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Fossil Garrett HR Gen 5 Smartwatch $150 Delivered @ The Iconic


—250 more available on ebay at same price, see this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/605433

~$120 after referral + cash rewards (see bottom of post)

Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 3100

Memory: 1 GB RAM, 8GB Storage

Display: 3.2 cm AMOLED / 416 x 416 / 328ppi

46 MM full color display dial in stainless steel case with a thickness of 10 MM

Water resistant to 5 ATM: In general, suitable for short periods of exposure to water i.e washing hands or showering/bathing. Not suitable for recreational swimming, diving or snorkeling

Effortlessly charge your Smartwatch by placing it on the inductive charging magnet

No plugging or unplugging of cables required

Manufacturer Warranty-2 Years

  • Band Colour: Silver-Tone
  • Dial Size: 46 MM
  • Strap Width: 22 MM
  • Case Thickness: 10 MM
  • Water Resistant: 5 ATM

Only the red/blue face silver watch is this price.

Don't forget shopback (10% upgraded cashback currently @ The Iconic), and $20 off when you make an account using a referral, brings it down to ~$120 delivered!

Referral Links

Referral: random (829)

$20 off for the referee ($99 minimum spend), and $20 credit for the referrer.

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  • Is this a good watch?

    • Gets good reviews, hasn't got the latest processor, but @$120 its unbeatable really.

    • Yes. The only downfall perhaps is the battery life but unless you have every feature enabled then you should be fine. The customisability is excellent and it runs smoothly.

      • +4

        Yep, I will be disabling eg the background heartrate monitor etc, don't realy need/want all the constant health feature; should dave heaps of battery.

        • Yep that’s what I did. I went from charging every day to charging every three days. I’ll also note I disabled the connectivity settings too.

          • @BananaSplitz: disable connectivity means you cant get notification sms, whatsapp email etc when they are coming?

            • @ChiMot: I guess, it means that it won't be keep searching the bluetooth or Wifi.

              • +10

                @TaurusHead: what even is the point of getting a smart watch? you are effectively using a dumb watch that the battery only last 3 days.

                • @OMGJL: Good point. Though for me it depends on the day. During work days I don’t want to be distracted, but on weekends I open everything up again :)

                  • @BananaSplitz: so you are saying by disable connectivity is no notification from sms whatsapp etc ? basically stand alone watch ? ie time mode ?

                    • @ChiMot: Yep. But you can still play around with the watch faces and access contacts etc since it’s loaded to the watch.

    • Much better value than a Cartier Watch.

      • that cartier from the australia post saga ?

        • No one would bat an eyelid at these.

  • Bought a Samsonite case during last 25% cashback. Thought it was a decent deal. The only thing Iconic refuse to honor my cash back. Dodge company. Should abslutely avoid .

    • +3

      Was just about to comment this. I find that cashback purchases @ The Iconic via Shopback don't tend to get honoured. I would stick to Cashrewards for The Iconic purchases.

      • Well I think my story is different. At first, cashreward didnt track my cashback. I showed them the invoice and they manually added for me. However, the Iconic refused to honor my cashback at last. I use the same way on Amazon Australia and get cashback tracked everytime. Dodge company.

        • Oh damn. That's unfortunate. Sorry to hear.

  • +1

    should have called in Captain America HR Gen 5

  • I got this in the sale the other day.. Good watch, battery life is rubbish but i turned off most things as suggested and its better. It's a bit chunky and heavy but I've never really worn a watch.

    I'll probably get a more breathable strap if anyone has any suggestions..

  • +2

    Anyone getting an error when trying to order?

  • +1

    done thx ops buy 2

  • +1

    For this price, it's a no brainer. Ordered one.

  • possible to get the strap adjusted at a fossil shop?

    • Its a standard 22mm strap.

  • +1

    Cheers, signed up, used the $20 code and also used shopback so if that tracks, another 10% off as well.

    • You won't get the cashback if the code not list on Shopback.

