year which I can attend thanks to the VIP membership

  • Thanks OP!

    Just so you know the mobile version of the site seems to have some rendering issues (Safari iOS14). I’m sure the servers are getting hammered and that is the priority but if the team has time they might want to put it in their backlog to investigate :)

    • Thank you for flagging this. We will look into it today.

  • It’s not letting me upgrade my standard membership. 😔

    • +1

      Please feel free to contact us direct via email [email protected] and we will assist you.

      • +1

        What happened to QLD?
        Used to work here also

  • Thanks for the upgrade Promotix. I've been a Promotix member for over a year and I've seen some great shows in SA - Fringe 2020 was just freaking awesome!! The tickets to the locally produced A Christmas Carol in Dec 2019 were a great treat :). I was able to grab lots of free or really cheap tickets through your site. Def recommend!! Now I can grab even more with the VIP (blue) Membership. Thanks again :)

  • Did promotix stop offering tickets for events in QLD? Could've sworn they used to offer tickets for QLD

    • +1

      Hi there, we had QLD events up until Covid hit and will be renewing offers again soon.
      Keep an eye out in the 2nd half of this year.

  • Ugh, so annoyed I only just saw this post! 😩 Had been the only way I’ve been able to see Fringe shows while looking for work. Ah well 🤷

    • Hey Del
      Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will endeavour to assist you.
      Sorry this reply has come in so late, but there are still a few shows at Fringe happening this weekend if you're quick 😀

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