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Aerocool USB Type-C Charger: 1 AC Outlet, 1 USB-C, 2 USB-A Ports, Aluminium $19.90 Delivered @ Harris Technology Amazon AU


Aerocool Type C Charger with 1 Power Outlet, Total 40W, 1 USB-C Charging Port, 2 USB-A Charging Ports each 5V/2.4A Aluminium Body. Compatible with Apple MacBook Pro, iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X, Nintendo Switch,iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy

  • was $39, with promo code $19.9 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend)

  • 15000A max and 1700J surge-suppression rating, the unit transfers optimal power and helps keep plugged-in devices safe, especially during storms and power outages.
    Built-in power switch, whose life is up to 6000 times, turns on / off as you need.

  • Aerocool's multi protection safety system ensures complete protection from electrical short circuit,over heat, electric surge, over charging, over current and etc.

  • 1 Type C Super and 2 USB High Power Charging Ports Ultra powerful 3 ports USB charger up to 40W, is able to charge 3 tablets or smartphones.
    Integrated with fast charging technology that enables each port to detect and deliver ideal input current each time of up to 2.4A and max. 3A by Type C port.

  • Due to synchronous rectification technology, its electric energy conversion rate reaches up to 85%,which causes less unnecessary heat and is more environment-friendly.
    USB ports power down in case of shortcircuit happening avoid accidents.*

*charging performance may vary due to different conditions.

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  • Interesting device and the price is great, but

    Total 40W
    Compatible with Apple MacBook Pro

    Compatible, but your MacBook Pro will be slowly discharging when charging using this charger (if it is used at the same time)

  • They finally realised they make crap computer cases and went for something completely different.. What could go wrong… 15000 amps perhaps.

  • So it only output 5V, right?

  • it doesn't say how long the cord is. If it's not long, it will be on the ground. You don't want a USB charger on the ground. Then again, you don't want an AC plug on your desk either.

    Weird invention, but intriguing nonetheless.

  • Would this support USB PD? Or is that something that needs to be specifically stated? Would like something capable of rapid charging my Pixel 3XL.