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GL-iNet GL-USB150 Portable Mini Router $14.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ GL.iNet via Amazon AU


Just came across this, an Amazon Outlet Deal .

This is the smallest of the Gl.Inet range and has the same Gl.iNet interface over the top of OpenWRT and supports most of the same functionality as the bigger models.

I know, no-ones travelling but this is so small can easily be thrown into your bag or pocket for all the security functions of the Gl.Inet range or even "hacked" to assist with penetration testing.

[USB WIRELESS ROUTER] USB mini travel router for working professionals. Lightweight (10g) and pocket friendly. USB to Ethernet networking.
[OPEN SOURCE & PROGRAMMABLE] OpenWrt/LEDE pre-installed, backed by software repository.
[OPENVPN CLIENT] OpenVPN client pre-installed, compatible with 30+ VPN service providers.
[PACKAGE CONTENTS] GL-USB150 (microuter) USB router (1-year Warranty), User Manual.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Hi, will you guys have any deals coming up for GL-MT1300 or GL-MV1000W? Thanks!


      Hey will ask.

      I suspect the next one they'll want to try and sell is the B2200 - Triband mesh but I'll see what they will do.. :)

      Thanks @Twix just came back to re-edit the title but already done…. :)


        Thanks! Hopefully you guys can consider :) cheers!


    Thanks OP confirmed one.


    is this a wifi router?




    What is a use case for such a device? I mean from real life.


      Protect your self with a firewalled connection, run a Vpn for all your devices, easily connect multiple devices, run a Chromecast on a captive portal on public/free wifi connections.


        Ha! Beat me to it.

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      Picture this. You're in a hotel room in Bangkok. You and the kids all want to use the dodgy hotel wifi. You want to transfer some cash from your online account and you're worried the dodgy hotel is sniffing all the traffic and stealing your passwords. You pull out this stick with your favourite VPN preconfigured as well as all your devices already set up to connect to it. You connect the device to the dodgy hotel wifi and you have a secure VPN that doesn't steal your personal details. Voila!

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        Very eloquently put 😂

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        Thanks, but this situations is from about 5-10 years ago. Sniffing traffic is almost pointless as most sites (and absolutely all banks) are using HTTPS (SSL). And N.B. dodgy VPN services stiff your traffic too :)


          OK, picture you are ina hotel room in Orange. You connect to the wifi, accept the [email protected], and they even have their own certificate. You update your banking details, but the laughing skull add gets you worried. You restart the computer to be sure. On restart takes ages.. Then the message, To unlock your PC, deposit 2 bitcoin..
          You don't know how it happened. It could have been a Man int the Middle attack, or you have not specifically addressed your firewall settings. Perhaps a DNS hijack. You even checked the certificate, and it said Natonal Australia Bank…


          Your NBN is just so slow at 25Mbps, and you still have to pay $70/m
          But your neighbor has unlimited broadband for $35 (Voda). His old phone, tethered by WiFi to this router! Yes. You can have the WAN interface on WiFi.
          - opening an interface of your computer on an untrusted network can be so harmfull. I have had some come in from OS and even interstate that had so many competing compremised they barely worked.
          You want your TV to use your US netflix account, but your RSP supplied modem does not support setting a VPN at all, let alone a specific device or route.
          Dongle is powered by the TV.

          You are alone in the hotel, and you decide to lookup your current fettish. Others finding out about the interest in spinning Alpaca wool would be detrimental to your reputation, let alone that you looked up seek.. There was also that kid who saw the company logo on the car as you left, and he was making a call.
          -DNS by default is both in clear and on known ports.


            @Magus: Thanks for creativity, you really made my day.

            they even have their own certificate. You update your banking details, but the laughing skull add gets you worried

            Mate, this is really impossible. If they have their own cert they can only use it for their own website. They can't be man-in-the-middle without your browser alerting about bad certificate. Even with DNS hijack.

            unlimited broadband for $35 (Voda)

            "…50GB of Your Max Speed data and then data at speeds of up to 1.5mbps…"

            so much faster than your slow 25Mbps NBN :)

            FYI you can save yourself from DNS hijack as well by using encrypted DNS https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudflare...


              @alenpln: @alenpelin

              My example two ways this can be done.

              1st DNS Hijack, note the mis spelled certificate. A major US bank had this, where the offending site took the user login, and passed to to the correct site, so that even on the fake, correct balances etc were shown.
              2nd MiM attack. Note that on connecting to the wifi, a certificate was presented… All your SSL is now worthless. (but sites are slowly getting better, and checking the certificate at times via browser.

              Man in the middle attacks are frequently done in enterprise to add security to the enterprise not the individual.


            @Magus: I setup a Docker Pi-hole as DNS server, and port it to the public IP in my firewall policy. Thus, I could use all the safety policies pre-set on Pihole to protect my access when roaming outside, and avoid dns hijacking. Also set the pihole server only allow LAN IP address to logon as administrator account, so as to avoid server being hacked from WAN side. This is another easy way to solve your scenarios.


              @Garcia: good luck telling a non technical user all that


    Is there any reason to get this over the yellow GL-iNet router I purchased from a previous ozbargain deal?

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      Smaller size, lighter weight and lower power usage.

      The Mango has more RAM and a faster SoC, so is technically superior… This is just aimed at a different market


        Ok thanks, I will stick with the mango then.