Are You a Pirate?

Hi all, I was wondering in this day and age is there still a need to be a pirate?

With so many services free and with trials I see less reason to resort to the Black Flag. Unless you prefer a real trial

Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, SBS on Demand, Binge, Crunchyroll etc

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    ARRRRgh, Fiddle me Timbers. I sail the high seas
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    Sir, I have never!! Never!!! You offend me. *sips imported tea*
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    I'm a church mouse with wife, 3 kids, In laws and other parasites waiting to feast upon my corpse


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      10.9TB usable array (4x4TB drives) in the soon to be retired NAS, though it is a bit under half utilisation total (4.95/10.9TB) to cover for a ransomware situation with snapshots (though lots of them encrypt twice or more now, meaing I'd need even more free space for that to help - but I have backups, see below)

      Only recently started storing HD files, previously SD was enough as it upscales to 1080 fine enough, but will be horrible for 4K so going 720p minimum now.

      Newer server/NAS with MythTV backend server (use xbox 1s units as 4K BD capable front ends with Kodi as the myth and library viewer) going VM with a 16TB array (3x shucked 8TB WD White Heliums) is set as a daily backup atm (rsync) and several external drives on top of that giving me two alternating every other day, and weekly backup intervals as well (once that server is in service the backups with reverse with the current NAS being the daily). The real critical stuff has a cloud backup too, only 100GB plan sitting at 70GB used atm.

      Edit: to be clear, I have subs to Netflix, Amazon, Stan, Crunchyroll, and Animelab, but there's always something that they take off their library. We've gone old school and started hunting down box sets of TV series as well. If the legal ways weren't so user unfriendly and actually had everything piracy would be dead, but they'd rather take legal action than make their services better, so here we are.

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    All my content is Pi Rated :)

  • Can someone clarify for me the difference between an individual "pirating" media and what large online media businesses have been doing for sometime up until now with the news and making money from it? Whether it be a movie or a new article they all have a copyright owner.

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      and what large online media businesses have been doing for sometime up until now with the news and making money from it?

      the news companies have are making money from hits on their website, also, they are mainly the ones posting it on social media in the first place…

    • Can someone clarify for me the difference

      Individuals watching/listening to something they have not 'paid' directly for with no financial gains vs grubs just crying poor

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    Don't copy that Floppy

  • I got copyrighted stuff for free from library … Can I call myself a pirate?

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      Rrrrrrrrrr! Me matey!

    • I got copyrighted stuff for free from library …

      libraries are allowed under the law to lend and replace copyright material that they purchase.

      • yep but they are still pirate -ish…my local library had a pirate visit once for book week…and going to library is like a risky voyage as you have to deal with the public …all there malicious content and strange viruses

      • So … if you get your media with the library as proxy = you no pirate?
        How about torrenting using Spain/Switzerland as proxy ( its legal to torrent there ) .. you no pirate too?

        • if you get your media with the library as proxy = you no pirate?

          no, it is legal…

    • totally…that's the first step in pirating.
      rarer documentaries and foregn films is why i occasionally set off for a high sea adventure for a few minutes.

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    I'd like to torrent news articles because of stupid paywall and blatant corruption.

    Any recommends

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    I try to pay my way, but end up having to sign up for Netflix, Amazon and Disney because some don't have the movies you want whilst another might… Then get annoyed when you do find the movie and they want another $5 to rent it (on top of the subscription), sometimes even when it's a 20 year old movie which has been on TV a hundred times, bit cheeky.

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    Now more so than ever is pirating needed. Don't get me wrong I don't mind paying and had completely stopped pirating a few years ago, but now all the services have splintered with them all making desperate cash grabs, Add in geo fencing and the free options have become complete garbage and you need to sign up to a huge number of services just to pull together what you could previously get from a couple of services. I had expected to decommission my NAS last year, instead I replaced it with an even bigger one with room for even more storage expansion in future. Screw the content providers they have gone from one extreme to the other.

    • They sure make the decision easier

    • +1

      Then they remove it from their library and poof, it's gone! Subscription as a Service is a leech

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    Currently have maybe 50TB of my 100TB filled. Contains a plex server and my launchbox emulation setup. But for some reason we still pay for netflix… and prime.

    • Looking up launchbox…….
      Edit Found it. I can’t seem to see if it is available on Mac OS. I’ve been looking for something to run my MAME roms since Mac OS went 64 bit so any help is appreciated

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        Yeah sorry i think you may need windows for this one.

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    I've been known to seek a little plunder, but I always cover my arghs.

