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Boozebud: 20% Cashback (Cap $25) @ Cashrewards


Special Terms

Purchases deemed to be wholesale (made on behalf of a business or organisation and/or not wholly consumed by the purchaser) are ineligible for cashback. This eligibility is deemed by Boozebud, not Cashrewards.

Cashback is ineligible on orders made via the Boozebud mobile app.

Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

Cashback is ineligible on purchase or redemption of gift cards.

Cashback may be ineligible when used in conjunction with payment by a Groupon Boozebud voucher or other third party promotional offers & vouchers.

You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

Products not on sale to Northern Territory residents.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4381)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +1

    Anyone know if the New Customer promo code BESTBUD will work/void the cashback? Not currently listed on CR :(

    • +1

      If it doesn't the cashback email is very misleading as it specifically lists it. Hopefully a rep can clarify

      • Would also love to know!

      • I've submitted an enquiry with CR but the generic reply is that they'll get back to me within 3 business days πŸ‘

        • +2

          So, 7 days then, yeah?

    • +1

      I have a $30 off code sent to me from Boozebud (purchases over $125)… Would be amazing if it stacked but not expecting it too :(

      • I had that code as well. It stacked for me earlier today.

        • Might track but not necessarily paid out

        • Stacked with cashback? You'll likely find your cashback will be denied

          • @Kamppinator: I've got that $30 and a $20 refer a friend in account. Would be awesome if it stacked

      • Didn't even work for my products…

      • I was texted the same coupon this afternoon, presumably they're running multiple but non-stacking deals at once. Doesn't seem to be many great prices with using the coupon

    • +1

      BESTBUD has been added to the CR page now btw :)

    • that code is in cashrewards website.

      • Yep, sure is now

    • Referal will work, use it previously

    • +1

      I used the code with the previous offer earlier this month and cashback tracked.

  • Its weird, CashRewards mentions the 10% off for New customers on their front page Banner where it also mentions the upsized 20% Cash Back..
    But then on the BoozeBud page on CashRewards it says that the cashback isnt eligable for codes not mentioned on CR and the new customer code isnt mentioned on that page…

    Here's the banner: https://pasteboard.co/JPBEMda.png
    Link to CR BoozeBud: https://www.cashrewards.com.au/boozebud?itm_source=onsite&it...

    • +1

      That makes me think it will be valid, still would be good to have clarification though.

      Meanwhile, damn you. You're 7c ahead of me in the game of CR

      Also, thanks to the CR team for adding in the code to CR :)


      • It would be nice, but they've got to make it confusing. If I don't get my 10% and 20% cashback, at least we have a screenshot to argue them with..

        Hahaha spot on 7c! My lifetime earnings is actually $774.37 from CashRewards & a total of $1936.78 from ShopBack.. I enjoy my online shopping, probably a little too much. I think it compensates for my mental health ha!

    • its on the website now when you click boozebud

      • Yes! You're right, thats perfect!

  • +2

    I made a new account, but it goes via Address πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I had to ship it to my brother, lucky he handed it over πŸ€ͺ

    • +3

      Somebody previously mentioned a hack for creating a "new" account with the same address. It went something like: "don't use the address matching field, but click on "can't find your address?" to it manually in a form (even if it's the same address). Manual addresses skip the matching algorithm, and the account seems 'new' "

      May/Not work anymore. If it does, credit to…someone else?

      • This one worked for me. A bit lame if a previous tenant or owner had an account.

    • +6

      I've never told anyone about this hack but put any address you want. when you get the auspost notification. redirect your mail.

      • That's a good hack!

    • Did you use the same email as previously?

  • Cashback is ineligible on purchase or redemption of gift cards.

    Just to confirm. Does this mean if I use to boozebud giftcard to pay I won't get cashback?

    • What else could redemption of gift card mean?

      • +6

        After years of hurting loved ones, the giftcard turned its life around?

      • Ok gotcha. Thanks

    • Kinda sad, I've been sitting on a $50 gift card waiting for a good deal to come by, guess I'll keep waiting

  • Confirming my purchase with "BESTBUD" code tracked - got the tracking email within 3 mins of purchase!

    • How come every time I go to one of these deals all the popular beers are gone ?

      I think my theory of a fast fingers hoarding drunk can't be right .

  • +2

    After having a look most cases of beer are about $5-10 more expensive than First Choice/Dan's (can also use discounted gift cards) which means there isn't much of a saving going on here.

    As a result, I'll continue to sit and wait for a similar deal for BWS/Dan's/First Choice/Liquorland etc.

    • They never have any stock from The Coles owned ones .
      I gambled 1st time with : Case (20) Weihenstephan Korbinian
      Rich & Fruity Double Bock

      And tracked :)

    • https://www.boozebud.com/account/about/guarantee

      I used to use this feature all the time - credit appeared in my Boozebud account instantly and then could be used for anything. I think they changed the system so you pay the full amount and then get reimbursed the difference as credit into your account.

      • So I sent them a message and they said they'd refund the difference or provide a credit for the difference. The issue is I've got no idea if that messes up the cashback or not, does anyone know?

        • In a perfect world, the cashback gets applied to the pre-discount amount! What price match are you looking at?

          • +1

            @DoctorArd: A couple of cases of beer, the difference is about $20 but I haven't ordered yet, I assume you have to order first?

            It'd be a pain though to order and have the cashback rejected.

  • Anyone know if account credit work as normal for tracking? Unsure if I should wait for their 20-30% promos while using my account credit.

    Edit: actually i'm the same boat as the others that have the $30 off code

  • Nice promo but sitting out they jacked the prices out of my beer selections

    • same with whiskeys, no worthy deals

  • I can't seem to make use of the 10% and free shipping code. It just comes up that you can only use it once despite never shopping at boozebud before. I wonder what I am doing wrong.

  • Thanks, OP. I had a $10 credit I had forgotten about so I picked up two cartons of Fixation Obsession IPA for $110!

  • $30 offer and CR $ worked fine for me. $55 off 2 quality slabs is great. All confirmed.

    • Will it tracked ? Code is not in cashreward itself.

      • +1

        Its whether it will be honored….

        • Will be painful if it rejected.

        • It won't be.
          That being said, I need a restock and the $30 off still isn't too bad

    • What was your coupon code? If it was generic maybe we can get CR to add it…

      • it's not. it's the one that is tied to your account

  • +1

    I went with 3x Bottle (1) Mount Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Shiraz and 2x Bottle (1) Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz which are a similar price.

    The total was $141.72 then I had a $30 promo code Boozebud just texted me, then cashrewards. So total price was about $17.20 per bottle delivered.

    Cliff Edge is 96 points

    50% hand-picked, 50% machine-harvested (traditional), part whole berry, part crushed, 2 weeks on skins with cultured yeast, 14 months in French barriques (30% new). The Grampians at its most seductive. Medium-bodied, with supple dark fruits, licorice, spice and soft tannins."


    Valley floor is 96 points and Vivino says "Featured in Best wines under $40 right now" https://www.nicks.com.au/2017-langmeil-valley-floor-shiraz

    • Did you pay shipping?

      $131.64 is my total, I added the exact 5 bottles including the shipping fee.

      What I didnt notice was the Wynns Black Label Shiraz, would of been around $21 a bottle from $35

  • Thanks OP & CR, tracked instantly.

  • on the. code boozebud sent… drinks are limited….

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