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Pork Crackle + Beef Jerky Party Snack Pack 200g $20 + $5 Delivery @ Harvey's Kitchen


Excess packs to clear our warehouse - $20

The Perfect BBQ Snack Pack with a selection of Pork Crackle and Beef Jerky ready for sun, beers and bbq.

Pork Crackle + Beef Jerky Party Snack Pack includes:
Original Salted Pork Crackle — 50g
Smokey Spicy Pork Crackle — 50g
JalapeƱo & Lime Beef Jerky — 50g
Smoked Peppercorn Beef Jerky — 50g
+ Carnivore Candystore Bottle Opener

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  • What sizes/weights are the packs?

    • Looks like 50 grams each pack from the photo. 14 units available

      • Crackle and Jerky 50gr packs

    • Picture in ad says 50g

      • Yeah, much easier zooming in to a photo that doesn't display all of the weights. Thanks, very helpful.

  • 200g worth of jerky/crackle for $25. Must be some good quality stuff.

    • +3

      Damn… I'm not sure that any level of goodness warrant's $5.95 for 50g of seasoned crackle… that's over $100 per kilo.

      Thanks, but I'll pass.

      • +2

        My thoughts, what is full price if this is a bargain? Wow

      • Mmmyeah, this is one of the biggest rips I've seen on OzB for a long time …

  • how are the crackles prepared, op?

    • +2

      With Snap and Pop

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