      • Got an email before from Shopback saying it had tracked but who knows if they'll honour it. Doesn't bother me too much, I'd rather the $20 discount than the potential for $11 in cashback.

  • does this show how many kms you run? Couldn't find…

    • +1

      Google fit is the health side of things (and the watch has gps)

  • Never had a smart watch, do I need to install the Google Fit app?

    • +1

      Should come with it installed on the watch. To view data, you can also install the Google fit app on your phone.

  • +1

    Just got mine from the previous deal too. Tried through iconic and wasn't able to get any further discount after signing up, went straight through fossil via cashrewards and still had nothing show up.. but even at $150 it's a bargain in my opinion.

    Came from a 1st Gen ticwatch pro, and it's definitely an upgrade. I'm happy if the battery just lasts longer than that one did which was usually a little under a day but a quick charge when I have a shower etc was enough.

    I got the steel front with black band version and like other people had said it looks a hell of a lot better than it does in the photos, thinner than the ticwatch too.

  • is that true you can have daily mode, extended mode, time only mode ?

    • Yes

  • Hows its connectivity with IOS?

    • It’s…so so. Every now and then it will drop and you need to re open the Wear app to get it going again. Rinse and repeat etc.

      • Thought so

  • +1

    Thanks op bought one!

  • hmm tempted but that battery life (yes i read all the comments) i really wish with all feature on, 2 days

  • -1

    I got turned off Wear OS due to sluggish performance after using the Misfit Vapor 2 (but it was more hardware related - slow CPU and 512 MB RAM). Wear OS just doesn’t seem as polished as Watch OS.

    I ended up going for an Amazfit Stratos and it’s been surprisingly good.

    • +2

      I've heard that 512mb to 1gb makes a world of difference for wearos.

      Definitely not as polished as watchos, but hopefully fossil and ticwatch +new processors from snapdragon this year will boost googles development speed for us!

      Already got an android phone so can't really choose watchos, compared to tizen (samsung watches), wearos has the massive advantage of using google assistant instead of bixby 🤢

  • +1

    the $20 code didn't work?

    "Your code has not been applied as no items were eligible. Please note items can only have one discount applied."

    • +2

      Which $20 code? Use the referral link to get the $20 off when signing up.

      Then shop back should give you 10% off too (don't use the shop back $20 coupon listed on their site, it didn't work for me)

      • Ah alright, used the wrong code. had to check my email for the right one

      • Code didn't work for me neither, looks like this watch has been taken off the list of items for this code

        Ah, for some reason they give you a code on the screen and it doesn't work, the one they send you is different.

    • Copy code from email, not from the ouput on the page itself. I think it's case sensitive or something.

  • Can I save music on here and listen to it without my phone while I'm exercising?

    • -1

      Yes buy now think later!

  • 1cm thick… that's a chunky boi

    • +1

      I've got one, it's bigish but not massive. It will go with your car salesmen look

      edit: I've got the gen 4 explorist, it's the same size casing pretty sure

  • Bought 1

  • Thanks Op. Bought one with $20 discount code.

  • Does it have NFC?

  • It's not letting me use the discount code. Unless I'm missing something

    Your code has not been applied as no items were eligible. Please note items can only have one discount applied.

    Edit: Worked it out - need to use the code they email you, not the one they show on the screen.

    Thanks OP!

  • -1

    10% only for sports, will it work with this? Already bought without shopback, worth buying again and returning one?

  • +1

    Just bought this, as you do on Ozbargain, then researched. Buy then think, so they say. I am an iOS user, how concerned should I be?

    • Works with ios, others have reported bluetooth drops out occasionally, but other than that should be good!

  • "Sorry, this item is no longer available."

    Missed it :(

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one as a gift to my dad before it went OOS.

    Seems like a decent Wear OS watch even without being $120-130. Tizen watches have never let me down, but at this price its very hard to ignore, helps that my dad is the frugal type that would probably be offended by a $500 smartwatch.

