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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X $445.50 Delivered @ Newegg


Newegg has the 5600x in stock, pretty sure it’s RRP but I haven’t seen anyone selling it anywhere near that for months.

It’ll sell out quick so get in ASAP

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  • no they dont, its not there lol

    EDIT: my bad yes they do got one, thanks!

  • https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/amd-ryzen-5-5600x/p/N82E... Coming up on my phone? I just got the confirmation email from my order as well lol

    • yeah got one sorry, for some reason i could not find it when searching for 5600x i had to search 5600. Thanks!

  • Damn my x370…

  • Go go go! ..

  • Cheers…just ordered one.

  • what am i missing here local prices and stock similar - does it go faster because newegg is yank?

  • Thanks OP, picked one up. Feels bad at this price but my 2600 is bottlenecking a bit…

  • at this price, is this a decent upgrade from Ryzen 5 2600 ?

    • 100% but would depend on your GPU. My 3600 was bottlenecking my 3080 so that’s why I’ve upgraded. Pretty much anything less than a 3080 may not give you huge differences in performance boosts

      • Right that pretty much answers my questions. My GPU is 2080.

      • Hey just wondering in what circumstances you're getting a bottleneck from the 3600?
        Are you playing 1080p / 1440p / 4K
        What games are causing it?

        I ask as I can't seem to find a good reason to get anything better than a 3600 for gaming as all the benchmarks I see show very minimal differences.


    • Depends what you're doing with it, for gaming see this video to see how the 5600X and 2600X stack up in various GPU's


  • How does warranty work with newegg? Might grab some other gear.

    • You still get warranty from AMD, but you will have to ship back the CPU to the country of sale source. But then again, standard postage to the US with insurance is $50 (at least according to Aus Post rough pricing), so your still in front $50 compared to locally.

  • Holy hell I actually managed to get one. Thank you OP!!!

  • good work OP nice find.
    Can someone share their experience buying through Newegg?

    • Brilliant. Bought a noctua cpu cooler and it arrived a week later, well packaged. Very happy, just used to order something else.

    • Yes, has been very good for me buying Noctua products. I think those aren't explicitly shipped by Newegg though, they come from Taiwan and the shipping isn't free unlike the Newegg shipping.

  • Damn just bought a ryzen 7 3800x

  • Bag secured! Thanks OP, my 3080 will love this :D

  • Thanks OP. Pity the only decent price is from OS.

  • waiting for the
    "its just lower than RRP price"

    Very good find, i was going to post this morning at 5am, but had work, well done helping the community out!
    Would of bought this if i didnt buy the 5800x.

  • Got one thanks.
    PayPal tried to charge me $470.

  • +3 votes

    Thanks OP i got one as well. Cancelled my Harvey Norman back order ($469).

  • We need more of these to stop the price gouging in Australia!!!

    • If it has three letters and ends in PU we're being gouged.

      I thought I'd check out pricing on 3060's, good deal sold out and priced between $750 and $999 WTF!

      US MSRP is $329 …at current usd to aud that works out to be $418 … add sales tax on top $459… then 'cause you live in the best place on earth' tax, heck lets bring it up to $500 and everyone is happy.

      Still $250 more expensive than it needs to be..

      Newegg does have one card (Sold out of course) for $556.60 which is far more reasonable.


      • Rant away.

        I have a feeling they are going to use this as an excuse to make it the new norm like what Apple did with the iphones a couple of years ago.


      • Newegg will ship to Australia so AU prices won't hold up when shortages resolve.

        This is just NVIDIA and co deciding they're gonna sell at scalper prices. The cheapest 3060s are more expensive than the cheapest 3060ti's.

        I'd just buy a mid range EVGA model from PLE and cop the wait time.

      • The first class plane ticket pc components get to Australia is the reason so expensive. Didn't you know this.

  • Thank you, just got my friend to order one.

    I ordered one a couple weeks ago for myself and they shipped it out within a day. Only took a week to get here!

  • Getting out of stock :(

  • back in stock if anyone is still hunting
    and it's gone..

  • I got one and I don’t know why, as I got a 3600 system on order that hasn’t arrived yet. FOMO perhaps.

    I can give the 3600 to my son who has a 3500x and the 3500x can be used for a high end HTPC I suppose…

    Is there a second market for 3500x and Biostar AM320 motherboard (Techfast combo)?

    • There's a market for everything computer related at the moment… No idea why especially the newer tech… I'm currently running a 2600 and am waiting for 5900x for mid $850 before upgrading

    • There's always a market at the right price

      • Thanks both. Any idea what a reasonable sale price would be for 3500X and AM320 mobo, and 26GB 2666 RAM?

  • Dammit was busy at work and missed this coming up……. Need Harvey Norman to get there stock have one on order there…

  • People buying CPUs from Harvey Norman… what’s next?!

    • lol i know right, i was thinking of putting in an order with them just cuz i can wait in a queue to get it at RRP.
      I really wish they stocked Asus as well, cuz id do the same with a GPU if they had Strix OC 3080/90.

  • Sometimes pop up on amazon too, got my 5600x around a month ago for $433 :)

  • What is a recommended board to go with this? Will be paired with 16GB 3200 CL16 DDR and 3070. Don't need Wifi. Thanks!

    • After scouring reviews and videos, I came to the conclusion that the Gigabyte B550 AORUS PRO V2 is a really good board for the price ($209 at centrecom). Or maybe I just trust gamers nexus too much idk.

  • Back in stock again. Looks like it's just going in and out of stock for a few hours every day. Shouldn't be hard to get one if you want it. Hopefully this might kill the ridiculous Aussies prices, who'd pay $550 for a CPU when Newegg will sell it for $450?

  • Back in stock y’all