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Reading Eggs + Mathseeds Subscription $89.50/Year (Was $139.90/Year) @ Reading Eggs


Reading eggs subscription, you can also use 30 days free trail when signing up and decide if you want this for your kids. Lots of people have different opinions on this , my kids love this and they have learnt a lot from it. Might not work for everyone, so 30 days trail will be best to start with and also I think even you pay for it , there's a 30 day money back guarantee.

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  • We just finished a 30 day trial and I was sent an email offer of $94.99 for 12 months. I don’t think anyone actually pays $140. It has been 40% off in the past which is cheaper.

  • Yeah, pretty much constant deals on this up to "40% off" which is actually usually predominantly just getting mathseeds bundled for free.

    If your kids are at school it is also worth checking with their school if you get access for free.

    • Yeah my kids have it for free.
      Canberra public Primary school.

      • How do you find out if your school has reading eggs as a subscription? Is it listed anywhere on the reading eggs website? Or have to contact the school?

  • Is there a code for existing account?

  • My son's school provides Reading Eggs and Mathletics access and I found the apps are very good.

    Anyone also come across good education app like the reading eggs and can recommend to us please?

  • 40% off is only the reading eggs, not bundled with maths seeds.

    Cheapest bundle that I have seen is $79.95

    It is fairly easy to cycle codes and email addresses if you are waiting for the school subscription to kick in.

  • Geeze their spam is misleading.

    It reads "Grab a jaw-dropping 36% OFF when you purchase a 12-month combined subscription to ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds – valued at $139.90, pay only $89.50.

    Be quick! Sale ends midnight tomorrow, 28th February 2021."

    Just had a look at my account. A 12 month standard offer subscription for Reading Eggs + Mathseeds is $94.99.

    I guess "Almost 6% off!" sounds a lot less appealing…

  • they seem to have removed separate subscription for reading eggs alone. i find mathseeds is less useful than the reading part. now all bundled, force user to pay for mathseeds.