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Bowden's Own Big Green Sucker Microfibre Towel $23.99 @ Supercheap Auto


Was last around this price October 2020 according to search.

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  • I was sceptical of these at first but they are fantastic.

    • Been meaning to pick one up for a while. My $4 Kmart towel needs lots of wringing towards the end.

      Hoping this saves me some energy.

      • I do a sedan and a 4wd with zero wringing. These are dam well but gotta take care of them to not damage the fibres. Warm wool wash with no softener

        • Good to know. I usually toss my towels/cloths/mitt at the end of a wash into a cold run with a little detergent.

          Will switch up to delicate wash and see how it goes.

          • @Shard: Hope you are using a liquid detergent and not a powdered one.

            I also dont wash mine after ever use, I just hang it up to dry and wash them after about 4 use's.

            • @willy000: Am using liquid. Powder causes friction?

              I always hang dry on the line.

            • @willy000: Don’t wash? Fair enough but you’ll be rubbing contaminants on your car each subsequent drying.
              I wash them after each use, air dry, blow dry (yep, low heat because I don’t have a clothes dryer) to puff the back up, then pack it away in a box with other cloths so nothing gets on it

  • Surprisingly… These work! Haha I picked up over 3L of water with one of these yesterday, in one go!

    I'll be buying another.. avoid the bowdens car care products, many don't work like their glass cleaner etc.

    • If their glass cleaner doesn’t work why does it have a 4.8/5 rating at SCA? https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/bowdens-own-bowdens-own-...

    • Their glass cleaner is one of the best I've used. Why do you say it doesn't? Perhaps it was the cloth you were using it with?

    • Their glass cleaner is working well for me, happy with results

      • Look harder, you'll notice a white film left over and to remove this you need to use a dry cloth.

        Good glass cleaner doesn't leave a film.

        • Bowden's recommends using 2 towels. One to clean, and one to buff off.

          I haven't used their glass cleaner before, but I'd assume the second towel would remove the film?

          • @specks: Yeah exactly right. Not to mention, it smells like Windex, looks like Windex and performs like Windex just 5 X the price of Windex.


            Buy this, side by side no one will ever tell the difference!

            My local Autobarn has some ex car detailers and they even say it's the biggest rip off ever.

            • @Combo64: That product contains ammonia. If you're going to use Windex use the ammonia-free version, esp if you have tinted windows.

            • @Combo64: Which glass cleaner would you recommend?

              • @specks: Just buy an overall product.

                303 interior cleaner is far superior, works on vinyl, plastic, rubber, leather, fabrics/upholstery, carpets, glass, LCD screens.

                It's a no bullshit product unlike half of bowdens stuff. It's a one product buy for the whole of the car. For doing upholstery I use a Bissell spot cleaner, comes out like new everytime!

                Don't get me wrong, I do use wheely clean, snow job and nanolicious and clay bars, but that's the only products they make which are worth investing in.

                • @Combo64: Good to know that I have the same no BS products from BO. I have wheely clean and nanolicious too.
                  For everyone else, the 303s are on partial sale at Repco & SCA. The pricing between them differ, so check both sites.

    • Don't like the glass cleaner either. It smears and causes my wipers to chatter and smear horribly, I had to polish it with Autoglym Glass Polish to get rid of the residue and stop the chattering. Have read other people had the same issue with it too.

  • Love mine. Tempted to get another

  • Genuine question, how do people find this compare with those yellow microfibre towels sold in costco?

    • I have both. This one is much thicker. So absorbing power is much higher. It is larger too.

    • You can dry an entire car without having to wring once, it saves time and does a great job!

    • Those microfibre clothes also damage the paint and top coat - bowdens stuff is designed not to.

      • less chance of fine containment scratches with a microfibre towel—let alone one as thick with a deep nap like the big sucker—than a chamois.

        You're poorly misinformed.

  • buy it on ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bowdens-Own-Big-Green-Sucker-Mic...
    with the cashrewards $3 bonus cashback

    • When these cashback sites give me an instant cashback, I'll use them. I give them my Information instantly, they should give me the cash instantly.

      • I give them my Information instantly, they should give me the cash instantly.

        Except if you then cancel or return orders, they get stiffed and can't get their money back. Don't get me wrong, some cashback sites are dodgy af but there's a fair reason behind the delay.

    • I'm not sure eBay is eligible for the cashback promotion as it's currently not paying out any rewards(and this promo will not pay out to any stores that have a 0% cashback). If you've bought, can you confirm that you got the cashback notification?

      • +12 votes

        You buy the Cashrewards $30 Choice gift card with 5% cashback + instant $3 cashback.
        Then you buy the item on ebay using the Choice gift card with Shopback 2% cashback

        • Haha, that's some next level cashback stacking going on there!

          I've got a stash of eBay gift cards that I am struggling to use up so buying more just to take advantage of this deal won't suit me. Good for anyone else looking to capitalise that bit more!

