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Any 4 Baseus USB Cable $19.96 Delivered @ Shopping Square


Pick any 4 for $19.96 ($4.99 for each additional item in the same order)


USB to iPhone/iPad (8pin)


USB-C to iPhone/iPad (8pin) - NOT Baseus Brand

Items are shipped from Sydney warehouse with Replacement warranty in Australia.


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    are the iphone ones MFi ???

    • +3

      It's what stopped me from purchasing.

      30 day warranty as well.

      So if Apple does a "security update" and prevents these cables from working, you're stuck high and dry.

      If they offered 12 months, you could at least pursue the warranty if that happens. With 30 days, they are basically telling you "good luck!"

  • Anyone have experience with these cables? Find they last?

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      I have a usb type c to type c and it is very well made and rugged. No signs of wear and would definitely outlast the OEM ones. I've had mine for around 18months

      • Cheers mate its very hard to find cables that aren't overpriced for decent quality

        • Yeah absolutely. It beggars belief that the OEM one can be so poorly made. That said, I've a Google Pixel 1 get cable finally go on me but that would be 4 years or so. So maybe not that bad.

      • +1 on this.

      • +1

        the connectors on the USB-C cables are fragile.. prone to bending and eventually breaking off…. i have broke two so far

        Though to be fair its better for the connector to bend under pressure than the socket take the pressure

        Blitzwolf braided cables tend to wear down on the bit where the cable and connector joins

        Overall I find them to be better than most OEM or generic cables.. but they're not miracle cables

        • My experience with cables is roughly Anker > Baseus > Cygnett > IKEA > Blitzwolf > Tronsmart

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      We have a multi port charger at my work with 4 different Baseus cables connected, they're all the braided nylon type.
      For more than 2 years, not one has broken, about 10 people per day use the charger/cables, that's a pretty good workout.

    • +2

      I've been using these Baseus cables for about 3 years. They've lasted really well, support fast charging and the connectors are good quality. Would definitely recommend.

      The short cables are great for charging docks for multiple devices, or in the car where long cables get tangles.

    • Check Big W similar price and can see it for yourself and buy on the spot. Brand is Laser 1m 2 pack https://www.bigw.com.au/product/laser-braided-lightning-cabl...

      Everyday price. Different connections also available.

  • +5

    4 x 2M USB-C to USB-C and Baseus for 20 clams - just what I need.

    • Got the same!

      Had a quick look through the items and this is probably the best value haha unless you want… necklace and/or earrings.

    • +6

      Deal posted, time for lunch

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    Was going to buy until I saw the 30 day warranty. Is this normal?

    • +1

      Yeah same for most overseas sellers. This is when the Credit card warranty comes into play.

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      Was going to buy until I saw the 30 day warranty. Is this normal?

      I had them in my cart, then I deleted them…

      Don't need more dead cables in a month or two and $20 down the drain…

  • I've got some of these USB C to C cables, recently I made an external nvme drive, these cables give horrible transfer speeds compared to the cable supplied with the case. Less than 1/10th of the speed. They do work well with PD charging but data is terrible.

    • +2

      The C to C cable is good quality one for PD charging for MacBook
      However, this is a USB 2.0 cable (max 480Mbps) so don't expect data transfer speed to be matching USB 3.0 or 3.1 (5Gbps or 10Gbps)

      • Yeah I didn't even get good USB 2.0 speeds on my MacBook M1.

  • This also part of the buy 4, but its cheaper individually. Also has confirmed that it charges you more if you try to buy 4

  • The 2m cables are only 2 amp max. That won't be sufficient to charge the most recent release android phones at max speed.

    • the 2m USB-C to USB-C is 60W (20V 3A)

    • @ash - where did you get that info from?

      • +1

        I assume ash2000 is talking about USB to USB-C cable.

