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15% off Select 3D Printers: Creality CR-10 S5 $960.46 (Was $1129.95), Ender 3 Max $467.46 + Free Delivery @ 3DPrinters Online

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  • Creality CR-10 S5 Was $1129.95 Now $960.46

    Is it worth paying about 4 times the price of a Creality Ender ???

  • Your sale popup doesn’t have a close button meaning can’t browse on Chrome iOS.


  • Yeah don’t buy the s5. Totally a dud machine

  • My experience with 3DPO:
    Last time I bought 2 filaments from them and turned out they were out of stock.
    I patiently waited for one month and decided to write them an email to cancel the order. Hours after the email they called me saying they have stock again and will be shipping me the filaments.
    The timing was suspicious how they suddenly have stock again just after I wanted to cancel my orders.

  • Website is unusable.

    Every page gets the "SHOP NOW" popup, and when you click it, it takes you AWAY from the category you're browsing!

    Iirc, this is the same website who, about 6 months ago, said they were "fixing" the 'someone else bought' popup, because it blocks their checkout buttons, but they still appear!

    Back to Amazon for me, while im sure i can wade through, its just not worth the hassle to save $5.

    • If you are after some filament give https://www.cubictech.com.au/ a try (not affiliated).

      I buy all my rolls of PLA+ from them and have never had any issues with shipping times. Plus eSun filament prints better than the other few brands I have tried.