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[VIC] LG WH24SL-18 7.1kW High EFF Series Rev. Cycle Split System (Works with Google) $1599 + $50 Gift Card, Pickup @ House of AC


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[VIC ONLY] We're doing a deal for the 7.1kw WH24SL-18 High Efficiency Series Rev. Cycle Split System with Built-In WiFi that works with Google Assistant. The indoor unit is made in South Korea and the outdoor unit is made in Thailand which is on par with other competitors (or even better with the WiFi capabilities straight out of the box). Haha

Please see below for more information on the product:

Designed for the way you live, our air conditioners are available in a wide range of styles - so you can create a space that’s cool, comfortable and stylish. LG is committed to providing quality products to enrich the everyday lives of Australians. We believe in our products and provide a 10 year compressor parts warranty, so comfort will be with you for years to come.


  • Built in Wi-Fi so you can control your Air Conditioner remotely
  • Control your energy usage with Active Energy Control on the LG ThinQ app
  • Delegate tasks or ask your Air Conditioner questions with Google Assistant
  • Plasmasterâ„¢ Ioniser Plus
  • 3 Stars for Cooling & 3.5 Stars for Heating (Energy Rating)
  • 10 Year Compressor Parts Warranty for peace of mind
  • CHOICE Recommended May 2019

Pick-up @ our Sunshine, VIC 3020 warehouse for only $1,599.00 and we will also send you a bonus $50 Wish or Caltex Gift Card!

PS: We can also source any other LG models as well, just shoot me a message! :)


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  • I wish there was a law that when adverts contain claims (high this, low that) they needed to be backed up with numbers immediately, not buried in the fine print.

    Here we have a claim of "high EER" but no detail, so I went digging. Claimed EER is 3.76 and COP is 4.02.

    The recently posted $799 Kogan split claims "(EER) 3.52/3.42" , which is a very marginal difference. Maybe significant in an office or business where it runs all day, but in that case you probably want a major brand.

    Going down a size will make much more difference in efficiency. The $599 5.2kW Kogan model (other brands are similar) has:

    AEER/ACOP AEER: 4.06 (Cooling) | ACOP: 4.13 (Heating)
    Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 4.06/4.13

    So this "High EFF" claim is very questionable, to put it mildly. 3/3.5 stars out of 10 is OK, but nothing special. Get a slightly smaller unit if you can.
    Spend some of the $1000 difference on improved insulation and window treatments, and you will be miles ahead.

    edit: this model seems to be rated under the old system (older model?), while others are rated under a new system.
    Possibly it is more efficient at heating in colder climates like Melbourne. Poster, can you offer any detail to support the "high EER" claim?


      Hi manic,

      Thanks for your detailed reply. Most 7kW systems have similar EER on the market and this model of LG probably has one of the highest EER to its competitors. Hence, maybe they labelled this model as that?

      Kind Regards,

  • I have LG split systems in my home. Love em. Built in wifi and the app is a breeze.

    Had to use a warranty once and they came straight out and fixed it(free)