        It's in the description of the cable, this image


        Output current:

        0.5m & 1m: 5V/3A Max - 9V/2A Max
        2m : 5V/2A Max

        Whereas the USB-C to USB-C is rated at 60W for both 1m and 2m


  • Is it working fast charging? A to c and c to c

  • +3

    I've got half a dozen of these, and they've been excellent. No breaks, no bad connections.

    Yes, they're usb 2.0, but great for charging. Just don't use for external HDD.

    • +1

      +1 for charging and quality

  • +1 for baseus. Best budget cables around.

  • WTF HANDLING $11.96????

    • you need to get 4 items from the promotion page for the discount to kick in

    • +3

      De-select the insurance option.

  • +1

    Ordered. Thanks for all the feedback.
    They look promising

    (I ordered the orange ones from a week or 2 ago….before the deal…absolute rubbish.
    They even sent a replacement set under warranty after seeing my comments on the forum, waste of time, they'll all be in the bin within a few weeks)

  • Highly recommend Baseus cables and chargers.

  • $5 per 2m cable - good value, thanks

  • Very good deal. Got 4 2m cables for myself. Thanks op.

  • Thanks mate. Got 4 1m cables.

  • Any suggestions on a 0.5m or shorter C to C cable?

  • +1

    the price of 0.5M cables is not great. $5 each is signifcantly more than aliexpress.

    • Buy a longer one for better value. Or wait 4 weeks for your aliexpress order to arrive :)

      • Even the long cables I usually get for less than $5.

  • +1

    my baseus cable stopped working in January. I don't think i've had it for more than a year. There is no damage on the cables, or the connections.

  • +3

    Ah yes, $249.70 for express delivery is extremely tempting.

  • +1

    Express delivery +$169.80 lol.

  • +2

    Got 4 x 2M USB to 8pin ones.. haven't used shopping square in years.. found I still had $8.33 in credit..
    end up only costing just over $11 for 4 cables… sweet!!!!

  • I got 8 from the last deal and no problem so far. We lose these cables rather than damaging them. Always needed to buy more.

  • +1

    Silly question: is anybody using the USB to USB-C to charge/connect apple devices? Ipad, macbook etc? Tried a cursory google and it said the iPad would probably work, just slower. Feel welcome to shoot the idea down if that's wrong.

  • +5

    Not seeing a good deal unless you want the 2M x 4

    Cheaper prices for the same item direct via aliexpress

    For USB-A to USB-C


    For USB-A to USB-C

    For USB-C to USB-C

    Last brand i've never heard of and wouldn't trust, just get a Baseus branded cable.

    • For a 1m C to C cable I get $4.18 plus about $1.50 for slow shipping.

    • Actually, only the 0.5m USB to USB-C is cheaper from your link, the rest are MORE expensive and will take longer to deliver to Australia.

      Your prices are in USD, plus another ~$1 - $1.40 USD for shipping, then add 10% tax on top of everything + convert to AUD.

      This is a mix and match deal, so if you know it isn't good value, you don't have to pick that ONE cable? Definitely does not warrant the neg.

  • Perfect timing. Needed USB C to USB C cables for the new Xiaomi ZMI battery. Thanks OP.

  • Does this support super fast for samsung note s20

  • Got four last time I saw this deal popped up, one of the cables have kicked the bucket already.

  • Has the deal Expired? I can't seem to get 4 for $19.96 anymore

    • Some of the items are sold out now, but this link will have available eligible items

  • OP any idea on when the orders will be shipped ?.

    • most order will be shipped by today (24/2). some order will be shipped in 1-2 weeks if it's fall into our 2nd lot of stock.

  • +1

    Almost bought a set, but not interested in making an account, giving out my phone number, etc. $20 worth of USB cables just aren't that important…

  • Anyone get their cables yet ? Mine ordered 22/02 not here.

    • Nothing yet.

    • Mine arrived today in Qld

    • Mine arrived today Melbourne

    • Testing my new iPhone 2m cable have just seen the "Optimised Battery Charging" for the first time ever. iPhone 12 + Apple 18W USBC brick.

