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Apple AirPods Pro $299 + Shipping (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Got an email from Kogan this morning about this deal. Not Targeted. It’s cheaper than the $309 deal someone posted earlier.
It seems to be a decent deal, not sure if Kogan stock is from Apple Australia and the 2 year warranty can apply. Cheers

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    It may be an import "1 Year Worldwide Apple Warranty (Included)"

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      Some warranties provided by manufacturers of imported goods may not apply in Australia.

      seem like it is an import…

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    OW price match

    • +5

      just matched for 288.79

      • +1

        post a receipt.. it may help fellow OZBs..

        • +3

          I have found that some O/W stores have such rude staff members, they don't care if you can show them someone else's receipt or not.

      • +1

        Hi Oz8argain, as someone mentioned before, do you mind posting the receipt so others can try to get them to pricematch. :)

    • Got it from hunter st Sydney Officeworks, they added shipping and the price came down to $289

      • Hi, can you please post the receipt?

  • I will just by Macbook M1 and get this little free ;)

    • +5

      no you won't it's for airpod gen 2 not pro's.

      • ahh pro - right.

  • I bought the pair directly from apple last year and already dead, worst Apple product I used

    • +1

      Mrs entropy loves hers so much I might be tempted to get a pair for myself if these weren’t greys.

      • +1

        I reckon to buy from JB as they would replace their sales easily if you need to claim warranty.
        JB customer service is better than Apple in my case

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    $309 and free shipping may be better for some!

  • +1

    Got an Officeworks price beat for $284.05 👏

    • +1

      Hi Oz-Griff, do you have the receipt you would be able to post so we can use and try to get them to match. :)

      • +1

        Hi Oz-Griff, can you please post the receipt.

  • +1

    Any interested parties if I could guarantee a grey-product @ $275 delivered and 18 months written Australian warranty ?

  • PM’s welcome … in the process of setting up a deal from China-based Apple manufacturer. And yes, it IS genuine product !

  • Grey product in-as-much as warranty duration only, and is subject to negotiation at this time.

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