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10% of Sale Price Back as a Voucher (up to $50) @ eBay Earnings Rewards


EDIT: Stacks with other free listing promos such as 2x Monthly Gumtree listings and "Finish your listing promo" within ebay to leave you an effective 10% profit above the sale price (less PayPal fees).

eBay's new "selling promo". Not as good as $1 Sundays, or 10 free listing promos, but if you are selling, it's better than nothing.

Receive 10% back of your sale price as a voucher up to $50 (sale price $500). Keep in mind you are already paying 10.9% in FVF.

Caveats: The earned reward is a "Voucher" and not a "Gift Card". The voucher will be single-use. The voucher is not usable with any other discount code. Vouchers are valid for 30 days.

*Min sale $1. Max $50 per voucher.

Also check out this Gumtree/eBay promo to avoid paying fees.

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  • Not a great offer if you're selling low value stuff, as you can't use more than one voucher at a time when buying.

    • Indeed, and in many cases, other discount codes will likely result in a higher discount.

    • Was about to ask if they stack. I did sell something once and it listed under the free listing rather than the no selling fees - I am not sure how you select the coupon to use. I raised it with eBay support and they refunded the listing fees, which was good of them.
      Also got the free listing as well.

  • Targeted

  • Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only.
    What does ebay give sellers that sell a lot? Not even a lousy voucher.

    Actually they did give sellers a christmas gift. An ebay branded Keepcup and an ebay branded shopping bag. Felt like listing it on ebay.

  • I got this offer. Been cleaning out my junk so I had a few items listed. Had to go and cancel and relist them to qualify for the offer. Separate vouchers per item sold and

    A minimum spend, equal to the value of each voucher, applies.

    is less than ideal. Only plus is something sold and was paid for today and the voucher appeared straight away.

  • Has anyone tried to list through the Gumtree promo and been able to take this up? I was just targeted, so I'm thinking of trying that. No FVF + 10% voucher on high-value item == Win!

    • Seems unlikely, but a huge win if it works!

      • I will file a full report! :D

        • Any attempt to manipulate the Promotion will lead to automatic exclusion from

          from what they don't say, lol. no fvf with the gumtree offer but you're out the paypal fee.

          • @chickenface: Yeah, looks like it's not going to happen. Usually it shows up with a notification on the Selling page that tells you how many listings are activated, and this time it's not showing anything under this promotion. I've recently switched to eBay managed payments so that means no extra fees from PayPal, but the base FVF % has gone up a couple of points. Hence why I won't be selling anything unless I get a free or reduced FVF promotion.

    • Has worked fine for me in the past, got both $0 FVF via Gumtree and the voucher :) I doubt it has changed much as it's been stacking for a long time with these promos and no FVF.

  • Has anyone received a voucher after selling?

  • I was supposed to register for managed payments today or have my account restricted (no new listings), anyone know if eBay is actually enforcing it?

  • Just sold an item and the voucher showed up instantly, 'AU $10.00 eBay Earnings from your sale!', one month expiry, unique code.

    Coincided with a 'Finish your listing now & sell free of selling fees.' promo I have been seeing the last couple of months, so no fees either. This is a weird one, 2 items per month but it's kind of vague, from what I can tell it's new listings only(ending early and relisting counts, auto relists don't, maybe?), and it's for the first 2 items you sell so you can't force high value items onto it. No/invalid terms and conditions page.

  • only first 2 items apply? any limit?

    • 10% back is limited to $50 per voucher.

      If stacking with Gumtree/eBay free listing then it's two per month.

  • Listed an item up for sale, got the voucher and used it, then the next day I got an email saying the buyers account was compromised so the sale was cancelled. Listed again and got another voucher for selling it lol, gotta love eBay.

  • From what I can tell, this doesn't actually seem to be targeted? Seems to activate fine on a few accounts and for a friend. They have the zero fees with managed payments again to stay within until 15 April too, great promos.

    • Nice.

      Sadly the 10% back ends on the 7th.

      The free listings promo in exchange for changing payment details will keep reoccuring every few weeks indefinitely according to ebay support.

  • Just me or can you not combine this voucher with gift cards?

    • I couldn't get it to work…..I wasn't it to, as vouchers rarely work with gift cards, but it was worth a go.

      • I FIGURED IT OUT. Select credit card as the payment option and then you can apply both the voucher and gift card(s).