      So this new cable is doing something better/different than my previous 2m usbc/lightning cables, I cannot believe Apple wants $55 for one of these.

    • +2

      I messaged OP who advised that 20% of the orders will be shipped before 15/03 and my order is in that 20%. Thankfully I don't need it urgently.

      • I must be on that list, I bought these cables and another item, looks like it was split into 2 orders, oddly they use the status of 'reversed' when they did this. I assume its reversed in the sense they done the split. I don't see any of these orders being shipped yet. A bit annoying as online shopping is like fast food, and I shall remember next time ordering with Shopping Square, that items can take ages to be shipped.

    • I ordered mine the same day, just received notice that they have been dispatched!
      no tracking number?
      so I googled shopping square - found old post on ozbargin

      . not very positive.

  • +1

    Still yet to receive anything.
    Not dispatched yet.
    Terrible client experience

    • -2

      Hi, due to high volume of orders, small volume of the orders fell into our 2nd lot of stock. which will be dispatched within next 7 days.

      • +1

        Why not say that upfront?
        Also you said 1-2 weeks, 2 weeks ago.

        • -2

          when the 1st lot of stock sold out (which will dispatch within 3 working days),

          and we manage to get the 2nd lot at promotional price, we will launch the 2nd lot of stock for our customer who missed the 1st lot. the handle will be changed to 3-10 workings days automaticially. So, When buyer place the order, buyer may check the handling time in the listing to make sure the time frame are suitable.

          • +2

            @danilochan: I just checked my invoice, bought items on the 23rd Fed, says 3-10 working days handling time, 10th day was yesterday. Next time unless you have something no one else sells I will consider purchasing as the saving extra couple couple of dollars is not worth the admin hassle to keep a track of a purchase that hasn't arrived, e.g. I just wasted 10 min of my time checking and typing this, and will waste another 10 min checking this thread or the shipment status later this week, and will be on my mind until I receive the item.

            • -1

              @nwa: Please PM me with the order number, I might be able to help.

              • @danilochan: PM'ed.

                I bought mine when the deal was ~an hour old. Order status says Paid. I'm still waiting for it to be dispatched.

              • +2

                @danilochan: You shouldn't have to post here to get your order expedited. It's a basic function of the business. Receive money and ship within the SLA provided. Not hard really.

  • +1

    Same here, status: Paid 22/02, and no further updates.
    Pretty bad experience, no comms at all.
    Have to post here to get an update

    • Hi
      Please PM with the Order number, I might be able to help.

  • +3

    I almost forgot that I ordered these, is shopping square hoping that people just forget about their orders or something? Starting to approach 1 month and our orders haven't even been shipped yet.

    A pretty good reminder as to why I haven't ordered from them for over 2 years now

    • If you can PM your order details to me. I might be able to help

      • +2

        It's pretty clear that I'm not the only one that this is happening to. You should be addressing all the orders not just mine

  • yes last order I did with them took over a month was 2 weeks before shipped.
    Mine is paid status like I say many others.
    If you do not have stock then after X say sold out not too hard to do.
    Or give an option to buy with ETA 2-3 months

  • The previous posts have nailed it on the head - I paid for the goods immediately after ordering on 22/02 - was probably one of the few ones as well! Almost forgot I had ordered these until today and checked ozb. Quite disappointing that the reason I bought from them was because of the "expedited shipping".

    Pretty bad customer experience so far unfornately with no comms, as the saying goes - silence kills!


    • If you can PM your order details to me. I might be able to help

  • Response received on support ticket:

    Dear ,

    We are sorry for the delay and not informing you earlier.

    Regarding your Shoppingsquare order# , we are sorry that the items are out of stock at the moment and new stock will be available in round 10 days. Would you please wait? Email notification will be sent once it's shipped.

    Sorry again for any inconvenience caused.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Service Team
    Shoppingsquare Australia

    • -1

      if you can PM your order number to me, I might be able to help.

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