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[SUBS] Watch Zack Snyder's Justice League (Snyder's Cut) Streaming on Binge & Foxtel (Subscription Required)


Not sure if it is a deal or go into forums. But Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League will be streaming on BINGE on 18 March. Great for people who have had taken advantage of free Binge offer earlier.

(New customers get a 14-day free trial.)

The following link is the trailer:

ADDED: The reviews so far have been quite positive based on the reviews from limited screenings:

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  • +9

    What are the odds the 14 day trial offer ends on March 3 ?

  • +1

    That's if they don't charge for it which seems to be the latest thing with streaming services.

    • +1

      That'd take a lotta balls to charge extra for a 3 year old film, even if it is an extremely recut version.

      That said these companies have done more braindead shit before, so its not out of the realm of possibility.

      • I thought he meant charge for the introductory period?

        • Introductory period? The "introductory period" was three years ago when you had to see it in a cinema, this whole "Snyder cut" only exists to garner attention to HBO Max and bring back audiences to DC since Marvel is crushing them, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot to charge anything more than a monthly subscription to watch it.

      • I mean, they're spending "more than $70 million" on it. Meaning the recut alone costs quite a bit more than the first season or two of Game of Thrones (individually) or a similar amount to movies like Sucker Punch.

    • +3

      Disney have backed off that idea, but they are in market share building phase. Price jacks come after the service is considered essential to enough people. Probably as soon as Disney have a new episode of some Marvel or Star Wars show up each and every week.

      • +5

        They haven't backed off it yet, they're doing it again for Raya the Last Dragon next month.

        • Their market research and statistical algorithms probably tell them when they should or shouldn’t charge extra. Maybe most Raya fans are already paying subscribers, or are unlikely to stay subscribers. Or are in high income families.

  • +2

    They finally announced it locally :)
    So excited, I’m taking the day off!!!

    How do I upvote this 5 times?

  • +8

    Great news! I wish there was an option to see in on the big screen though.

    • +3

      for 4 hours in one sitting? no thanks. rather watch this at home being able to pause and take toilet breaks whenever I want.

      • +25

        Buy 2 large drinks for the movie, by the time you need to go you’ll have a chamber pot.

        The second one is for a fun game called guess which ones lemonade.

      • +4

        Not sure if you know or not but there is an intermission in the film. It has a 10minute JunkieXL track for it.

        • -3

          Is that for real? The only Junkie XL track I know is that Elvis one, it's bound to get everyone to clear out of the theatre in now time

    • +3

      Same. Despite what people may think of Snyder's directing prowess, he certainly makes cinema worthy visuals for the biggest screen.

    • There is an app called Run Pee that you might find useful.

  • Why is this going to be any different from the original crappy version??

    • +1

      Original version was so bad. Can’t see how they could make it much better given there was no reshoot?

      • +1

        That’s what I thought. Genuinely want to know how this turd is going to be polished.

      • +21

        Directors changed. New director only used 30 minutes of the original 4 hours of footage. Old director is Zack Snyder and he is using his footage. So it's 3 and a half hours of things you have not seen.

        • +10

          Thats right, technically this is the original as this was what was originally shot and is completely different from the rushed reshoot by the new director who took over (Whedon) when Zack and the producers couldnt agree on the original plot lines and movie. So its pretty much a completely different movie with different enemies etc, same actors of course.

        • Lol, not that much was cut:

          "To meet the mandated runtime, more than 90 minutes of Snyder's footage was removed, but the result still adhered to the basic outline of the story."

          • +3

            @mrvaluepack: I am guessing the original was 2hrs, which would mean only 30min was used. If it was longer add that to the 30. Its still a major difference in anyone's books

        • +3

          Should have done this with Suicide squad :\

      • +6

        They did some reshoots and used a lot of cut footage. Spent like $70mil on the new version.

      • +1

        I thought they did ton of reshoot. Beside Cavill, didn't they get most of the people back to shoot more scene?

        • +1

          Yep I believe they did

      • Actually there was quite a bit of re-shoots for this.

      • The one that was released in theatres was the reshoot w/ Joss Whedon. This cut incoporates the original footage that Synder filmed + additional reshoots.

    • +1

      When Snyder originally shot the movie it was to be released as a 2 parter.
      But when Wheedon took over he only used as fragment of the footage that had already been shot, reshot many scenes (hence having to digitally remove Cavill's moustache) - meaning that there was "A Lot" of footage that was left on the cutting room floor.
      Also, I believe they did do reshoots with the original cast in the Snyder cut.