  • So cheap, wish my watch broke yesterday.

  • How well does this work with iPhone?

  • +4

    252 available on ebay here for $150

  • +1

    my wallet say thanks to everyone who were buying before me

  • Oh, I think I might cancel my order.
    After doing some reading it seems like my old Samsung Gear S3 is still better than this.

    • +1

      let us know once you cancel maybe it will go back to the stock and i can buy it

  • +1

    Bought this a few days ago direct from Fossil. A few days into wearing it and I'm loving it.

    • your welcome! :p

  • +1

    Bought thanks OP, anyone know if this has untethered GPS or do you need your phone for it to track? Same q with NFC on needing a phone?

    • +2

      Has built in gps and nfc :)

    • +1

      gps most likely tetherred to your phone, if it is standalone the battery will last 1 hour :D — whups i may be wrong
      NFC google payment tap and pay thing is ALWAYS standalone you dont need your phone, or your wallet :)

      • Thanks guys. Found a review on the Fossil website confirming ChiMot.

        "Bit gutted and angry that all the gen 5 watches state they can do gps tracking without being tethered to a phone. The gps needs to be tethered to the phone to work which is totally daft and pointless. Geeking out it seems to be a something Fosssil are not bothered about fixing anytime soon. I didn't find out about this till it was too late to return. Its a shame as otherwise its a lovely watch"

        • you dont want it anyway. it will drain the battery like no tomorrow

  • Hopefully the blue and red trim doesn't make it look too cheap as the silver strap looks fantastic

  • Anyone got any recommendations for a smart watch that is also a standalone phone? Nothing to glamourous but trying to find something for an elderly relative.

    • you dont want that.
      you see our current battery tech is like dinosaur years old generation.
      the more feature you get the less battery. if you asking phone feature, oh boy… are you happy to have 20 mins battery life ?

  • Anyone's order got approved / shipped?
    Mine is stuck on the same status since morning "Processing by partner"

  • My order also says “Processing by partner”. Pretty sure they would have allocated sufficient stock for our orders and then shut it down when they were exhausted! Either way, it is definitely worth a punt!!!

    • +1

      Went through The Iconic live chat. "Your order is still being packed by our Partner Provider and you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking details once it has been shipped. Also this would be delivered on the 22/02/2021. Please allow within the day for the confirmation to arrive to you".

      Should be fine if your initial order went through.

  • +1

    Mine shipped now

  • 24 hours battery life? That's pretty shit…

    • +1

      you lucky to get 18 actually, so yeah super shit, dont buy this, definitely not for you

  • +1

    Got mine delivered today. The metal strap is pretty disappointing (folded links) and I've swapped it out with a brown croc leather 22mm strap, suits the watch really well. Have a brown nubuck 22mm strap on order for it and another charging puck. Pretty happy with it for ~$120 after referral coupon and cashback!

    • How does it run so far?

      • Pretty smooth, too early for me to comment on battery life of course, it's only been on my wrist for a couple of hours :D

        • Must have apps?

          • @YellowKnight: No idea, I'm just using it for HR monitoring and notifications. Best have a google if you want to work out what Wear OS apps might interest/benefit you.

    • so brown band matches with silver/red/blue face ? hmmm…. cant imagine that but sounds weird

      • I know, it sounds strange but it really works. Google brown strap on pepsi bezel and you'll see other examples of watches where it works!

        • i see.
          huh fossil is copying rolex ???

          • @ChiMot: Plenty of watches have Pepsi bezels, not sure if Rolex was the first (although they probably were).

            The bigger bug-bear I have with the Fossil bezel is that despite looking like it rotates, it doesn't (and, in fairness, probably doesn't need to, as if you have a smartwatch you have lots of options to account for time).

    • Awesome, I haven't got mine yet! Can you send a photo of how it looks with the strap? I was considering swapping the band too :)

  • +1

    Geez the battery in this thing is bad. Not even a day. I might sell it.

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