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[VIC] Bosch 10kg Washer & 8kg Heat Pump Dryer w/Stacking Kit $2,688 Installed & Delivered to Melbourne & Geelong @ E&S Trading


Ok here’s the 411 folks

Winter is coming and I have no dryer. I have a top loader and needed to switch to front due to lack of space for dryer (stacking needed).

After doing some research I have pulled the trigger on these two items given that Bosch is very reputable. Now it must be known that you don’t have to buy as a package to get the discount. Each product can be ordered independently and will still include free delivery, install and removal of boxes.

BOSCH WAU28490AU 10KG FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINE was $1,399 now $1,199

BOSCH WTH85200AU 8KG HEAT PUMP DRYER was $1,599 now $1,299

Stacking kit with pull out drawer (sorry can’t find link) $214 but now $190

Now it also needs to be known that the washer is made in China and the dryer in Poland. Not in Germany. This might deter some (politically or otherwise).

This didn’t bother me after my research I determined that German made was a nice to have, not a must have…

Free Delivery

Free delivery is only applicable to the products clearly marked as being eligible for free delivery.

When applicable, free delivery is limited to Melbourne & Geelong Metro only, areas outside of this will receive a $65 discount on the standard delivery fee.

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  • How much drying do you need to do before a heat pump dryer becomes economical? Big family in an apartment?

    • We’re a fam of 4 now. Toddler and newborn. Can’t keep solving the problem with drying racks

      • OK, I got less lazy and googled it. These save about 50% of power, and are worth considering if you wash more than once a week. (and don't use a Hills Hoist, obviously.)
        Added benefit, they do not need a vent like cheaper dryers, and some apartments do not have a window or external wall on the laundry.


        • Also worth noting that heat pump dryers can’t be hung like vented ones. Also needs an outlet for waste water like your washer so you may need a plumber

          • @bemybubble: If you have sink near the dryer, you can direct the waste water into the sink or the sink bypass outlet. Alternatively, almost all heat pump dryer will have a reservoir that will collect the waste water which you then pull out after each load to drain into the sink or use to water the plants.

            No plumber required.

        • Yeah its mostly for areas where you can't ventilate it properly due to weather/location.

          They were super common in Iceland and Norway where they often had them in basements.

          Also unlike bemybubble suggested, many heat pump dryers do not need an outlet but will have an internal reservoir tank that needs to be emptied each load (like a small water tank).

  • Water: Cold only.

    Is nobody washing their clothes in warm water anymore?

    Thanks OP just became a first home buyer so in need of this kind of deal!

    • The machine heats the water. No need for hot water inlet

    • Hardly. Waste of energy. Nothing strong chemicals can't kill

      • For domestic washing machines temp is more for stain removal and fabric care rather than disinfection. To achieve disinfection, you need 60 degrees C + over a certain period of time, where as many cloths are made of synthetic fabrics which cannot be washed under high temp.

      • Not if you have solar panels and run it during the day.

    • Hot water inlets on machines are often inefficient because it takes in cold water at first anyway. Just like when you run the hot tap in the sink and it takes 5 seconds for the hot water to start coming through. So it's more efficient for the machine to heat up only the water it needs.

      • Exactly. And because it uses such little water as front loaders are so efficient, it costs hardly anything in electricity to heat the wash portion only. I would never wash in cold only - you don't wash dishes in cold water.

        Warm water at 40-50 degrees heated doesn't cost that much to heat what 12L or so of wash water. The entire cycle usually is only about 50-60L but rinses are done in cold.

        Constantly washing in cold also is more risky the machine will build up soap scum/sludge and/or mould.

        I've washed in warm water always and never had a musty/scummy washing machine.

      • Hot tap is useful if solar heats your water

  • Washer is $1045 at TGG Commercial
    Dryer $1268

    • Not everyone has TGG commercial though? And do they install and remove the crap?

    • Need to add the stacking kit (WTZ11400 ) for about $214 cost as well.

      Add the dryer can’t be lifted easily unless you have strong friends over to help.

      • OP, in the title, says "…installed…".

        My experience -
        And just to two able bodied should be able to lift. I'd mine delivered by Appliances Online, one very able bodied the other must less so…123 and it was up above my washer in a blink of an eye.
        I've only had little vibration pads black coloured ones from Bunnings…over 3 years and they have not moved. No stacking kit.

        • I've got 3 of these stacked and the kits are quite clever (I don't remember paying that much for them either). I would be very wary of having such a heavy and expensive device sitting unsecured.

  • Thanks OP for stating where the machines are made in.

    • I have a Chinese made Bosch and my in laws have one too, I had them for over 7 years without a miss. It’s about quality control not about country of origin! ;)

  • I bought this model WAW28420AU from e&s, paid $1130 after having a chat.

    They came and installed it and took the old one away. I had ripped it apart to make sure it wasn't repairable before they took it apart too

    • Why do such a horrible wasteful act?

      If it could have been repaired it would have been a better use of resources then go into a dump or scrapped.


      • I read itshammer's comment to suggest they took the unit apart to determine whether it could be repaired, not to PREVENT it being repaired.
        How you read it might suggest something about you.

      • Yeah, from the sounds of it - his old one was broken and he had a crack at fixing it first.

    • Why make the old one unrepairable? Genuinely curious.

  • If a heat pump dryer is not suitable whats the next best option other than a hills hoist?

  • My German made Bosch is rusting after 4 years… German made doesn't mean what it used to.

  • Nort that great a deal, I got the 9kg German made Bosch iDose washer with a 9kg Bosch Dryer for pretty much the same price with the ebay afterpay sale. Both washer and dryer are better than these.