  • In 4k hdr?

    • +1

      binge only has 1080 at the moment, they dont wanna cannibalise "foxtel now"

      • +2

        Foxtel Now doesn't have 4K or HDR either.

        Only way to get 4K with Foxtel is with an IQ4 satellite service.

      • +3

        lmao no wonder i dont use either. how cna they justify 1080p as a max and no HDR ect at this point in time.
        just raping the end user and its not cheap either

        • +1

          HBO Max has Dolby vision/Atmos but requires VPN or smart DNS which if you have slow internet will end up worse than binge

      • Most of the content on binge was no where near 1080p at launch. Good to hear it has changed.

      • I really like binge. It's worth the subscription fee and has great shows but the lack of 4k and HDR content is a major oversight.
        They need to address this however on a good tv with good upscaling and processing it's not that distressing.

  • +7

    Square format, black bars on the sides right?

    • Unless imax can play it

    • Huh? Wtf is shooting in square?

      • +2


    • It’s a 1.37:1 ratio, which means we’ll get to see the full frame the film was captured in on 35mm film, without cropping for the first time. This is a good thing.

    • +3

      You can have a strong cast and a $h!t movie. Godfather part III for example

      • +2

        my friend, why are you so bitter, this is all just business nothing personal..

  • -3

    Cheers for this post, didn't know how we'd go streaming it in Aus.

    tbh after learning of the 4:3 bollocks yesterday, I think I might wait for someone to rip it, crop it into a nice widescreen format, and just watch that. 4 hours of 4:3 is a bit much for me these days, like even Wandavision, it was funny for a bit, but by the end of the episode it was more annoying than humorous.

    • I don't think it's going to be 4:3 aspect ratio. Just some of the trailers were like that

      • No, that's the intended format. Cropping into 16:9 won't work either as it has been framed in the taller format.

      • Apparently not, can't link (easily) on my phone, but give it a Google, unless it's changed in the last 24 hours, it's the intended format.

    • It’s a 1.37:1 ratio, which means we’ll get to see the full frame the film was captured in on 35mm film, without cropping for the first time. This is a good thing.

      • I agree being able to see the fullest amount of picture possible is a good thing, however, I also always say more choices is never a bad thing, I'd love the choice to get it cropped and full 16:9 widescreen on my tele. Really, I don't know why cameras that aren't, the standard, widescreen, are still in use at any capacity tbh.

  • +2

    Time to install plex and vuze 🤣

    • Apparently, Vuze was installing malware in the background to use networks for bitcoin farming. I'd go with qBittorrent if I was a vile unrepentant pirate who would download a car if I could.

  • +2

    Gal Gadot 🤩

    • +11

      Educate yourself before you publicly humiliate yourself.

  • +1

    So… is this streaming on any service with 4k hdr?

    • +2

      I’m sure there will be unofficial channels…

      • +1

        I'll probably wait for the torrent… even though I have subscription to a few services

        • I'll get in on the local stream, and will wait for the 4K Blu-ray. That'll be the best version

    • Yeah on HBO MAX but US VPN required and sub(15 USD) required using US CC. Some decent content on the service.

  • -2

    Not a deal.

    Yes, I can change my settings to stop seeing this, but seeing this posted as a "deal" offends my sense of fair play & honesty.

    • This isnt a mobile phone plan. There is no fair play.

  • +6

    Finally get to live in a society

  • +8

    I'll stick with a torrent magnet over giving anything to Murdoch.

  • +2

    I like how he planned ahead as he knew the release was going straight to TV. Just a shame that I cannot find an IMAX tv at jb hifi to view it properly.

  • +1

    will binge do high qual 4k HDR/dovi? if not ill have to stream it elsewhere

  • Will this be on apple tv day 1?

  • +1

    If no 4K, HDR or widescreen I wish they’d go all the way and give it a VHS filter. It’d be like it’s one of the best movies from the 90s

  • +3

    Just watched the trailer. Almost presents like a different movie in tone and just generally pulling out all the stops,

  • For this with a Apple TV or a Android TV this will be Streaming In Dolby Vision/ Dolby Atmos on HBO MAX( VPN or Smart DNS and Sub required)

    • +2

      Getting an out of US HBO account can be tricky, they actively look for non US subscribers and boot them, I’ve had it happen to me.

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