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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU $645.70 Delivered @ Newegg


I ordered just before this promo came up but thought others might be interested.

Shame it wasn't amazon so I could have just returned and reordered , Newegg no where near as customer friendly.

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  • Damn I just bought one from the other deal as well haha.

  • So tempting….I just can't get passed that Neweggs customer support / warranty management might be an issue.

    • Less scary with CPU's. If it arrives dead on arrival, it should be easy to return to anyone you purchase from as long as pins are not bent. If it's not DOA (dead on arrival), then it will most likely outlast its warranty life anyway. CPU's rarely ever die out within their warranty time.

      Now other computer parts like motherboards (higher probably of smaller issues), expensive videocards, etc, I would worry not buying them locally.

      • Be aware returning anything to Newegg is impossible. I received some faulty DDR3 and they asked me to pay for return postage and would reimburse me, only to flip flop after I sent it and refused to pay for the postage. Now they won't even refund the cost price for the order - the refund has been 'processing' for over three months now. About two months ago I spent two hours on the phone to them (on an international call) and was told they would get back to me, yet never heard anything from that. Their email customer service is completely useless too and they just go around in circles - I've been asked for my bank details about five times now.

      • Now in my case. I had a DOA 3400G for a friend of mines build, and I had to pay for Shipping Back to the US. Eventually had to get the ACCC involved to then cover me for the shipping back to the US.

    • Yes after reading these warranty stories I am slightly regretting not just buying from Amazon or local for slightly more.

      Thing is I have never in my life had to warranty a CPU so probability of hassles is very low on this purchase anyway.

  • For those concerned about warranty, OZ stock for $679: https://titantechit.com/amd-ryzen-7-5800x/

  • I wish it was Umart or Shopping Express instead if newegg. I would buy straight away

  • Was all for getting one of these, but as time went on and availability issues and insulting pricing persisted, the feeling subsided. Now, after hearing about the large percentage of DOA Ryzen 5000 chips received and 500 series motherboard issues (ie. USB), I definitely won't bother. Zen 4 or back to Intel.

    • I thought actual data from retailers confirmed that to be around 2 percent failure rate, same as Zen 1 and Zen 2?
      Any updates on this, bit out of the loop now

      • Yeh I don't believe this was confirmed. PowerGpu took down the original post as well.

        The usb issues however are a problem, but I think this is related to 500 series boards.

        • The USB frustrations are a royal pain, I actually bought an external powered USB hub as many people had listed this gets around a lot of the connectivity problems (seems to have worked for me too), this really is an unacceptable issue.

      • Honestly it could have been a bad batch, but there have been a few reports of DOA failures. PowerGPU reported 19 out of 320 chips (6%) they were sent failed. The really unacceptable number came from the 5950x. It's not the DOA figure alone that has put me off the 5000 series. More price, availability, cooling requirements, 500 mobo USB issues, and what is affectively not a huge 1440p gaming improvement over last gen.

  • Not the best deal ever. I bought mine for $600 AUD Delivered from Overclockers UK. Regardless a pretty good deal

    • how did that go? delivery time? fuss/import fees/etc? Simple pay and receive?

      • Look, I ordered mine on January 19th and it was Dispatched 2 days later. From Birmingham to London Heathrow to Germany to Singapore to Melbourne. It took about 4 days Shipping which is amazing.

        I paid no taxes :P, and yep Pay and Receive, all in all highly recommended. The service was DHL Worldwide Express.

        For this Newegg Offering from my past experience.

        Look, they use UPS International Express. Its quite fast from Indiana to Kentucky (Their WorldPort) and then a flight over to Honolulu where it waits for a 747 to get down to Sydney. The pain is the Customs Clearance, mine took a full week due to it being done at a separate government warehouse instead with the likes of DHL a Customs Centre at a Global Forwarding Centre (Airport Delivery Warehouse) all in all it should take around 6-10 days advertised but through my experience about 9-16 working Business Days. Also due to UPS cutting on their International Flights from HNL to SYD, parcels could be delayed due to the backlog of parcels waiting for a flight down to Sydney. Import Fees (10% GST and 5% Import Duties on orders over $1000 AUD) are charged at checkout and yes its just Pay, Ship and Receive without Pay on Delivery.

