Oppo Find X2 Pro Review and Best Price

Hi , i need your help.

I'm looking for a new mobile phone , I'm currently using Samsung S9+ and I'm looking to get Oppo find X2 Pro .

What do you guys think about this phone and should i change from samsung to Oppo.

Also what would be the best price you guys think i can get.

With many thanks .


  • I got the reno 5g and am really liking it. Cameras are fantastic and the OS is fine.
    Cheapest price would be when it's end of life and on clearance… I managed to get reno for $600.

    This has a faster display, cut out selfie camera (rather than pop up), and curved display so getting a good glass screen protector will be a pain.

  • Hi Caped , thanks for your reply.

    Yea Oppo beleived to be doing well with the new phones.

    Do you know much about the find x2 pro and where to buy it to get the best price.

    With Many thanks