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ASUS TUF Gaming B450M-PRO S AM4 Micro-ATX Motherboard $109 (In-Store Only) @ Centrecom


Decent B450 mobo if you don't mind the absence of wifi and second m2 slot via PCIe 2.0.

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  • Am I the only one who doesn't want Wi-Fi built in? USB Wi-Fi has always performed better because I'm able to put it on an extension cable so I can keep the antenna higher

    • Many of the wifi boards come with an antenna on a cable, that screws into two little ports on the back. It's a thin cable, and usually at least a metre or two long so you can put it anywhere you like. Works fine for me!

    • Glad it works for you.

      All things being equal, in terms of antennae placement, I thought onboard Wifi was faster PCI>USB. But of course, not everyone can place the rear of their case in a good position.

      Does anyone know if there are ways of attaching an extension to the wifi connections at the back of a PC?

      • Wi-Fi would have a hard time saturating USB 2.0, let alone USB 3.0. PCIe is overkill. You can run extension cables for RP-SMA connectors but then would would lose signal by extending the line. You get the best bang for buck by optimising your Wi-Fi antenna position to get better signal.

    • USB wifi adapters are hit and miss with router compatibility (especially at the very low end of the market). A decent PCIe wifi + bluetooth card is around $50. I'd much rather have it baked into the motherboard and figure out how to improve reception.

      • Plus you will likely struggle to fit a PCIe wifi card in an mATX mobo assuming you have a graphics card in there.

      • Eh. You can get good AC1200 USB Wi-Fi cards for $15, extension cables are $3 or so. Works on any motherboard.

        I bought 10 of these and have been very happy, no issues with compatibility: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000552365418.html

        • Realtek chipset. Um, most people would probably opt for Intel AX200 or AX210 and use the PCIe x1 slot if required (so it is not really an issue not having WiFi, especially if you are keen on WiFi 6E).

          • @netsurfer: I get 300mbps+ on 5Ghz Wi-Fi with this card, works for me. Wi-Fi 6 is nice but overkill for most home users who are limited by their NBN anyway.

    • I think so… Tho Asus Usually sell the TUF gaming w/o Wifi for a little less.

  • By far the best bang for buck mobo. The vrms are the same as their tuf b550 and are pretty amazing.

    • Not sure if by far is the right description, with b450 mortar in competition (was this price recently). But a good option certainly.

      • Easily better than the b450 mortar. Although the b450 mortar's vrms are nice, they are not high tier b550 vrm quality as this b450 shares the same vrms as the b550 counterpart. Asus has really stepped up their game on their tuf product line's overall quality.

        • This one is a bit different to Asus' B450 tuf gaming lineup. It appears to be a 2020 model and Asus does implement some feature from their B550 range.

          This board feels like TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS but with B450 chipset instead.

  • What's the difference between this and say, Prime B450 mATX apart from more USB slots at the back panel?

    • The vrm on the Prime b450 are terrible (it doesn't even have a heatsink). Although it will be fine to run a 3100 and probably a 3600, there is no upgrade path to run better cpus. For the same money this board gives you the same vrms as the tuf b550 for the same price as the Prime, and therefore can run the best ryzen cpus. Also the general quality of this board is better and it has a usb c port.