        TLDR; Fine, 6-10 Days Advertised but ime 9-16 Business Days, Import Fees Charged at Checkout, Pay and Receive Yes.

      • My Overclockers UK order took 7 days to arrive from date of order.

  • Amazon has it for $687 + delivery…

  • The bargains on these are probably only going to happen once the supply issues are sorted.

    RRP is US$449, which is AUD580. Needs to be below this for me to consider it a bargain rather than a wholesaler making a laughable profit.

    • $449 doesn't include tax so you need to add GST, just like they would add sales tax in the USA depending on the state.

      • You are kidding right? While it sounds good on paper…

        We are bargainers! I got my Ryzen 2600 for $188. The RRP was US$170 with exchange rate considers it was AUD $221 at the time. Let’s add GST would have been AUD $245.

        When supply and demand were not a problem prices were actually good!

        Nobody can deny we have a supply issue with new nVidia, AMD GPUs and CPUs (non-intel).

        • I got my 2700x for below RRP 3mnth after launch. aahhh the good old days, in the before time. lol

  • Worth the upgrade over a 3600 for mostly pure gaming? Paired with 3070.

    • Nope, especially not for 1440p assuming you're running that that res with a 3070….
      Check this Hardware unboxed testing on your question.
      You might consider the upgrade, if your talking non-gaming scenarios. going 6 cores to 8… but at that point you'd probably consider a 12 core.

    • I am upgrading from a 3700x, won't be a huge FPS boost initially but will see me through another 5 years while the 3700x would start struggling.

      • I mean, by that logic, you could just wait until it does finally start to struggle (a 3700x won't struggle for at least 2-3 years if you have a decent GPU) then just replace the CPU once you encounter any kind of slow down in the years following. Doing it that way would save you an early upgrade and extend the value of your investment (upgrading for no real gain is pretty pointless) If you simply want a 5000 series CPU then that's fair enough, but buying a new CPU right now to avoid a slowdown that hasn't happened yet, can probably be considered a pretty inefficient use of funds

        • I never wanted the 3700x , was just a timing issue with this B550 and rtx3080 build, was always the intention to get the new AMD series when I could.

          I have my fingers crossed the 5800x will let me run 4 sticks 3800mhz C16 ram , can currently only get 2 sticks working.

    • Surely just stick with the solid 3600 until next gen

    • If you need an extra 2 cores on a newer/faster architecture yeah. For pure gaming at 1440p? I'd say no. The difference is pretty small.

  • Any news about discount of Ryzen 5 2600 for entry level newbie? Thanks

    • Maybe look at intel 10400F if the motherboard isn't too costly vs a b450.

    • You'd want a 3600, cheap and best bang for buck in the AMD lineup at the moment and will do you for a few years to come.

      Pair with a decent B450 board and you'll be laughing.

      That, or Intel 10400F and compatible mobo as Budju has said.

  • This, or an i9 10850k/10900k? The intels seem to be cheaper by a fair bit when on sale
    This is not a bad price tho

  • How much if you pay with paypal. Anyone done this.

  • +4 votes

    Been ready to pull the trigger on a 5900x for AU$850 for months now, no stock.

  • I am still running 3800X….Will wait out for more discounts on 5900x to upgrade!

  • What's causing the shortage?

  • Anyone seen deals for the 5600x?

  • Is it worth the upgrade from 3500x? Will help if I want to stream while gaming?

  • This is or 3900x for the same price?

  • Ermm almost triple price than 3600 just for 2 more cores ? AMD have lost the plot

    • …and almost no gain in 1440p gaming. You'd have to have money to burn really.

    • 2 more cores (4 threads) and a +19% IPC boost, pretty decent upgrade but depends on workload.

      Worth it for people who game and create on the same PC. Or just want more power.

    • 5950x is selling roughly 50% more than 3950x for roughly 15-20% IPC gains only, They have indeed.

