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Qantas First Class Experience at Home $199 Delivered @ Qantas Wine


First time poster but thought this was a good deal.

The product pack comes in two different pyjama sizes:

The pack is now heavily discounted and includes Taittinger Comtes Champagne which is worth approx $350 alone

The First Class Experience at Home pack is perfect for those high-flyers who have it all. Our exclusive curated First Class pack showcases a selection of inflight items, including our iconic First Qantas pyjamas, Taittinger Comtes Champagne, our award-winning amenity kit, slippers and our delicious First Class Smoked Almonds (expiring in March 2021).
The Qantas Champagne First Class Experience at Home pack includes:

1 x bottle of Qantas First Taittinger Comtes Champagne, one of our customers all timeall-time favourites
1 x Qantas First Pyjamas (S/M or L/XL)
1 x Qantas First Amenity kit featuring LaGaia Unedited Amethyst Cream, Lemon Myrtle and Geranium Recovery Mist and Peppermint Lip Balm. Winner of the Best Onboard Amenities in First class with our focus on sustainability (Onboard Hospitality Awards 2020)
1 x Qantas First Slippers
1 x packet of smoked almonds 200g (first class nuts).

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  • +37

    First class nuts….

    • +40

      But the misso gets this every night for free?

    • +4

      Not worth it. I keep telling the dates I bring home these are first class nuts…but they never believe me.

  • What size is the bottle?

    • Judging from the picture, it appears to be a half bottle. So 375ml.

      • Lucky there's 12 in the picture

        • There's only 1 in this deal.
          I don't know what's wrong with the OzBargain thumbnail.

          • @guidedlight: The thumbnail grabber is unable to parse scripts and it grabbed the first pic it recognised. Manual intervention is often required.

      • +1

        It looks the same as the 750ml bottle on Dan Murphy’s

      • +7

        It only comes in full size

        • Incorrect. It is available in multiple sizes, including 1.5L.

          • @DrRalph: Erhhhhh it definitely does not come in 375ml. Safe to say they’re not giving you a jeroboam for 199

      • The amenity kit next to it is 16cm - i have one next to me. Roughly estimating the height of the champagne bottle in the pic would put it at ~30cm, which would be a ridiculously tall half size bottle (especially in that shape)

    • My one arrived today, definitely full sized. Shame it is sold out :-(

  • No L/XL?

  • +1

    I flew business class once. Two gentlemen in the middle column were snoring like jackhammers for most of the flight.

    Which goes to show you can never count on getting any sleep on a long haul flight.

    • +13

      That’s why you need to drink lots of the expensive champagne so you can out-snore them

      • +5

        Drink lots of their expensive champagne while they're snoring.

    • +2

      Sure you can. Earplugs, eyeshades and 30mg Temazepam. Valium for extra long flights. $20 at the chemist.

      • +6

        Prescriptions required.

      • 30mg Temazepam

        Ah, thank you. I was wondering why the standard dose of 10mg wasn’t doing anything at all. I felt a bit naughty taking two.

        • I think there’s cross tolerance with alcohol

      • If you're drugged how do you escape the plane after an emergency landing?

        • +5


        • +10


        • -3

          It's Temazepam - just induces sleep, doesn't keep you there. It's used/recommended on flights because you can wake up quickly. Valium on the other hand is hideous.

          • @bargainshooter: Average half life of 8 hours

            Still out of it for a fair amount of time

          • @bargainshooter: What is with the downvotes?
            It is true that you can be woken after a heavy dose of benzos. And finding yourself in a plane doing an emergency landing will quickly counter the effects. You will not go back to sleep!! The main difference between the two drugs is the half-life. Valium lasts longer.

      • @manic , name checks out

      • I usually use anc headphone, but when i bought a preator comtact 2, it changed my life

    • So would you fly business again?

    • +2

      Take a cranky baby with a healthy set of lungs to revenge!

  • +1


  • +12

    Is this definitely the full size bottle? Am tempted to buy but don’t want to if not 750ml

    • Seems to be half size - compare the label position on here:

      • Was about to complain about the price tag of the kit but including 150$ of champagne makes up most of the cost I suppose lol

        • So is this half or full size? Seems to be contradictory information.

          • +2

            @arcticmonkey: The usual price for the package is $379. And the pjs can't be worth that much, so you'd hope it's the full bottle! I've ordered one so I'll find out in a few days.

      • The amenity kit next to it is 16cm - i have one next to me. Roughly estimating the height of the champagne bottle in the pic would put it at ~30cm, which would be a ridiculously tall half size bottle (especially in that shape)

    • It is a 750ml 2007 vintage. Does not come with the fancy box - just the bottle.

      [Edit:] And a Qantas label on the back.

      • I ordered 4 and 2 came with the fancy box standard labels and an additional small qantas label.

