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Buy Samsung HW-Q950T/Q900T SoundBar $1325/$1045 + QLED TV (65"+ from $2695), Get Bonus $1000/$750 Gift Card @ Harvey Norman


I went in to buy a telly and came across this deal.

Buy a sound bar and samsung qled TV in one transaction and get a gift card (up to $1000)
The Q950 sound bar is on sale for $1325 so0 you essentially only pay $325 for the sound bar assuming you have a use for a $1000 HN gift card.

This applies to the following two sound bars:
Q950 = $1000 gift card
Q900 = $750 gift card

You can see a list of the available TV's that go with this deal here

Seems a good deal if you in the market for a telly and looking for a soundbar as well.

EDIT: fixed some stuff :)

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Harvey Norman

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    not as good a deal when you consider the limited selection of TVs. the 65Q80T is $2700 when it's been on sale for $2000 before. Q950T has been as cheap as $1100. So the saving is more modest at $100. Still we are talking all time low's for both items so a good deal if you are looking for those 2 specifically

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      You'd be forced to spend the GC at Harvey Norman too. So there's basically no saving.

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    The correct link is although some Frame TVs that aren't eligible appear in that link because they have their own promotion.

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      Would be an epic deal if it did include those Frame TVs haha!

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        Not by the sound of Frame reviews

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          I have the original Frame, and I'm happy with it. Except for the ads that Samsung put in the main menu. I had an issue after 3 years (outside of warranty), and they sent a free replacement OneConnect cable the solved it.

    • thks fixed

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    I noticed JB has a similar deal instore as well but for $750 gift card

    • 750 on the 7.1.2, 1000 on the 9.1.2 - its the same deal, they have the sb for 4 more i think.

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    “Full” price in title thanks

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      depends entirely on the telly you pick, I did have +TV cost. Mods have fixed it for me and I'm cool with it.

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    Buy a Sound bar and samsung qled sound bar in one transaction ang get a gift card (up to $1000)

    So need to buy two soundbars?

    • me apparently….. I have fixed.

  • It is a decent deal only if you are buying both

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    Those bundle deal looks like a rip off considering Samsung is not making great acoustic products .

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      Q950T is one of the best soundbars(or best) you can find.

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        Sean you are cute but I don't like samsung

      • I don’t think so.

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    make sure you price match the items e.g: Q950TXY $1099 , HW-Q900T/XY $845

    • Are you sure that $1000 still available if pricematched the sound bar

    • they wont price match when gift card is issued by HN even though it's probably being compensated by Samsung in the books.

      • funded by samsung, just like almost all promos are funded by supplier

    • People were getting that soundbar for $975 with codes on ebay, went pretty quick.
      Looks like Samsung are getting rid of all the old stock they are among the better soundbars but happy with the Q70T for $478

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    Bing Lee also have a similar deal - $1000 gift card with selected TV and soundbar purchase

  • what is the real value of the Q950T soundbar?

    • Appliance online had it for 1100 last week.

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    For anyone wanting to do this, I'd target it this way.

    Find a Samsung tv at HN and price match.
    Then once drumming up the invoice slap them with this deal.

    Otherwise they'll stitch you up on the TV.

    I think Q95T is around $3000. No point looking at anything else.

    If they offer product care they can go as low as 90% off. Ask for the full price and do the maths.

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      yeah, I'm tossing up the product cover. 1 year is shocking warranty when your spending thousands. There is no point doing 1,2 or3 years cover as you only save about $50 a year by going for a shoret duration. For this reason i'm considering full 4 years on top of manufacturer warranty. Mind if I ask how you know you can push to 90%?? I'm keen to haggle with them on this but dont want to sound like a troll by jumping straight to 90% discount.

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        Use to work for HN.

        On a $3000 tv it still might be a bit of money!

        Double check the terms and conditions, make sure you can claim wear and tare.

        That means you can use the TV and if it doesn't look the exact same towards the end of product care you can return it for a like for like or get store credit.

        I use to do it on everything.

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    Can I return the tv after lol

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    When I brought my TV the RRP was $4200, Harvey Norman had a weekend special for $3600 with a $500 in store credit voucher.
    They wouldn't reduce the price and remove the voucher.

    I went to the Good Guys and negotiated the same TV down to $2660 delivered.

    If they are offering these vouchers the manufacturer is reducing the price ready for an updated model.

    • yeah, new sammys are coming, not sure when they are going to hit the market tho. I did have the option of a 2019 Q900R 75" for $5200 but decided 8k resolution was overkill at the moment. Don't think I could have got the sound bar with it either. suspect there will be good fdeals coming but hard to say with a lot of models being sold out (from what I have seen)

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    HN offering $1,000 free gift card? Yup, they overcharge you $900 first and then overcharge you $200 when you use the $1,000 gift card.

  • FYI, Jb Hi Fi will price match the TV, I had them price match for around $2100 from (never heard of them).

    Then added on the soundbar, I have to hand in my OzB license as I didn't try and get the q950t pricematched to Appliance Online :(

    • Which TV did you price match for $2100, I am looking for Q80 65".

      • Yeah correct, q80t 65, from

        • it was around $2300 two days ago and now $2174

        • Lol I just did the same from jb hifi but for $1997 (price match with Appliances Online). Might thinking to add in the soundbar tomorrow but not sure if it’s worth it or not.

          • @jasonnguyenaus: I am also planning to add the soundbar, but not sure bout whether to go with 65 or 75" and either Samy or Sony

          • @jasonnguyenaus: I am also planning to add the soundbar, but not sure bout whether to go with 65 or 75" and either Samy or Sony

            • +1

              @DisabledUser247630: I think you had to purchase in the one transaction.

              Also offer is only available with the Samsungs, so might sway your decision away from the Sony.

              • @spook290: Hardly Normal Rep - I can do the match only for the HW-Q950T , and offer for the TV $2299.

                however this would mean no bonus gift card.

              • @spook290: Spoke with JB and they did not price match either, happy to do $ 3300 for both TV and soundbar with promo which is not bad.

  • Need to buy 2 TVs, is the best time early March? looking at something like Q70/80 or Sony X900 or whatever it is.

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    How is this a good deal? you can find the Q80T for $2000 and HW-Q950TXY $1109

    unless to can use the gift card to reduces the price of the deal, which I doughty

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