      Hopefully Intel's 11th gen will right the market once again. Competition is good.

  • Ironically, the 5800X is the CPU that reviewers recommended the least. Too expensive for too little differentiation from the 5600X and the 5900X and the lower and upper end, respectively.

    • This is true because they are comparing RRP.

      At current prices with current stock levels, it's not so simple.

      5600x = ~$560
      5800x = ~ $645 from this deal but ~$780 from mainstream in stock AU retailers.
      5900x = ~$999

      The difference between the 5600x and 5800x is palatable and you could save the extra $$ from elsewhere, but 5800x to 5900x price difference is huge.

      Given the above, the 5800x becomes the "smart buy" if you're looking for 5000 series unless you're on extreme budget.

  • For gaming only builds the 5800x is a terrible choice. If you can find the 5600x at a decent price. Such as this.


    I still think the smart thing to do is wait to the end of the month, after intel releases 11th gen.

    • Only if you are on a budget. 5800X same cores as next gen consoles so the way to go if you want the best gaming CPU, not best bang for buck.

  • If you want 8 cores intel is much better value at the moment.


    eBay Plus members $400.50

    • Add in the cost of a new motherboard and the value isnt so great.

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MSI-Z490-A-PRO-ATX-Gaming-Motherboard-Intel-LGA1200-DDR4-HDMI-Crossfire/174633682139?epid=17040315762&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item28a8fa84db:g:Zx4AAOSwdzte2Y4i:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!6210!AU!-1&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%252Fn%252BzU5L90Z278x5ickkSG%252BOFgrj2Yvbvmrj2TAdM4ZgdeS3zyM6euZiTuJ7rbXn09jv8V%252BCLcDX079F065rssHsmpGVCF6hsWE4QrNUVER2VjpMXdopxSGMYhiQ5hMu7xPo%252BDL5ppQhH8ocJk4U%252FYahtbRAFYbOhL698l6tNjo1NEHyo4sL8Efbs37AA7I0Xq%252BD8%252FeZoOYJj66D%252FxqgQShAW6g4yq3AvJHGlApsfw%252FHT75ugCiCJYOtgMS9ncsGjYY8%252F2uD1qTMY4MNmUFtz%252BvDCjnUAOhU0196ESxaMmR%252BB1l1MVzZKRhKd5VY2AaPxDMDmJAtxoy51SMCbS%252Fj2u5fevzxy9GjGRjdMyau1ih6fKBMsjyeWg0I4nLam9JwQgCzgxH168kEvMlhe83YqidhstBBK1icLYq6sN3gWfIXoym6Ao6Jom7eR1ToetF2%252FDtu0npo2AOAY%252BxaGRCiaD1KTb1tK9fz8qgn8ppPKMMhY9DPiHly2d18xKzLp2xaK5afPdiRVKP9E2Nlax5Su4H0tqJRL1lLOfLu3FdsdmeklbFTSo2JEhppvumyT9uRrReXqWS9GYxhT8IQ%252FaRjb1or67BApwkkI6Fg%252FV0zARvWYDZadXPizzTsh8dSh1phkV6g4nIGFYgcNzAwqFsk3edReJ3vE2M2VpyDpmogPE%252FrEp7X0lg09ClCjZDfUKs2F0nO68cISxUl4%252Fm%252BraqVt1B3N74TfuB6v%252F0bN%252BHftUfXRR7hKyIQ%252F2S%252Bzy8bpQn0fWPtDX0jY%252B3WPGoLAB7wGBaB1u5E8On8NsHNRNBv%252BA%253D%253D%7Ccksum%3A174633682139c38b76c8739641a29e9b30787467a377%7Campid%3APL_CLK%7Cclp%3A2334524

      CPU+ MB = $632.82 delivered. Still cheaper than 5800x
      Bonus feature, no USB issues.

  • Amazon have these for $650 now, regret jumping on Newegg with their slow shipping and bad customer service.

    I suspect these will be widely available for RRP and perhaps even below in the coming weeks.