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Dell Dual Monitor Arm – MDA20 $289.50 Delivered (Was $579) @ Dell


Dual monitor arm that can support two 27in screens, has the quick release for dell monitors but also support Vesa 100x100

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    Dual monitor arm that can support two 27in screens

    I picked up one from ebay for around $80

  • way overpriced

  • I have two Dell S2721DGFs and they work just fine with the Screenmounts monitor arms (have tried F80, H80, F160, H160).

    Goes on sale quite often for <$80 for the dual monitor model

    • Which one do you recommend? I am looking into 2 x H80, thanks :)

      • Tbh, never get dual arms.

        If one fails you gotta replace the whole thing. Much safer to get all single arms.

        • The post for the Dual Arm (H160) version of the H80 is taller than the single, so it makes sense if you want to vertically mount monitors.

  • My monitor arm does the same as this and was 45 bucks

  • no doubt this will fit Dell nonitors perfectly. but for this price….

  • No "LOVEKEANU", No Deal

  • How is this even a deal, you're paying a $240 premium for the ability to quick release specific monitors

  • does your $50 arm shake the monitor when you type?

    • Nope.

      Mine (North Bayou H100, H80 and 2x F80) are also attached to a sit-stand desk, which are generally much more prone to shake than a regular desk. No shake at all! :)

      All four of my monitor arms together cost way less than this one! :)

      Personally, if I was going to spend this kinda money on a monitor arm, I'd probably grab an Ergotron.

      • Out of your arms , which would you buy again?
        I have 2x 24" to attach to my desk side-by-side and wondering which you would suggest (if you had to buy again).
        The only requirements I have is to move them higher or lower and slightly angle (not tilt or swivel) just tilt like a book , if that makes sense. Thanks!

        • For 24", any of them would be fine, so you could just grab the cheapest (F80 or H80, whichever is on sale).

          I think the pole models (H80 & H100) have a greater height clearance, so can support larger monitors, in case you were ever planning on upgrading. (eg. I have a 32" monitor on my H80, even though technically it is rated up to 30" monitors. The 32" was fine on an F80 in landscape, but didn't have enough vertical clearance to rotate into portrait without the corner of the monitor banging into the desk - I had to swivel the whole arm away from the desk first! Hence why I switched the F80 out for an H80.)

          I feel the H models also have a little bit more freedom of movement, as the bottom section on the F models (F80/F100A) don't rotate the full 360 degrees (maybe 300 degrees?).

          Personally, I suggest 2x single arms, if you don't mind the aesthetic, as you will have more flexibility in placement (and upgrades, etc) than the dual monitor models. But if you want to save some money, or prefer the cleaner aesthetic, you could go for one of the double monitor models, and you would probably be fine for 24" monitors (in practice, you probably won't have any placement issues). F160 or H160 would both be fine.

          • @caprimulgus: Thanks for the prompt and awesome reply. I was trying to link the item I found on amason, but comment got removed lol!
            I was trying to figure out if the H80 I found was the same as they say it only rates up to 27" ?

            Did your say only up to 27" and they say that cause it won't swivel all around, though since I'm keeping em horizontal it should be fine.

            Thanks again!

            • @HappyPooPants: .

              F80 is rated to 27" - I was able to use a curved 32" in FIXED position (either portrait OR landscape - monitor will hit the desk if you try to rotate)
              H80 is rated to 30" - I was able to use a curved 32" WITH rotation (able to swivel between portrait AND landscape without hitting the desk)

              If you are leaving your 24" monitors in landscape (horizontal), then any of them will do just fine! :)

    • whether or not the monitor arm shakes also depends on the table, for me there is no wobble and i'm using a $50 desk

  • Cheap compared to say, Apple stand. But the North Bayou or others are better products for the price.

  • Seems expensive, but also looks pretty good …

  • Way way overpriced.
    Brand premium to the max, I run two of these and strongly suggest them. The quality is shockingly good.

  • i need something that can separate far enough to have two monitors angled, as opposed to aligned straight.

  • My 2x NB F80s I got for $80 are doing the job.

  • I use an Ergotron HX desk mount, can't fault it.