    • My username gives me away ;-p

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    A pirate walks into a pub with a steering wheel down his daks and goes to the bar and orders a beer

    The bartender leans over and says, "do you know you have a steering wheel down your daks?"

    The pirate says, "aye, and it is driving me nuts"

  • I have Netflix, Prime and never watch any of them.

    I'll probably rid Netflix soon, but Prime I get for Prime, not Prime TV.

    I use YouTube for music, ads are annoying af tho.

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    I'm a pirate but im slowing purchasing things now when its at a decent price. E.g Nod32 yearly subscription and netflix

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    Sadly, not all shows are available in Australia.

    e.g. Magnum P.I. (the 2018 remake)

    Season 1, free on Amazon Prime.

    Seasons 2 & 3, can rent/buy on Amazon Prime US, but not in Australia.

    and many other examples

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    Switch games

    • Arrrr, they cost a pretty penny at retail.

    • I didn't know this was a thing…

    • i thought that was impossible because nintendo closed that hole?

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    Loud and proud brother, loud and proud.

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    How do people go about torrenting? Do you use a VPN? I tried looking for handmaid’s tale season 1, but had difficulty finding torrents and the few that I did find didn’t have any seeders.

    • There’s private trackers that have all tv shows and they download full speed. I still find myself watching whatever is on whatever streaming app i have though.

    • +3

      private trackers is the way to go. I've been a member on a particular private torrent site for over 15 years

      • PT are good, and I have been on many for years as well. I am finding though that I am using usenet a bit now, as the same releases that are on the trackers are on usenet too (as long as you have a good indexer).

        I used to be into seedboxes and having a large NAS to store all sorts of stuff to seed on various trackers.. but usenet frees you from that a bit and just lets you get what you want and then delete it.

        Also the biggest/best/#1 tv tracker deletes indiv. TV eps once a season has finished and puts it into a season pack - so I see no benefit to downloading the eps through torrents anyway, unless you are trying to build up your snatch count for a user class upgrade or something ;)

      • I think paying a small amount for the convenience of usenet makes sense too. Also saves a bit of electricity by not having to upload I guess. I've been paying $20/yr to newshosting and pretty happy with it.

    • -1

      I don't torrent as much anymore, but when I do, i use VPN, go to site. grab the magnet link. then go to seedr to download. Seedr is a service that will download the files for you and then you can just download it as http. The free account gives you 2GB, and you can do a few things to gain more space. PM me if you want a referral code, gives both of us an extra 500mb. Don't think it' allowed to be posted here.

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    Not perfect but try not to pirate. Everyone else does it. I'm sure there's some wishy washy reason why people think it's okay but at the end of the day it's stealing that you're extremely unlikely to get caught or punished for. I guess the old everyone else is doing it so I do too mentality is alive and well.

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      When it comes to some TV shows sometimes you are left with no choice. Often I find that some shows simply stop getting shown in Australia or are so far behind it is just ridiculous.

      Just thought of an example, The Blacklist, did a search of the TV guide and I can only see episodes from S4. Meanwhile the US is getting new episodes every week from S9.

      If you were a fan of the show, what choice would you have?

      • Just thought of an example, The Blacklist, did a search of the TV guide and I can only see episodes from S4. Meanwhile the US is getting new episodes every week from S9.

        If you were a fan of the show, what choice would you have?

        Every season is on Netflix, btw.

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    Maybe it's because I'm an adult now earning a decent salary (vs high school kid on the old Limewire/Kazaa/etc), I don't feel the need to sail the high seas… and I think my sentiments towards this have definitely matured over time.

    On one hand, I feel the price is more than reasonable with the modern subscription services, and even before that, I did start buying content when iTunes came to market with reasonably priced movies/music (especially on sale) since it offered a legal way to get content immediately and not have to worry about quality or compatibility issues (let alone viruses).

    Even disregarding the 'value for money' consideration, as someone who works in an industry which relies heavily on intellectual property/creative effort, I also appreciate that there are lots of people involved in the creation of creative works whether it be the name on the film poster, or even the guys who do the processing/editing, or even the marketing team tasked with promoting something. For them, this is their livelihood, and if I am not willing or able to pay the price they're asking for something, it doesn't give me the license to steal it.

    I would caveat that I do have a few exceptions to the above which are more of a moral/ethical choice regarding abandonware/old games which are unavailable to purchase… and I don't mind downloading encoded versions of films in the format I want to save me from having to rip a Bluray I have already purchased.

    • sensible

  • +1

    I am not a cat

  • What is Usenet?

