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[VIC] Nulon Full Synthetic 5w30 Diesel Engine Oil 5l $19.97 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Saw in Moorabbin and Ringwood store could be nation wide.

Seems good price, pretty sure was around the $40-$50 mark.

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  • Guys,
    Has anyone seen the Nulon 5-30w European price? Costco website doesn't show this oil.

  • Anyone know how often Costco updates their sales items and prices?

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      It says on their catalogue

      • do you know if this in the nationwide catalogue???

  • this is probably the cheapest it has been but it is not the best quality oil. I'd rather pay extra and get magnatec for diesel engines

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      Why is magnatec higher quality? They're both full synthetic. I've actually heard of more bad reviews of magnatec and it's nickname of "sludge" for many diesel engines

      • My car has a 2.0 hdi engine and last time i purchased this stuff from Costco the engine was running not as smooth. Not just me i got this oil for two other mates and all of us had the same observations that the engines run louder and not as smooth when idling

        • Which Magnatec are you using in a 2.0 HDI? I can't see a suitable Magnatec for use in that engine. Is it an older Peugeot that doesn't have a DPF?

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      I wouldn't say Castrol Magnatec is higher quality …
      Castrol Edge .. yes

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      Considering Magnatec is semi-synthetic, and this is full synthetic, low SAPS, and suitable for use with DPF equipped diesels, I would say this is better quality. And I'm no fan of Nulon.

      Unless you're talking about Magnatec Professional, which is only available to trade.

      I would rather use Gulf Western if I wanted to be all patriotic and use an Aussie oil. Castrol Edge LL for my diesel 4WD, and Mobil 1 0W/20 for the family hack are my oils of choice.

      • Which of your cars uses 0W/20?

        • 2017 Honda Civic 1.5L VTEC Turbo. Honda specifies 0W-20.

          • @doze: I guess a lot of manufacturers are moving to thinner oils to minimise friction and improve fuel economy.

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        No I'm talkimg of magnatec full synthetic. They have semi amd full synthetic

        • Ok, thanks for the downvote. You didn't specify that it was full synthetic. So I assume you're talking about the Magnatec Stop-Start 5W-30? I see you mentioned you have a 2.0L HDI engine. May I ask what the vehicle is? Peugeot?

          • @doze: I didn't downvote you. yes I have a Peugeot, it uses ACEA C3 standard oils.

      • FYI… castrol magnatec does have full synthetic oil… they're not only supplying semi synth… it's only you know where to look for…

  • This is good value. Generally see Castrol 5w30 FS at ~35 from time to time on special, so this is an excellent deal. I too am not a fan of Nulon but it meets or exceeds spec.

    Just saw, it's Diesel, that's even better value as the additive package is even better than Petrol (detergents etc).

  • Any problems using this in a petrol engine?

    • no, in many cases it's better (as per above)

    • you better look at the oil specs of your car engine whether it is equivalent to the oil you pick…

      I thought of saving some money so I once use leftover new diesel engine oil for petrol lawnmower engine even though the viscosity requirement is the same but somehow it does not operate properly… still does the job but you can feel it. It's just not itself.

  • NSW store is $25.97

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