Best Value Long Lasting Phone Credit/Plan during COVID

Hi guys, my yearly sim plan is about to be due again, previously been on the 365 with 100GB or so data with unlimited calls/text. Not surprising I still have a lot of data left over due to staying at home and not really streaming youtube outside that often anymore haha!

This year I'm looking for 365 days that is a yearly minimum of 30GB of data and max 50GB, any deals for something like this?

Doing some digging best value I've come across is Catch 120GB for $120, better than other providers going for right now.



  • That catch connect plan seems the best option - if you have access to a UNiDAYS account, you can get it a little cheaper. Alternatively, you can request a code below

    UNiDAYS Catch code request thread

  • To counter this. I'd recommend considering woolies mobile since there is 10% off a shop every month.

    I'm thinking about doing this myself.

    • This is a good deal. I am on the $150 deal at the moment

    • That's huge.

      I'm 1 week away from my $150 Boost mobile pre paid plan expiring and just today decided to look around incase there was a better deal. I see this plan saving ~half what the plan costs. Is there any catch? Would we lose out on other rewards cards deals?

      • I don't see any catch apart from possibly bad service.

        Not sure about losing out on other rewards but it is only one shop a month and the savings should be more.

    • Nice deal, but my local supermarket is coles, hopefully, they'll rip a 50% off their current sim plan 60GB for $60 "prays".

  • Optus Prepaid Epic Value. only $150 from Optus. good deal (365 days)
    I had 3.

  • Catch 365 60GB. Remember to use Unidays code and discounted GCs.