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Edifier Speakers: R1700BT - $129, R1000T4 - $60, S880DB - $289, R2000DB - $249 Delivered @ Centrecom


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    I just have no idea which one will suit me, on my desk for pc gaming, but also to be able to leave it connected to pc speakers but use my phone to play music to it wirelessly from my bed if I choose

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      I do exactly this and use the 1700BT. Quite fit for purpose but don't own the others so cant compare

      • Great to know thank you, I’ve read articles comparing, but am no audio expert so wanted to make sure I didn’t get one without a port or feature I may need.

  • Edifier R2000DB are $238 on Amazon

    • Is the R2000DB worth shelling out extra $$ for over the 1700BT? I can’t find what it offers over the 1700BT feature wise other than just better sound?