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Logitech G815 RGB Mechanical Keyboard (GL Linear) $176 Delivered @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU


Pretty good price for a G815 which is essentially the wired version of the G915.

Sold by Amazon AU - cheapest I could find for GL Linear was $219 at Umart.

Picked up one myself

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  • Good price, I’ve been using this for half a year now and I can say that the keyboard is really good but with a really annoying bug. The RBG on the keyboard will stop working after you wake up the computer from sleep and will only work again if you replugged the keyboard in from the usb slot. I don’t know if this is a problem with all G815s but if you do a quick Google search you will find that a lot of other people is having the same problem for a long time now without a fix from Logitech.

    • Sometimes, I feel like the software and hardware teams over at Logitech are at loggerheads. Do they really enjoy releasing seemingly good products with lacklustre software support?

  • Still seems expensive for a pretty standard mechanical keyboard.

  • I have a g512 with issues and based on some basic googling probably applies to this board as well.

    The switches are not removable and are proprietary. My g512 started double typing (2 characters printed with a single keystroke) - I removed key caps and cleaned switches with air and isopropyl alcohol but made no difference.

    Googling this specific issue bring seems to show it as a fairly common issue even on near new boards.

    TLDR; Would recommend sticking to boards with replaceable switches.

  • Am curious - what is the purpose of these? Good for people doing a lot of data-entry?
    Does it let you type faster?

    Or is it just a retro-fashion thing, like mechanical watches? I hear some writers like to use mechanical typewriters.

    • Mechanical keyboard or this keyboard specifically?

      Mechanical keyboards feel nicer to type on then a lot of the cheaper membrane keyboards. Some have a mechanism that clicks, some have a distinct tactile feeling or some just presses in.

      I use a mechanical keyboard because it feels nicer to type on and I don't have to press the keys all the way down.