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[Hack] Optus 70GB 56-Day eSIM $10 (via Optus Pre-Paid Epic Data Plan Rollover) @ Optus


Obviously only work with phone that have eSim.

  1. Buy a $30 Optus prepaid epic data 35GB pack for $10 online at Optus here

  2. Activate as usual (use your own debit/credit card for easy id check, you can disable auto recharge), create an account and download My Optus app login make sure everything works. check you data and expiry should say 35GB and 28 days. Make sure sure you can receive sms at this point and everything is done on the phone you want to port the eSim to your physical sim is also on this phone.

  3. Now go here and choose - replace sim - eSIM - Continue - Continue - and follow the rest of the instruction. It say could take upto 5days but the whole process from activating sim (porting in old number to activation of eSIM) take less then 10 min.

  4. Once step 3 all goes well you should receive a sms contain the link to download and activate the eSIM (it will need the App so make sure to do that in step 2).

  5. Just follow the instructions, it self explanatory at this point. once the eSim is activated you will see no service or sos on the other line. You can now remove the physical sim.

  6. Restart device, log out and back into the apps and check the data, hopefully it will show 70GB with 56days expiry.

[the eSim online activation has been disable]

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  • optus assassins on their way.

  • swap to esim just change the billing date to 1st month not to 56 days i suppose

    • Activated the physical sim same day as swap to eSim (as new customer) it went from 28 days to 56 and data 35 to 70. Don’t know about what happen if at end of the existing one. Seem like it treated as a recharge

  • Never even heard of an eSIM before. Sounds like summadat new fangled technology.

    • +1 vote

      yep LOL since my 365 days up for recharge i thought i give it ago

    • eSims aren't new. See the explaination below. Its been used by the Japanese for decades now.
      It has only recently gained popularity amongst global phone manufacturers.

    • Go to bed gradma, its 6pm.

  • I wouldn't trust this unless Optus confirms it themselves. If Optus does confirm it, save a copy of that confirmation in case they later say it's only 35GB.

    I recently had to pay an extra $50 because I trusted the app (app said I was able to call internationally, which was incorrect). Optus refused to refund me the $50 saying international calls was not part of my plan and that the app isn't always correct.

    • I would report them to the Telecommunications Ombudsman. As their application says differently, which is misleading customers into spending more.

  • What is an esim? Do all phones work with this or just some new phones?

    • eSims are similar to what the japanese phones have been using for decades. That was a reason why mobile phone thefts in Japan back in the day was very low because they had eSims and it would literally lock the phone if they lost it.

      eSim or Embedded Sim is a sim card which is embedded on the phone itself. It is used by newer phones as a method of allowing their phones to support Dual Sim without the increased footprint of a dual sim holder / pcb to read both sim cards.

      For some reason they only started catching on else where other than Japan, not new tech just "renewed" popularity around the globe.

  • Cheapest phone that has eSIM?

  • I thought you can only use eSim on post paid plans. When did Optus start using eSim on prepaid? My just go convert my prepaid to eSim if it's allowed

  • Optus has disable it