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Name Stickers/Labels 32-Pack $0 (Was $13) + $5 Delivery @ Hippo Blue


Same as last time, free name labels, $5 delivery, one set per order. There's a bit of an issue with the code - I tried to test it before, I've managed to get it to work once, but other times it hasn't worked. It's valid till 28/2 so hopefully they'll get it sorted soon.

Comments on the FB post confirm the same. Link to screenshot here: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/22517/87207/4ca73bc4-d...

Edit: got it to work this time but might be sporadic


Terms and Conditions below:

Free 32 Standard Name Stickers

  • Ends Midnight AEDT 28/2/2021.
  • Coupon code is valid for one use per transaction only to claim one free pack of 32 standard name stickers.
  • 32 standard name stickers are free with a postage and handling fee of $5 for a total saving of $13.
  • Not valid with any other offer or coupon.
  • $5 postage and handling fee applies to standard Australian shipping only.
  • You should receive your goodies within 15 business days after placing your order.
  • Hippo Blue reserve the right to void orders and/or stop this promotion prematurely at their discretion if terms and conditions have been breached.

Name Label Offers

  • Available for a limited time only.
  • While stocks last.

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    These are excellent quality stickers we use for our kids' lunch containers and water bottles.

    • +1

      Absolutely. They last and last. Our bottles all break before the labels do.

      • Which bottles are you using?

        • Kids have grown older a bit so look after their belongings a bit better, so they've been lasting longer - but the Avex bottles are good (purchased from Costco - usually comes in a pack of 3).

          The Sistema ones are pretty trash.

          • @Munki: Thanks for that!
            Mine’s still a toddler and we’ve used b.box sippy cup which has been decent.

            • +1

              @nsuinteger: The Avex ones consist of 2 bottles with straws (Camelbak style) and a metal bottle with a regular drinking spout, however, there's a button for them to press to release water for leak prevention I guess.

              Here's what they look like: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Avex-Kids-2-Autospout-and-1-Auto...

              Got that exact pack a few years ago. They do last quite a while.

              Last time I was at Costco, I saw a set similar to the Avex ones, but it was made by Contigo instead- and I don't think it had a metal bottle - just three plastic bottles with straws. I can't speak on their quality though as I haven't used them before.

  • My wife has been getting these when the above offers come up for years. Whats in it for them? Surely they can't turn a profit at 5 bucks including postage? They can't run a business on hoping people get impatient and paying full price?

    • +6

      It costs them $1.11 to send in a small envelope, and probably 10c to print, so they would still be making some money. It's a great way for parents like me to sample before buying other products

      • +2

        What about the cost of the envelope, envelope printer, stickers, sticker printer, real estate, staff time and so on?

        Yes it's a great way to try the products but there are more costs then just an envelope and stickers

    • +2

      I'm not sure, but my guess is the cost of these stickers isn't much, postage is probably about $1.10, so they'll probably make enough to cover the cost from the $5. Note you can't order more than 1 set per order.

      What else is in it for them? People might decide to buy other higher margin products that they've got. So it's still a marketing exercise. Gets awareness of their brand out there. (my) kids go through these very quickly, and they would spend many years in day care, Kinder and primary school, so repeat business for sure!

    • +1

      Cheap advertising. They get your contact details so they can send you details of every other thing they want to sell you. You can probably unsubscribe. Some won't. Some will become regular customers.

      • I agree. I despise companies that charge a handling fee beyond the postage cost.Just tell the truth - it's ~75% off RRP, not free.

      • not being able to unsubscribe can land companies into big trouble (cough kogan), so i doubt thats the case here.

        Plus you can always unsubscribe via hotmail / gmail method which bypasses the companys platform unsubscribe

  • Why their iron on labels only last like five washes ? Is there any alternative?

    • Big W are good

    • Aldi just had them or they may still have them. I saw some at discount at Darlinghurst store a few days ago. I have only washed it 2-3x. So far so good

    • Maybe your iron isn't good enough or the material you are sticking them to doesn't work well with the glue.
      I have not had problems with iron on stickers

  • Link to the actual item???

  • Code is not working.

    • ^^ There's a bit of an issue with the code - I tried to test it before, I've managed to get it to work once, but other times it hasn't worked. It's valid till 28/2 so hopefully they'll get it sorted soon.

      • +4

        Update: it didn’t work”coupon not valid” until I went to their facebook page and clicked on the link provided. Then the code was accepted

        • +2

          Thanks - this worked.

          Was able to include this pack in the order (Since I was paying for the delivery anyway!)

  • +7
    • This link worked, the title of the product must be 32 standard name stickers, the OP link without the 32 will not work with the code.

    • Thanks, URL updated

  • Head to their fb page and clicked the link then worked
    Thank op

  • They are really good quality stickers. Order without a worry. wont be disappointed.

  • thanks Op, ordered.

  • Sweet thanks OP

  • I am upvoting for your lovely profile pic OP :D

  • +1

    Got a set of 32 for an extra $6..
    On a separate purchase.. the cactus colored bags were on 25% discount as well! (CACTUS)
    Separate purchase because it'll only accept 1 discount code at a time..

    Thanks OP.. kid's birthday is coming up..this is perfect!

  • Any review or discount on the bento box?

    • +1

      I'll give some honest feedback regarding the bento boxes. They can be pretty hefty, so if you have little ones, keep that in mind when they have to carry around a large backpack as well as a heavy lunchbox. Having said that, they are solid and very well made. Gotta ask yourself how committed you are in prepping their food in the morning though. It takes time and effort to cut things up and put into the little compartments. It looks cute AF when you do it though and I think kids appreciate when it looks nicely put together rather than a sandwich in a square box. I'd personally recommend the bento boxes for older kids (mostly primary - I can't imagine high school kids wanting these).

      Edit: Oh I should say, they do go on sale - so keep an eye out for when they do. Don't get it at full price.

      • Thanks for the thoughts, I want to give it a go. Thoughts on quality brands?

        • If you were going to go the bento box route, I think the quality of the Hippo Blue ones are really good. Most of the store bought ones (Décor, Sistema, Smash, etc) claim to be "leakproof", but aren't truly. They're not as well built too. Albeit they are cheaper to get, but you're going to need replacing them whereas I reckon the Hippo Blue boxes will last your kid their school life. I haven't tried other known bento box brands out there (e.g. biome, hello green), so can't really comment on their quality. You'll see the sealing is very similar for the more expensive branded ones.

    • It’s heavy, but very cute.
      If you have a younger kid I’d look into the b.box bento, much lighter and fit so much! A full sandwich and a full sized piece of fruit, and lots of space for other things.

    • We got it this year for our grade 3 daughter. It is heavy but well constructed. Would not recommend for kids younger than say eight.

  • 4000+ clicks but only 100+ likes? Come on guys…

    • I think a lot of people use this site that aren't members so can't vote, or are just people who don't vote or comment on anything.

  • Thanks for sharing OP. Couldn't be better timing. The last deal got us some before our first born went to childcare and this one's got us set for the second one going in a couple of months. Can attest to the excellent quality of these stickers.

  • Identity Direct used to discount 500 Mailing labels for $12 including postage, can you do a better deal on these


    • Are they waterproof and dishwasher proof?

      • Yes. I don't think I've ever had one come off or get damaged in the dishwasher.

  • Worked fine for me. Cheers OP.

  • Ordered, Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, worked fine.

  • thanks ordered one!

  • +2

    I also use these labels with the text:

    First line: Reward if found
    Second line: (my mobile phone number and wife's)

    Then stick them on various things like laptops, bikes, phones, tablets - anything likely to go walkabout

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