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Bose Frames: Tempo - $329 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Asked amazon customer support to price match myer (selling this at $350) and they mentioned they can't do it for me but will put this on sale. So for everyone here and amazon has lowered the price to $329 for this unit.

It has got good feedback by reviewers (not sure if that's unbiased) and users (I can trust their reviews).

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  • Did these go up in price or something new? Ordered a pair when they first launched when they had the '30-day trial and full refund if not satisfied offer' for around $200 mark. Wasn't too impressed beyond first 5 mins of novelty.

    • was that the same model? unsure about the price trend about this but was tempted to buy this after so many positive reviews…

    • Tempo (along Tenor and Soprano) are the newer model. The older models were Alto and Rondo.

      The newer models are more comfortable, better battery life and USB-C Charging.

  • Why would people actually want these?

    • I got a first gen pair at a great price, honestly they're amazing for gardening / going for walks. I can still hear everything going on around me and music / podcasts too :)

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        they're amazing for gardening / going for walks

        Do you get people saying *"Live long and prosper" as you walk by?

    • I only listen to audiobooks and podcasts on them.

      Have recently started riding more and was using some TWS earphones. They blocked out the road noise. These don't - they're excellent for commuting / riding

    • for meetings and exams :P

    • They leave your ears completely open like Aftershokz, great for taking the dog for a walk and wanting to still hear everything around you. Tempo is especially good for runners/cyclists. They have a really good sound, no low range really but that's to be expected. Surprisingly clear too because of the driver that fires pretty much into the "cup" of your ear.

  • Just be care of these, I got 2 pairs and they break every 6 months due to a design flaw. I have been offered replacement twice in 8 months since purchase.
    My model is Alto, not sure if they fix it in the new model.

  • Why would anybody want these? Buy earphones. Buy sunglasses, and then you can wear them independently of each other. Am I missing something?

    • These don't go in your ears so you can still hear everything going on around you. Perfect for cyclists and runners who run with sunglasses anyway. It's a pretty specific usecase, but they do that specific thing really well. They definitely won't replace your regular earphones.

      • I am Ultra fussy about cycling glasses.

        There. Is. So. Much. Trash.

        When it comes to marketing versus actually good usable glasses.

        Every half baked manufacturer claims anti fog or anti scratch coatings but they never last.

        I could see these failing at both jobs where good glass and good earbuds wouldn't.

        • Any recommendations? I've recently started run-commuting so I'd appreciate your suggestion if you've tried a few pairs.

          • @OkayFray: If you can live with polarized lens Julbo make some excellent running glasses that are light and flexible with "transition" lenses.



            Price-wise they will be >$100 to around $200 if you search a bit. There's another similar brand from Eastern Europe but the name is evading me, they are 20-30% cheaper with similar lenses and open/breathable frames so they shouldn't fog up.

            For cycling I tend to use some of the mid-tier Tyfosi glasses, but I've never bought them local because the prices are ridiculous, they have a few pairs that are probably fine for running but they tend to be a bit swept back and narrow height wise, I prefer large lenses for running.

  • Same price at JB.

    Very happy with mine - wouldn't buy these for a main music listening experience as you don't get any low end.

    Great for audiobooks/podcasts when cycling or walking.

    Bought it on Sunday for $399 at JB, but 28 degrees just came through with price protection.

  • They got delivered yesterday and they are not bad actually… I like the fitting and light weight design. Most important you don’t look alien wearing one of these 🤓