expired BUPA Members & EVENT CINEMAS Tickets $10.50 Adults / $8.50 Children NSW - Possibly AUS WIDE?


Log onto MBF / BUPA and buy your movie tickets in advance to save -
I did this the other day and noticed that the saving is more than the advertised 25% at least for adult tickets which dropped @40% in price.

Tickets emailed to you as pdf vouchers which can be used to book online or to take into the box office with you. 3D movies there is an extra $3 plus glasses (total $14.50 adults as opposed to usual $21.50) and normal is $10.50 as opposed to $18 (kids normal $8.50 as opposed to $13.50 / 3D - $12.50 as opposed to $16.50) you do pay booking fee online of @ $4 to secure your seats prior to arriving.

About time i got some benefit from my MBF / BUPA.

Not sure if this also applies to Hoyts? didnt try this as im not close to a hoyts

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    its not a deal… has been there since ages.


    Hoyts are in multiple of 4 tickets. Village/Event are single tickets


    damn.. paid $18.50 last weekend to watch Mission imposible. not a good movie!


    This deal has been active for years….


    booking fee of $4, wow

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    And at my local cinema, tickets only cost $6…everyday…no special vouchers needed, no memberships needed, just hand over your $6 & they'll hand over a movie ticket…

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    Cause it is sooo healthy to sit on your ass for hours eating popcorn and drinking way too large cokes?

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    Nearest Event to me (Australia Fair Gold Coast) is $7.50 all day Tuesdays and other weekdays until 5pm, and $9.50 at other times… just turn up and pay.


    booking fee used to be $1 per ticket, and I just checked in eventcinemas.com.au

    for a 3D movie

    adult ticketx1=$20.50
    3D Glasses x1=$1.00
    Booking Fees:x1=$1.10

    Number of Tickets=1

    Your Total Transaction Cost=$22.60

    doesnt looks like there is an additional fee for redeeming voucher. So I'm not sure where the $4 booking fee comes from (maybe it is another addition AFTER you purchase your ticket online). In any case as others said it is not a new deal, but ofcourse it's a very good deal for MBF members. While online it says 3D glasses are only $1, I'm pretty sure I paid $3s when I booked oved the counter last time.

    Wow After Pobman's comment I checked the Online price for Australia Fair Brisbane, it's only 12.50 for a ticket!! Damn you are lucky!! :) looks like they have different rates for different cinemas. :)


    Thanks for posting this, I did not know this was available to me as a BUPA member.
    I usually get the tickets through work but they post them out to me which could take a week. The BUPA vouchers you can print them out immediately which is fantastic.

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    used to be $10… price increase :(
    new movie @ Eventcinema are always showing in the VMAX cinema, that means need to pay extra :(

    any other good old deals that we can get from BUPA? too lazy to login and check :P


    Hate the fact that Hoyts requires 4 in a bunch. Annoys the shit outta me when I want to watch some foreign movies that are only shown in Hoyts and not Event.


    I have been using these cheap tickets for about 2 years.

    If you book VMAX/3D movies with these vouchers there will be a VMAX/3D surcharge added.


      dont know about VMax, but for 3D no other surcharge but of course you have to pay for the 3D glasses (not sure about $1 or $3) on top of the voucher


    Note these are the restricted ones that you cant use after 5pm on a Saturday.

    I can get the unrestricted ones from work for the same price so no deal for me.


    Went to my closest events cinema today and the normal price there is $7.50