        • Clever :)

          I just create a new SCA account for $5 off every order.

        • I totally couldn't be arsed doing this but props for the game.

        • I have just ordered a platinium Ozbargain badge for you sir. They asked me where is my hat? I said it’s off to gembel.

        • I thought that using gift cards invalidates the cash back?

          • @lordra: it depends on the company you are buying from. But I have noticed cashback will invalidate transaction later if they are paid via gift card.

            • @pandadude: Best to stick to CC then, to get both price protection and points.

              • @lordra: I still get credit card points on my credit card when I buy gift cards.

                By price protection did you mean Supercheap Price Protection or credit card price protection.

                If it's credit card price protection this product is not covered by the policy.
                Please read your credit card policy however my credit card company only covers a minimum difference of $100 up to $1000.

    • Buy it at SCA online and get $3 plus 2%.

    • $7 postage

    • Damn too slow… Already ozbargain-ed :/

    • OOS on eBay at the time of this post.

  • Tempted to get a third, they’re so good!!

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting to buy at a good price for a gift.

  • Going to get second one.

    Like others said, this towel really saved time for me after washing car.

  • I too was sceptical but these are definitely worth every cent…they will cut your drying time to one third.

  • I have one and these are great, how does everyone else wash these?

    • I pop mine in the washing machine as delicate quick wash with a small amount of detergent (no softener) then leave it to air dry outside of direct sunlight

    • Good question.

      Nice to use but wash and taking care of it will be more difficult I think.

    • It's robust, wouldn't stress too much about it. Gentle machine wash or hand wash with generic wool wash (or a soap bar without perfume additives), preferably dry naturally. Finish in a dryer if you want to but even after some light spin-drying it retains moisture so best to let the sun and wind do its job if you can.

    • I commented above but I wash these with other microfibre washes in a cold quick wash with microfibre cleaner
      Air dried then hair dried. If you have a clothes drier, use that on a warm setting so you puff the fibres back up.
      Then store in a safe cool and closed area so you don’t get dust/dirt on it otherwise you might scratch your paint (should store all car cleaning products this way)

    • Wash with detergent

      Avoid heat as it will melt the polyester fiber & make it hard, so you want to wash in cold water & avoid direct heat when drying.

      Do not use fabric softener

  • I think i paid $19 from SCA a while a go. Yes they are great. I can only get 1 van out of it.

    I got some Armouroil ones from Woolies for $4 and they are ok, for door jams etc.

  • Is it really 6 times better than the $4 K-Mart one?

  • Thumbs up here too. Have used a few drying towels in the past (chamois, various microfibre).
    Bowdens' green sucker are one of those super thick types, which do a fantastic job absorbing water. Unlike the thinner microfibre types - you don't need to wring this one out. The thickness allows it to absorb quite a fair amount of water (I dried 2 x sedans back to back, without any streaking).
    Just bear in mind you'll need to wash it before first use (otherwise, you'll have little fluro green fibres on your paint work).
    Also - don't use any kind of fabric softener when washing, else you'll ruin the towel.
    Lastly - given the thickness, they do take a fair while to dry out.

  • I heard that there are abrasive yellow polyester chunks that fall out of this cloth when you shake it over a dark surface (even new ones). Can any owners confirm?

    Obviously not what you want from a detailing product.

    • That's a NO from me. No fluff, no hard fibres, and no yellow chunks of anything. Softest towel around.

    • A big NO!!!
      Most of the people I 'associate' with are very fussy owners (I probably should be too), and this is their go-to product (mine too now).
      I'm now over 18 months in after having a light paint correction and ceramic coating, and not a swirl mark to be seen.

    • Wash before first use and you shouldn't have any fibres coming off.

  • I find that when I use my Sucker it leaves like lint residue….what am I doing wrong?

  • dont forget 10% off gift cards with Rewards Gateway, 8% off with Suncorp Rewards, and other reward programs (with varying rates)

    • Paying by gift card will void cashreward would it not.
      $3 bonus + cashback would be the better option. Plus minimum Suncorp reward purchase is $50

      • No minimum for Reward Gateway. And yes it would void cashback but better value for me being able to get 10% off and I was purchasing more than just the towel(s).

        • Gotcha, yeah really depends on how much you're purchasing. If you're looking to purchase the single towel, then the $3 cashback (which is now expired) would have been a sweet deal - which I took advantage of :)

  • So this is for use instead of a chamois?

    And while we're at it what sponge/mitt would you guys use for a new car?


  • Works great for drying my golden retriever too.

  • Could you use this for drying windows at your house, or would this disrupt the balance of the world

    • Why wouldn't you just use the silica satchels you get in various products and place them next to the window? Sucks up moisture and is free!

    • Would be perfect, but it's a pretty heavy towel for windows imo. If it was bigger I'd use it to dry myself, it's that good. It's softer than my Sheridan towels!

  • New car, thanks for info on dryer, washer cloths, what car wash liquid is best?