  • +3

    And yet they retrenched many downtrodden workers

  • +9

    I hope that goblin Allen Joyce crawls back into his cave. I won’t be supporting Qantas anymore after they sacked a lot of their workers while he was still giving nice bonuses to himself and the other executives

    • +3

      They are a publicly listed company, the share price will tell the story. His job is to maximize shareholders returns….

    • +4

      He didn't draw a salary during the pandemic actually

      • He must have been doing it tough.

      • +1

        But most of his compensation comes from bonuses and stock options. Salary is only a small fraction of that.

      • +2

        Drawing a salary is different to remuneration.
        The board decided to defer Joyce’s long term incentive bonus until August this year, rather than cancel it. He will still get his cash, it’s just they will pay it when it is a little more palatable to the general public.

    • +1

      Sign of a bad management team Warren Buffett would avoid Qantas like a plague.

    • +1

      You’ve insulted cave dwellings goblins around the world.

  • Is there male and female version or just one that is unisex?

    • +1

      One that's unisex for PJs
      There's different versions for amenity kits (last time I checked, might have changed though)

  • +5

    Doesn't seem worth it!

  • Bought one before fun little kit … Thanks OP bought another :)

  • Actually doubly happy with this, points club takes another 10% off …

    • TO UNLOCK POINTS CLUB you just need to earn 113,074 more points on or before Wednesday 31 March 2021


      • Churn a card :D

      • +1

        that‘s points club not points club plus which only gives you discount off points purchase, it's 350k for points club plus ;)

        • The way my NAB card is going I probably have to spend something like $700,000 on credit to get 350k points these days

  • +1

    So r u supposed to use these in ur own home while pretending youre flying first class and instagram prove it with a cloud in the bg of ur tiny window while focusing up close so it looks believable?!

    • +14

      Think people are buying because the champagne bottle cost $350 alone and the other stuff is extras.

    • -1

      1st problem is that by the time Qantas are doing 1st class again they will have new PJs. Nobody will want to be seen dead in these old ones.

      b) The wine will be corked.

      Need I go on?

    • With this outfit you can use it as a costume to try and sneak into first class on a flight

  • +1

    Can anyone confirmed that it is the full 750ml size?

  • Should I buys use cash or points?

    • +2

      Definitely cash only! Use points for flight redemption only

  • -1

    NOT a good deal, but a FANTASTIC deal, calling it, BEST deal of 2021 thus far!!

    LUV this " focus on sustainability" yeah, flying is so enviro friendly [BTW i am the LAST person on earth to believe all that h/sit!]

    MASSIVE credit card damage…..lol

    • How do you travel from say Australia to UK ? By swimming?

  • +1

    So there's the champagne pack, or the wine first class pack? Wine pack says champagne in the write up, but seems like a typo

    Champagne is rarely discounted, so if you love champagne this is an amazing deal

  • The first class PJs are really nice, and much better than the business class ones. After 10% points club discount this is a pretty amazing deal if you like your Comtes

  • +3

    Wait, so this bundle deal doesn’t come with the rude stewards/stewardess?

  • -1

    Only S/M size pj's left now

    • +1

      Did you try the L/XL link above?

      Still there on that link.

  • +1

    This is definitely for first class nuts.

  • Also - they sell the champagne online separately


  • Thanks OP.

    Saw that you could purchases with Qantas points, logged into my account and had 50k points set to expire in 30 days.

    Was meant to be.

    • if you just earn 1 pt it prevents your points from expiring

      • The Qantas Wellbeing App is a good way to earn points to avoid expiry.

  • +1

    includes Taittinger Comtes Champagne which is worth costs approx $350 alone

    There… fify

  • Thanks OP, got one for the bubbles alone.

  • +1 from me as well for the fizz. Thanks, OP. Our preferred top shelf fizz is Krug, but that's close to $280 now for the NV so $200 for a bottle of Comtes along with a few freebies is a nice deal. Might hide it all somewhere, and it can be part of a birthday present for my wife! ;-)

  • And 10% off for points club plus. Couldn’t resist what a deal. $179.90

    • What points club is that? The premium wine club m’ship?

      • The one you get after you accumulate 350,000 qff points from credit cards per year

        • 3 credit card signups per year for unlimited lounge and 10% off store wide isn't bad..

  • Got one, thanks

  • +3

    For the authentic Qantas experience, claim your wages from the JobKeeper scheme, and simultaneously stop paying your kids' pocket money.

  • +1

    Got one. Hopefully it's the full size bottle or there could be some complaints.

    • +2

      The only evidence I can see that it is half size is the image that seems to have the label in a different proportion to other images.

      1. Qantas sell the 750ml separately and not any other size.
      2. In business and first, as well as in the lounges, drinks are poured from full size bottles, there are no “personal size” novelty bottles.
      3. There is no evidence found that a half bottle exists, though it is also very common for airlines to have specific/unique products - if anyone remembers those little cans.

      That image does leave a lot of doubt though.

    • +4

      They have money back guarantee

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