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Samsung 671L Family Hub Refrigerator $4039 Delivered @ Samsung EPP


Samsung Family Hub 671 L - Good Price, $4999 elsewhere. ~20% off on the EPP store for those of us who have access.
This one seems to be popular and gets sold out too soon. I have been eyeing this one for a while and was sold out in costco, which is the next best price - $4199 if you dont have access to Samsung EPP.
Hope this helps some of us.
As always, enjoy!

Credit to @Pricebeat - get extra $50 off by signing up to the newsletter to make the deal sweeter.

Updated the link as it looks like the EPP link cannot be accessed, so just included a link to the direct samsung page.

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  • how do you get access to epp?

    • I am sure I have seen it here before. I did try a quick search but couldnt find it in my 2-3 minutes of research. But its basically your employer having a tie up with samsung and there is a list of them. Unfortunately, you have to be employed with one of those companies (or know someone who is) :-)

  • Extra $50 off with newsletter coupon?

    • Oh yes - will add that !

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    It's such a pity that Samsung isn't selling a non-water version of the Family Hub. You lose a fair bit of space to the water/ice components even if you don't use them.

    • But it's so convenient, you always have filtered water and ice when you need it! I have the LG gr-d907sl (907L). I'll never go back to buying a unit without this feature again.

      • I've heard that if you don't regularly use the ice, it solidifies? Still, we're in Melbourne, so only need ice for like 2-3 months. Prefer the twist tray that you can take out when you don't need it.

        • I haven't had that issue with my fridge. Then again I virtually use the ice dispenser nearly every day, even when the weather is cold. Yes im weird.

  • Using this from past 1.5 years works like charm. Do agree that due to water/ice ..you tend to loose fair bit of space. Great machine.

  • Anyone can comment on this one versus the French double door and 2 slide out drawer older version one?

    • Avoid the double slide out drawer like the plague, we had one and had it repaired 3 times due to the thermostat freezing and then frosting. Then the motherboard failed and they couldn't repair it. Ended up getting a full refund after 3 years.

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    The perfect device for playing skyrim

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    I'd stay away from this version of the Samsung Fridges (similar ones with French doors). Ours was the SRF680CDLS but I understand mechanism is very similar . There is a fairly major flaw with the ice dispenser system where it eventually freezes over completely and usually destroys the mechanism, including leaking into electrics. We had repeated fixes for this issue and eventually Samsung refunded the money. The system usually is ok for about 18-24 months and then tends to fail just out of warranty. Not sure if the entire mechanism has been redesigned but the guy who fixed ours twice said Samsung knows about the issue and they have to replace the entire ice making mechanism but fix isn't 100%.

    • Thanks for the warning.
      I see quite a few examples of people having issues with various Samsung fridge models, many of which could be argued are design related or design flaws.


    • We had problems with the ice maker on an older double door and pull out drawer, it kept freezing up, simple fix, use ice in a glass of water every day (keeps it moving) and don't stand in front of the fridge with the doors open (kids). The doors open melts ice in the dispenser which re-freezes causing a blockage. Still occasionally blocks (probably still kids) but emptying the big chunks fixes it.

      As for the system freezing, the vent holes in the back can freeze up the de-icing mechanism,a relatively easy to fix with a bit of copper wire tied on the small heater element in the drip tray area, remove the shelves and the inside rear panel to access (10 min job) there is a youtube on how to do it, since i did that task it has never frozen since.

      Link to video below is not the original fix i did, i just tied 10-15mm of copper wire to the original element and stuck it in the tube

      • This sort of stuff shouldn't be happening on $3-4 thousand fridges… And no amount of home fixes would make anyone feel better about a crap fridge design.

        • I agree, apparently the same issue occurs now as on my 6yo model. no design alterations at all

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    $4000 for a fridge on ozbargain? It had better be a walk-in model… oh it is a Jian Yang special from Silicon Valley



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