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[NSW] 50% off Everything (in-Store Only) @ Ricardo Jewellers, Westfield Parramatta


Hi All,

Edit: As noted by Grizz_li there is a $20 charge to adjust the links/watch band.

I recently started working in Parramatta and came across this store during my lunch break. They had 50% off everything in-store. No online presence.

So I took some crappy pics if it helps.

Some noticeable bargains:

Citizen Titanium JY8069-88E RRP $1700 >>> $850
Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Stainless Steel CC3001-51L RRP $2500 >>> $1250
Citizen Eco-Drive BU2082-56E RRP $999 >>> $499.50
Seiko PADI Special Edition Prospex SNE499P1 RRP $650 >>> $325
Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean Manta Ray King Turtle SRPE39K RRP $999 >>> $499.50
Seiko Prospex King Turtle SRPE03K1 RRP $999 >>> $499.50
Seiko Presage SARY099 $650 >>> $325

Not sure how add more images:

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    Potentially good?
    Kinda problematic considering each watch has a unique model, if they had a catalogue, searching it would show typical RRP…so this is like, gray area

    but sure, pretty good.

    • not really grey area at all if you know what you're after

      eg.SARY099 is a good price


      Not a huge fan of that look but $325 for a made in japan piece w/ sapphire, cant beat it anywhere in the world especially with our donkey currency.

      If they have any of the saught after pieces like the SARB/SARY even SARX series I'll be there with cash.

      • Great price on the SARY099, that textured back looks way better in white.

        Think I'll have to make a trip down. With those prices

  • Damn. Why do I have to live in another state…

  • Wonder what the conditions are, mentioned in pic 2.

  • +3

    Bastards store is closed today don't waste your time I just drove 40mins here should have called first

    • What else did you see in the window? Any midrange divers?

      • Window was bare, they had 2 watch trays covered with a cloth but nothing else in there.

        Store itself looked bare but it could have been merely stored in a safe.

        • Does it look like it will open tomorrow (Sunday) when it isn't opened today (Saturday)? We might want to put a Monday start date on this post to stop it wasting our time.

  • Moostyle would you happen to be working tomorrow to scout if there's much left?

  • +1

    Noone in there again today, I'll pop down. After I do some shopping but it's locked up tight without a single light on.

    • Sorry I thought I updated this they were late in today.

      I bought the last presage they had in stock nothing else really jumped out at me.

      • Were there any Manta Ray King Turtles left?

        • I didn't look at the prospex i ngreat depth but I do beleive there was one of those after googling it and looking at the OP's photo I'm certain it was. Give them as call

          • @BenMHarvey: Thanks I’m there now but they want $20 just to adjust the band.
            Never heard of that before

            • @grizz_li: I ended buying the Citizen NaviHawk for $320 even though I know I could get it at Starbuy for $249. Just felt nice to support a local.


              @Grizz_li: did you end up getting the Manta Ray because I seriously was looking at that instead and the woman said she had it on hold for someone else.

              Think I'll get a two more on pay day.

              • +1

                @Moostyle: @Moostyle
                No I didn't end up buying from them because the boss was out for a blood test for 30min as he was the one who can adjust the links.
                Apparently I would need to pay $20 to adjust the band because Seiko bands are very difficult to remove.
                When I came back, they then wanted another $30 to pay by credit card making it $550 instead of the advertised $500. (I work in retail too, credit card surcharge is normally 2.5% for VISA/ Mastercard shouldn't be $30)
                The whole time the lady serving was telling me other bs as well such as the watch being this year's model when it was last year's (2020). 2021 model is actually different color and band.
                She told me she had it held for someone else as well but yet was willing to sell it to me on the spot?!
                I ended up buying from Star Watches & Jewellery as they were close to my home and an authorized Seiko dealer for $629.
                No bs about watch bands costing extra to resize and another extra for credit card surcharge.


                BTW looking at your receipt, did you pay by cash or credit card as there wasn't any cc surcharge on it?

                • @grizz_li: Oh that sucks man. I paid by cash.

                  Hahaha…maybe she held it for me but I didn't like the look of it. The dial was nice though.

                  I get you though. It did feel like she exaggerated on quite a few things I asked her about

                  • +1

                    @Moostyle: Yeah they definitely exagerated a few things with me and where a tad pushy but I knew what I wanted so didn't phase me.

                • @grizz_li: I paid for the band to be adjust from them and I admit it looked very tedious he ran me through it afterwards took him a decent amount of time to do it too.

                  I didn't get charged any surcharge for my amex but they did explain it too me I just said I only had card

                • @grizz_li: $20 to adjust a band? Very expensive. Get some VERY cheap tools from eBay or Aliexpress and watch Youtube (LongIslandWatch is very good with a lot of instructional videos).

                  $30 for CC transaction. Scam!

                  • @ilikeit: Yes that’s why I bought from another AD for the same watch on the same day.

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