I'm after an Electric Full Body Shaver

Can anyone recommend a full body electric shaver that does it all from top to bottom suitable for a fairly hairy male? I want the closest shave possible and under $100.



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    Full moon this week

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    For humans?? or big foot?

  • Get a Wahl Peanut. It’s from their professional line so will need to order from a salon supply store. Much closer shave than the department store ones and will last a lot longer too. Upgraded to one after using various multigroomers for years and haven’t looked back.

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    Look up laser hair removal. If you have dark enough hair and light enough skin for it to be very effective, it can be cheaper in the long run, since it's permanent (kind of).

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      "permanent (kind of)."

      Electrolysis is permanent.

      Laser, last time I checked is not. Why they can get away with advertising it as a kind of permanent solution is a crock.

  • if you have crabs, and you use a cheap razor this will just anger them. be warned

  • sounds like your council will need to take a look

  • Buy the Philips Groomer. Lasts forever. IT's $100

  • What about an epilator? Then you have to do it less regularly!

    • I hadn't considered them. I thought they were a gimmick. I'll look into them. Thanks

      • Oh my. It was said half in jest. I used it on my legs because it didnt hurt, but for some, the plucking kills. Definitely wouldn't use it on sensitive parts.

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          haha that's what I thought. I would have just read up about them, not bought one straight up though lol