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Intel Core i9-10850K US$392.14 / A$495.35 i7-10700K US$304.69 / ~A$384.88 Delivered @ B&H Photo Video


Best price to date? Not bad a deal for a 10 core Intel CPU. Beats 5600x pricing in the current market.

Cooler not included. LGA1200 socket only.

Intel Core i7-10700K link:

All duties and taxes prepaid via DHL. You will be charged in USD so currency conversion fees may apply.

Store is fully legit and they have great support (yet to make a return though) I've purchased multiple GPUs in the past.

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B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video


  • error adding to cart anyone?

  • Very good deal, just RE: 5600X comments, For productivity yes, gaming no I don't think so? Bloody close though, same price, why not?

    • does it let you cart it? I don't have issues.

    • The 5600X is on par with 10900K in gaming, so this is going to be equal in gaming, better in productivity

    • 240w means u have to get better cpu cooling system and extra fans in your PC case

      good thing is this cpu helps us in winter

    • Must have been brainwashed by youtubers

    • What universe do you live in? Intel is better for gaming PERIOD. There is literally no evidence to back up your claim.

      • Hi Jim, I believe you are incorrect, Ark94's assessment I would agree with going back over some data

        Gamer's Nexus 5600X review

        @6:12 10900K wins in Red Dead Redemption 2 179.6 fps to 5600X's 161.6
        @8:22 5600X wins in Total War: Three Kingdoms, Battle 206.2 fps to 10900K's 194.6, Campaign 143.8 fps vs 124.9 fps
        @10:51 5600X wins in The Division 2 250 fps to 10900K's 226.4 fps
        @11:58 5600X and 10900K tie in Shadow of the Tomb Raider 199.6fps and 198.4fps respectively
        @13:08 5600X and 10900K tie in F1 2020 329.6fps and 325fps respectively
        @14:10 10900K wins in Assassin's Creed Origins 160.3fps to 5600X's 145.6fps
        @15:21 5600X and 10900K tie in GTA 5 136.9fps to 10900K's 135.4fps

        Intel: 2
        AMD: 2
        Ties: 3

        Hardware Unboxed's 5600X Review

        @14:09 11 Game Average 10900K narrowly wins by 4% (or tie) 5600X at 205fps vs 10900K's 213fps

        So I believe you may in fact be from an alternate universe where Intel is just plainly superior, this may be from an earlier time in history? I don't know, but as you can see, the 5600X is at least as good as Intel's flagship CPU in these games tested at 1080p.

        • Nice try but what has this proved? They effectively equally score. I own a AMD Ryzen 3600 but at least I am not a fanboy and I can objectively look at statistics without bias.

  • Lmao now Intel is the more value based proposition, with almost as good performance. Looks like the shoe's on the other foot now

  • Beats 5600x pricing in the current market.

    But it doesn’t have a cooler - how does that compare?

    • These chips will throttle on an intel stock cooler, so its not worth much

    • Is this a serious response? its cheaper and has 4 more cores.

    • No offence but when you're spending $500 and more on a cpu, the stock cooler really doesn't matter. Not to mention that the wraith stealth offers awful noice normalised performance (I found it unberable on a r3 3100 so a 5600 would be worse).

  • Coincidentally just watched this today.


    Solid price for sure though

  • -3 votes

    will the i9 10core future proof me for the next 10 years?

  • Brilliant value… Def a buy if in the market for a new build/upgrade..

  • remember U have to pay extra 250+ for a z490 motherboard, otherwise b460 is locked its RAM frequency to 2666mhz which is ridiculous these days.

    • 2933 for i7 & i9, 10700f upwards gets much better performance with pl unlock.

      • yea only $250+ b460 can achieve this

        and Why intel improved 5% only each generation from 2nd to 7th

        Why finally intel brings us cheap CPUs and then locked its mid range motherboard RAM frequency

        Why 10th gen intel has similar performance as their 9th gen, but change its socket to 1200

        Personally I am sick been fooled by intel, I dun mind if they keep their 14nm+++++++++++++++ technology.

        Will buy AMD onli from now on

  • its actually not that great if you use the AFTERPAY 12% off deal on ebay (computer alliance) then use ebay gift card.

  • i9 gets a bad score for not being as popular/sentimental?

    The rest shows it as the better buy (at least until AMD have something in stock).



  • Paid about $540 last week, arrived today… law of OzBargain, whenever you commit a better deal is right around the corner…

  • how the tables have turned, hm. fantastic chips these.

  • Does anyone know about the warranty?