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      You have to say "officer" at the end

  • I have Netflix and prime. My bro has Disney and YouTube premium. Planning to cancel at least two in a few months. There used to be a time when I had only 1 streaming service and was happy. Haven't pirated for many years, only do it rarely if there is a good show / movie not available on streaming.

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    Does watching copyrighted content on youtube constitute as piracy? To me it probably is, but for some reason or another it gets overlooked.

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    I'll pirate until the day where any of the 'services' feel like services.

    I don't have a single subscription or streaming service and don't have any plans to get any soon. Maybe one day.

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    I used to sail the high seas but have since stopped when I got a membership to an underground streaming service that aggregates all the subscription sites into one place. Never looked back. 🤫

    • +8

      You are still sailing….

      • +4

        maybe yachting?

      • +3

        Yes, but now as a viking 🤘

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    I dont know of any services streaming resident alien.

    Also while netflix has picked up its game, its pretty impossible to legally watch asian drama in aus, my missus loves running man.

    Finally, aussie streaming services suck ass for docos and travel & food shows that arent reality trash tv.

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    I very rarely indulge in the piratorial arts. Occasionally I will purvey a one of those talking pictures if it does not happen to be on one of to main shipping channels that I pay for passage on.

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    Having been around since the days of copying tapes with software and cracking software myself I can say that when pirating music over the internet first became a thing I looked at it as no worse than copying music on cassette tapes. Some may remember stereos had dual tape decks just for this. The principle is the same. The problem was that the music industry refused to change their model. Then Spotify eventually came along and they had no choice. Once I tried Apple Music I pretty much stopped pirating music. Then came Netflix which was similar to the Spotify model which eliminated the need for many people to pirate video. However the model is now becoming so fragmented by so many different streaming services that the cost of getting the content you want is higher than a Foxtel subscription which most people could choose to have if they wanted before the Netflix revolution. Apple is combining some of its services into Apple One which combines several or all of its services into bundles at a discounted price. If the major streaming providers follow this lead then pirating will probably drop again. But some people looks in the mirror have been doing it for so long that it is just part of their everyday life to get online every day and mine the torrent sites and download just about anything that takes their fancy. Not even expecting to ever watch it all or any for that matter. “They” could argue that by not watching most of it they are doing little harm. But really they know what they are doing is just like they did when they had a double cassette setup on their stereo and had drawers full of tapes they never listened to. They are comforted however by the fact that movie stars can still afford that island they need to keep up the essentials in life.

  • I pay for it but I cant even get Prime TV to work on my Nvidia shield. So its actually easier to go three sheets to the wind.

  • +1

    Is using AdBlockers considered piracy? You are preventing avaricious yacht owning capitalists from making money out of you, just as you are if you download a copyrighted thing from a free source.

    • We’re getting into the realms of fantasy now.

    • -1

      Youtube wouldn't be able to function if everyone used adblockers, so i think it is very similar to piracy in some cases.

  • I support a free and open internet.

  • +2

    Video games seem to have good sales now compared to a while back, especially if the game is a few years old.

  • +7

    You never stop becoming a pirate once you've lived that life.

    • Aye aye Captain!

  • got me thinking to log onto the site I had access to; i think they must have disabled my account due to inactivity

    • shows you had a low user class.
      as you move up user classes at private trackers you (almost always) become exempt from inactivity pruning.
      sometimes it's good to either move up user class so as not to lose your account, or set a reminder to load your sites once a month.

      For new content, you don't really even need private trackers anymore. Almost everything is now uploaded onto usenet, all you need is a good indexer. Don't need to have a seedbox for usenet either. For old content the trackers are definitely useful.

      edit: you could always try and get your account re-enabled .. some trackers will allow it as a once off.

      • I stopped using it when meta data was in the news.
        i had a 2:1 seed ratio…..

        • All you need is a decent (paid) VPN.
          Some trackers won't let you use their website with a VPN, but all of them allow you to seed via one.

          • @bohn: I feel that paying for a VPN just to support piracy seems counterintuitive to me…

  • +1

    I was a pirate for nearly 10 years. I did the deed for games, music and movies and software. I will crack games, software, and Windows and doors as well 😊. It was mostly from lack of choice. I am from a developing country and the games were prohibitively expensive if they were available.

    I have stopped now and buy the games and software when they are available. I do pirate still when you have the illogical geoblocking. Sometimes I am willing to pay but for some daft decision, the movie or music is not available at all for purchase. I then pirate for lack of better alternative.


