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Amazon AU: Upsized Cashback 4%-15% on Eligible Categories @ ShopBack



  • Shoes, Handbags, Wallets, Sunglasses & Accessories
  • Watches
  • Apparel


  • Jewellery
  • Amazon Devices (Includes Echo, Fire TV & Tablet, Kindle, Ring Smart Security, Eero Mesh Wi-Fi)


  • Health, Household Products & Personal Care (Includes Electronic Personal Care, Laundry, Supplement, Cleaning Supplies)
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Beauty (Includes Haircare & Hair Styling, Makeup, Fragrances, Manicures)
  • Luggage & Backpacks
  • Premium Beauty
  • Alcohol (Includes Wine, Beer & Spirits, Pre-Mixed Drinks)


  • Camera, Camera Bags, Binoculars
  • Electronics (Includes Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Speakers)
  • Mobile Phones & Wearable Tech (Includes Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers, Dashcams, Tablets, Navigation)
  • Physical Music (Includes CDs, Records, Cassette Tapes)


  • Items added to cart before clicking through from ShopBack are not eligible for Cashback while Cashback is tracked within 4 DAYS from day of purchase
  • As of 1st Feb 2021, Baby Products, DVD & Blu-Ray, Home, Home Entertainment, Sports & Outdoors, Toys are not eligible for cashback
  • Cashback is only payable on order value (excludes taxes, shipping and packaging costs) and is valid on orders paid for with gift cards (not orders with Amazon credit)
  • Pre-orders are eligible for Cashback provided the item is scheduled to be shipped within 60 days of purchase.
  • ShopBack will adhere to the categorisation recommendations from Amazon, only selected categories are eligible for cashback.

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  • Baby (Includes Strollers, Car Seats, Car Seats, Safety Equipment)
    Home Entertaiment (Includes TVs, Projectors, Sound Bars, Home Theatre Systems, Amplifiers)
    Pantry Food & Drinks
    Physical Books
    Toys (Includes Baby Toys)
    Musical Instruments
    Computers (Includes Desktops, Laptops, Computer Bags, Monitors, Accessories, Storage, Network)
    Video Games
    DVD & Blu-Ray
    Automotive (Includes Car Care, Tools & equipments, Oil & Fluids, Motorbike Accessories)
    Home (Includes Bed Bath, Decor, Storage & Organisation, Heaters, Fans, Vacuum Cleaners, Mattresses, Furniture)
    Home Improvement ( Includes Kitchen & Bath, Electrical, Smart Lights, Fans, Hardware )
    Pet Food & Supplies
    Lawn & Gardening
    Hardware Tools
    Sports & Outdoors
    Office Products

    • Without this list it's nearly a troll post.

      I'd neg for not listing 0% categories if I could. But I'll have to settle for negging for issues with shopback.

      • What's your issues with Shopback?
        I'd never heard of it until today.
        Checked here before signing up

        • They dont track properly. Even when using their app.

          Typically they reject cashback on big purchases.

          Even if you've got perfect evidence, they don't listen and don't pay.

  • Haha……who is going to upvote this now….

  • Computer category should be upsized to at least 7%

  • 25% for clothing still hasn't been tracked

    • All they need to do is a 15% sitewide at Amazon and most will jump aboard :)
      Hell even I would with nothing to lose using gift cards if 0% categories were in play .

  • Dont bother, never tracks

  • Tried amazon a few times now and tracking never works.

  • Was a loyal ShopBacker, even through the data leak & brigading comments because after all it always worked. I used the app, was a good little boy.

    Until last November during the Amazon single sales, then later Boxing Day sales. And then you seem to hose me over, actually not just me but many OZBs who reported rejections. Some transactions went through some not — even when being very careful on your categories. But even though initially it was tracked, you sneakily rejected during the months long wait later. Random sneaky bullst.

    So no, ShopBack, no. No more mate.

    • Same experience here. Did everything correctly and bought many items in the qualifying list during the amazon sales. 9/10 tracked. Ok. Now when they get to the redeem date, all were rejected!!!
      So between Amazon/SB, best not to consider their deal base on cash back amount.

      EDIT: that was when I checked yesterday. Just checked again. SB came through and fixed those cash backs. Now redeemable. Happy day :-) Check yours.

  • Never tracked if gift card balance is used.

  • Does Car Electronics also fall under the 4% section or it counts as Automotive instead?

    • This is the issue. Which is it? Amazon can inpret it anyway it wants. Then everyone points the finger at CB or SB (which may very well also to be blaim as they too may filter it incorrectly). If it ain't a site wide deal, it's a roll of the dice deal..

    • You can see the category on the product page itself

  • Almost all failed cashbacks (regardless who you go through) are from Amazon, eBay and Ali Express purchases. If any cashback deal has a 'categories' or 'approved sellers' (which is potentially open to interpretation), avoid it or just assume you won't be getting the cashback.

    If no one used the category cashbacks, Cashrewards, Shopback etc would put pressure on them to stop this stupid idea. If it ain't site wide and it isn't something you need..let it go!!(another royalty to Frozen).

  • Are lightning cables included?

  • Tracking is rubbish and you will waste time trying to retrieve it.
    Debra will tell you she tried to help, but to no avail.

  • This is so bad. I have bought a watch today and I did not get the 15% cashback as advertised. What's going on? This is a lie.