expired Nintendo Wii + Mario Kart + Just Dance 3 for $148, in Store Only at DSE (Possibly Old Wii?)


Oh blast, it looks like DSE have actually done a bit better for Boxing Day… yes I know I posted a Wii a mere week ago, but for $10 more than the previous bargain you get Just Dance 3 - RRP $59.98, GameCafe reports the lowest price is a shade under $25 so take from that what you will.

Also unlike the $138 Wii, this one appears to be the old Wii console with the GameCube controller support. We won't know for sure until someone buys one!

I checked stock for postcodes 2000 (Sydney CBD) and 2141 (Lidcombe\Auburn\Chullora West area) and got a bunch of green ticks, so probably a good chance your local Dickies has stock.

Also available in white: http://dicksmith.com.au/product/YG4137/

Don't forget Moneybackco\StartHere for an extra 3.5% cashback

Dick Smith / Kogan

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    I saw these for sale on Thursday night for $188 in Perth. Today, they were listed for $148. Quite a few sitting there.


    And if you had of spent 2 minutes longer on Dick's site, you would've seen that what you've linked to is indeed the older Wii console (with backwards GC compatibility) in both black & white (although your 2nd link doesn't actually work); however you can indeed get the newer console in white only for the same price with the same bonus Just Dance 3 (plus free home delivery). Why the black is $188 I can't explain, don't want to even try!!!


      Thanks for pointing it out - fixed the second link.

      Yeah I really don't know what's going on there on the website, but I looked at the newspaper ad for this too and it lists four product codes (two for the old console, two for the new console) so they're supposed to be all at $148.

      Still not willing to confirm its the old one until someone buys one and tells us though. People get passionate for their GC compatibility :)




    So if you have the Gamecube controller ports on your Wii (like I do) does that mean it will play GC games?


    If the Wii has a stand and isn't flat it is the old Wii. The new wii is flat tomorrow?


    How do you use moneybackco if you have to buy it in store?


      You can do a Click & Collect on the DSE website… not sure if it works properly with MBC though, will let you guys know.


    I bought the deal a week ago (Dec 19) and got the new Wii, it also came with Just Dance 3.

    $138 for a Wii, Mario Kart and Just Dance was pretty good imo. Shame about no GC support though, this deal seems great.


    Wow the Wii is getting so cheap these days.

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