  • I used to dabble, but with the amount of content on services now there’s really no point, unless I’m after something specific that is not available.

    I keep two services all the time, and jump into some services for a month and watch everything I want in that time.

    JustWatch is a great app and website for seeing which services have which titles in Australia.

    • +1

      That Justwatch site shows just how bad it is for us in Australia.
      I searched only three of the TV shows i watch right now.

      The Rookie - Only Season 2 available on 7 news and only up to episode 16 (I am up to S03E06 on Plex)

      S.W.A.T - Only Season 4 available on Binge and only the first 5 episodes (I am up to S04E09 on Plex)

      MacGyver (2016) - Season 1-4 On Stan Season 5 Not available on anything (I am up to S05E08 on Plex)

      It's an absolute mess and that's only three TV shows.

  • Arrrgh!

    We used to have netflix and stan

    Spent more time looking for something to watch than watching anything

    Got disney plus at the moment only because we got a 12 month sub for free with our Hisense 4K tv (it runs out in july) and the only thing I watch off of it was the Mandalorian sO we are ditching that when it runs out

    I don't watch a lot of TV so i just download the stuff I do watch

    P.S we downloaded GoT rather than pay foxtel but we bought the seasons on blu ray when they came out along with a few other series that we thought should be supported

  • I've got the OzB Netflix and Youtube premium subscriptions (i.e. through much cheaper countries), piggy back of a friends Stan and Disney+ subscriptions, get Prime Video with Prime (which I feel is worth it on it's own), and pay full price for Spotify (because the mrs got annoyed at me constantly creating trial accounts). That keeps us pretty happy, though we're not massive TV or movie watchers. However, I do have a Plex server set up for the rare occasion that we're after something specific…

    • Have you tried the Youtube Music app yet?

      I couldn't figure out why Google kept recommending Bollywood music to me until I remembered my OzBargain subscription.

      • Yeah, that also bothered me which is why Spotify is also in that list. Tbh I was able to put up with it when Google Play Music was around (by just seeking out and saving the songs I liked to playlists and ignoring the suggestions), but I really didn't enjoy how Youtube music influenced my Youtube suggestions and vice versa.

  • kaizoku ou ni ora wa naru!

  • +1

    From a legal standpoint, using netflix et al with a VPN is just as illegal as downloading (but not torrenting) a TV show.

    You're consuming the media without a valid licence. And using a VPN to bypass their technological restrictions doesn't bypass the legal ones.

      • Which is "simping big corps" more?

        • pirating
        • paying for VPN in order to then pay for a subscription
        • +1

          It would be:
          * Relaying mega corps lies about copyright.
          * claiming bypassing geoblocking is illegal (it isn't)

  • +5

    Geoblocking will seemingly never end for Australia, so piracy will continue to be essential. It’s one thing to say there are now a lot of streaming services, but when it takes a whole year for series to go up on them, and you’re already reading spoilers… it’s not good enough. I know the “big name” titles seem to go up, but if you’re looking for a smaller series or an indie film, you still need a lot of luck to find a legal means to watch in Australia.

  • +1

    I currently have seven streaming services as well as an extensive collection of purchased DVD's/Blurays, so I haven't had the need to in a while (only occasionally when I still can't find something).

    I'm getting tempted to start again though. My wife is interested in some shows streaming on Apple's service, but I'd light myself on fire before Apple sees one dollar from anyone in my household.

  • +1

    Love to pirate, have done it for over 20 years. Circumventing the unreasonable rights restrictions makes me happy.

    I also have a decent entertainment budget so I dont feel that bad about it.

  • You can't provide an option that cool and expect to gather valid data ;)

  • The main issue we have in aus is the licensing system which is old and not up to date with the current standards.

    With all the streaming services and the big bad example of cashing in is disney and that msans if you want to watch a disney show thrn good luck unless you pay or are a pirate.

  • $10 a month for a private netflix alternative which has everything possible and can request to add anything. can share the login on multiple devices
    friend pays for spotify fam -
    another friend pays for netflix fam -
    another for amazon prime which allows multiple logins -
    another pays for crunchlyroll for the anime lovers -
    i pay for youtube premium family argentina -
    essentially each one of us paying for 1 services allows us access to everything required.

    • private netflix alternative

      I'm guessing this is an online streaming website but is paywalled so the leeches don't slow it down?

      • correct

  • +4

    Funnily enough, making things readily available and fairly priced reduces piracy, while exorbitant costs, lack of availability or licensing limitations increase it.

    Though with more and more streaming services, you'll probably see a ramp up in piracy again.

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