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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core 3.8 Ghz $669.90 + Free Delivery @ Newegg


Edit: $22 off coupon available here — AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core 3.8 GHz Socket AM4 105W 100-100000063WOF Desktop Processor $645.70 Delivered

Free shipping, not sure about NewEgg warranty though.

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  • Just a warning when I bought this a month ago with a similar deal it said "shipped from Australia" but found it was shipped from the US and the box was very damaged.
    Thankfully the CPU was ok just took alot longer than expected and would've preferred local stock especially since the page did advertise that.

    • I agree, didn't pull the trigger. Newegg warranty would be a pain if D.O.A

      • Yeap I did ask customer support out of curiosity and you'd have to ship it back to the US and they wouldn't refund or send a replacement until they've verified the product as not working

    • I was a bit peeved by this happening with mine too. Advertised as 'Shipped from Aus' but came from the US.
      Luckily for me there was no damage but it did take longer to arrive than expected

    • Yeah same to my 5600X. Shipped from US despite of "shipping from AU" on page. Luckily the box was in mint condition. Good to see your 5800X is healthy!

    • Thanks for sharing the experience. I was considering newegg but changed my mind.

    • I bought a high end x470 mobo 3 years ago from amazon USA and six months in it died so I had to RMA it to gigabyte California. Cost $130 total in post + shipito mail fwd service. Took 6 weeks from memory and gigabyte replaced the chipset chip.
      Oh plus another $50 lost selling the temporarily mobo I bought for that 6weeks.

  • This is why I gladly, for once in my OzBargaining life, gladly paid a scalp local retailer $750 🤣

    • You seem to have strayed from the ozbargain code of honor so you must pray to the ozbargain gods for forgiveness. Lol

  • Seems to still be in stock

  • Newegg are awful for returns. When I last bought from them it was 2 or 3 weeks return window including delivery time?! I told them I'd report them for it and they finally agreed to accept it. Was 1 day after the return window ended. Tried to hand me off to the manufacturer who also wouldn't deal with international products. Wouldn't recommend them unless its a cheaper item for a very good price.

  • Almost 70 bucks more than a 10900k. Is this really worth it?

    • You'd probably save $100 on the motherboard so ends up a little cheaper so yeah.

      But no point buying the 10900K when the 10850K is at least $50 cheaper (and was $500 a few days ago)

  • It looked like paypal was going to charge more then newegg had listed but now checking my CC authorization is only $663.77 which is better.

    Have a 3700X already so was planning on waiting for price drops but figure it might be 1-2 years away before they are being discounted.

  • AUD$22 off w/ promo code AUS7228, limited offer

    I didn't see it and missed out :(