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100 Free Deliveries (Minimum Order $10) @ Uber Eats


From email:
We'll cover the Delivery Fee on up to 100 orders that you place over $10 (excluding fees).
Promo code:

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Referral: random (2681)

$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Worked for me, got the notification too! Woot!

  • Not targeted… How much do you spend / often do you use to get these 100 delivery promos? I've never gotten more than 5 :(

    • Have you checked your junk mail? I've checked my email after I saw this post and it was sitting in my junk mail.

    • I haven't ordered for ages and got this. Guy at work orders all the time, gets no offers.

      Obviously if you buy all the time they have no need to lure you in with offers.

  • Wow I actually got a targeted offer for once.

  • No luck for me

  • OMG my first ever Uber Eats offer received as an in-app notification! So excited. Might buy a Powerball ticket!

  • My partners 100 free deliveries just ended… Here we go again

  • Error Message: Oops, you are not eligible for this promotion. You never are so stop trying

  • Anyone got an expiry date please?

  • I know it's not as convenient but just call your store and go pick it up. So many places are struggling rn

  • The delivery fee is a distraction. Compare the prices on UE vs if you buy in store.

    • Yes of course they markup the prices by at least 20%

      • Yeah I think that's ridiculous. I've only used Uber eats once because I got a $30 voucher and I noticed straight away the price differences on the menu for the place I was ordering from. If I was to actually use the service with my own money it would be cheaper to make the minimum spend and pay five dollars delivery from the places I like instead of using Uber eats

  • Real bargain is ring the restaurant and pick up. 20% Uber markup saved, delivery fee saved. All savings will go into our economy rather than these cuntz

    • 100% agree but this is still nice if I'm drunk and want a HSP delivered at 1am

    • Not sure about UE but with menulog, for some restaurants I found that it's cheaper to just call up and order from them. Bypassing menulog totally, even with their $5 or $10 discounts. It's crazy how much menukog increase the prices in their menu, so Always check now if I'm gonna pick up.

  • Does anyone have any thoughts on why certain people are targeted with these offers while others aren't?
    I'd probably only order using UberEats once a month.

    Are offers like this more for the frequent users that haven't used the service in a while?

    • Yes they have various parameters. Their goal ultimately is to make you a good returning customer and they will invest on you / lure you in based on your age, gender, location, ethnicity, salary, orders placed, phone, apps installed, Uber rides and whatever other information they have on you (which is plenty)

    • It’s always seemed to me people who use it the least get the best offers! I used to be a regular customer but I’ve moved to Menulog instead. They’re always offering free delivery or special offers.

  • Not eligible. I’ve actually completely stopped using Uber eats because Menulog and door dash are much more generous with their offers. Never once gotten one of these targeted offers. Oh well, Menulog get my business instead.

  • Uber can lick my hairy left one. Thanks.

  • My last order was in June 2020……

    I only order if I have a deal…. guess no luck this time

    • My last order was about the same time and no offer works for me either. Had some great ones early on and basically stopped receiving them altogether. I try the codes and never have luck

      Oh except a recent Hungry Jacks offer. That worked… But there's no stores showing so it wasn't very helpful.

  • I was cursing the last couple of deals as I never get any of the offers. Its not fair that there is targeted promos. I got this one after how long of missing out and now i dont want to use it. Unsure if im beinf extra or if targeted deals are actually not nice promos

  • At what cost to the poor workers and consumers? When you consider the greater societal impacts, this really can't be considered a bargain.