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Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Mouse $64 (RRP $99.95) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Basically the same link as this deal but is $11 cheaper now.

Also the same price at JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks.

Pair your mouse with 3 computers, then switch seamlessly between them at a touch of the button conveniently positioned under your thumb, the 3 illuminated numbers always let you know to which device you're connected. A true athlete, M720 is designed to endure with buttons built to withstand up to 10 million clicks. The large-sized, right-hand design fits comfortably in your palm, the rubber surface making it extra soft to the touch.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Excellent mouse and highly recommended. Good price but it's been below $50 before, although not very often.

  • The MX Master series is better

  • MX anywhere series are better

  • The MX Anywhere 2s is $69 from JB HIFI (nice) or $68 from Harvey Norman. It's a much better mouse with overall a nicer design.

    For the gamers who want HERO sensor the G305 Lightspeed is cheaper from HN @ $63

  • bought mine for $50 1.5 years ago

    still runs on the original battery

  • a lot of people say that mx anywhere are better, but try both, for me mx anywhere weren't nearly as comfortable as this model. just fits the palm perfectly, and since I bought this I never looked at any other wireless mouse.

    • I'm intrigued! What makes this mouse more comfortable for you?

      I'm on my 3rd or 4th mx master at the moment. I have big hands and always loved them for comfort, logi spin wheel and multiple device switching. This thread is the first I've even heard of the M720.

      Every damn time I get the issue with the laser not tracking, fix it by loosening the screw on that extra thumb button I forget exists until it breaks the mouse, then realise I did irreparable damage to the friction pad things you need to remove to access said screw.

      My experience with Logi support has gone from "You tried most of the things we normally ask to isolate the issue so I'm just going to send you another mx performance. If you get the original working consider it an early christmas gift." to literally not being able to communicate with people once I get transferred from logi US to logitech SEA so a cheaper mouse that is equivalent or better is definitely a plus.

      • in the spirit of full disclosure, last time I was looking for a wireless mouse was 1.5 years ago, so my impressions might be faded or inaccurate considering models that appeared in MX family since, but here's my take on it

        • mx anywhere is just a bit too fken small and master is too fken big while m720 appears to be just right, and with its weight to dimensions ratio appears to be almost weightless

        • both mx anywhere and mx master have this sophisticated design with black and shiny surfaces that is a bit distracting and ends up unpleasant to the touch after several months of handling

        • while m720 has a monolithic subdued soft touch almost industrial design with no perceptible sharp edges, as a result it just feels natural and you forget you even use it, also it's portable enough to take along anywhere, so while the MX family has these "oh look at me I am a super mouse" looks, m720 does the same and looks "hello, let's get things done together"

        so there you go

  • Cracking mouse, have 4 in the family. All faultless after couple of years. $50-60 would be the target price though.

  • 4th mouse deal… Are we going to witness the second wave of the mouse plague?

  • @bio price at Amazon AU has dropped to $51.20